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Low-hanging electrical wires

Low-hanging electrical wires

LOW-HANGING electrical wires in rural areas near Kasauli have been posing a threat to the villagers. It becomes very dangerous for the locals whenever a high-multi-axle vehicle passes through the roads of the region. The authorities concerned should find a solution to this issue at the earliest in the interest of the area residents. Rani, Kasauli

Patients suffer due to traffic jams

FREQUENT traffic jams in Shimla have become a headache for commuters, especially those visiting hospitals. Due to the long traffic jams, especially in the mornings and the evenings, patients, many of whom are in pain, have to face a lot of inconvenience. Proper traffic management would be appreciated. Hemlata, Shimla

Garbage mars Sutlej river’s beauty

HEAPS of garbage can be spotted on the banks of the Sutlej river in the Jagatkhana locality of Rampur, which is a matter of concern. Trash has been dumped here for quite some time, and no efforts have been made to clear it. Not only does the garbage give off a foul smell, it can flow into the river, polluting it. The authorities concerned need to keep a check on the dumping of garbage here, and clear it as soon as possible. Kamal, Rampur

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