Igloo tourism a big attraction in Manali

Igloo tourism a big attraction in Manali

Igloos constructed near the Hamta Pass in Manali for the stay of tourists.

Dipender Manta

Tribune News Service

Mandi, December 24

Igloo tourism is getting a good response in Manali this year and service providers have received advance bookings till January 4. Two youths of Sethan village close to the Hamta Pass in Manali have been promoting igloo tourism in Manali since 2017.

Now, they are receiving a good business as tourists visiting Manali are aware about it. Most visitors are newlywed couples.

An igloo, also known as a snow house, is a type of shelter made of snow.

Vikas and his friend Tashi have made three igloos on December 10 this year as the area had snowfall in the first week of December. They want to build two more igloos but due to lack of snow, they are facing difficulties.

Vikas told The Tribune: “This year, we are getting good business. We have an advance booking till January 4 and the waiting period may go up till January-end.”

“This village is situated at 9,000 feet near the Hamta Pass, which receives heavy snowfall in winters every year,” he said.

“We are charging Rs 10,000 for a night stay that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. An igloo is meant for two persons. Apart from this, a large number of tourists visit here to have their glimpse,” said Vikas.

“We are planning to develop two more igloos. We are expecting fresh snowfall in the coming days, which will prove a boon for the tourism,” he added.

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