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Shimla high: Shock torch, swallowed drug pack

Shimla high: Shock torch, swallowed drug pack

A shock torch used by a peddler during drug dealings.

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Sameer Singh

Shimla, September 17

The police recently nabbed a drug peddler with heroin and a self-made shock torch. The suspect, a resident of Bilaspur, used the shock torch to give electric shocks ‘when required’ during the sale or purchase of contraband.

During interrogation, the suspect, Pradeep Singh, revealed that he had developed the shock torch himself and used it to give electric shocks when required during drug dealings. The 39-year-old peddler, who had come to Shimla to sell drugs, was arrested by the police along with his vehicle.

In another instance, a mother-daughter duo was held with heroin near the old bus stand. The police apprehended Rajender Kaur and her daughter Poonam with 9.75 gm heroin (chitta). The two are being interrogated at the Sadar Police station to elicit vital leads.

A few days ago, when a police team intercepted a car near Cemetery Tunnel in Sanjauli for checking, afraid of being caught, a female car occupant swallowed a packet of drugs. When the police grilled her co-passengers, they admitted that the girl, who was in her twenties, had swallowed a packet of chitta. The police team then took her to IGMC hospital, where an X-ray examination confirmed the presence of a packet in her stomach. The doctors were then asked to perform an endoscopy, following which, a packet of chitta weighing 7.6 gm was recovered.

The drug peddlers have been relying digital mode of transactions for drug dealings. However, the police, with technical assistance from the cyber cell, has managed to track the peddlers down in a majority of cases.

Shimla Superintendent of Police Sanjeev Gandhi said, “We have lately come across a few curious cases of addicts and peddlers going to extreme lengths during drug dealings. But we have a strong intel network and our war against drugs in the district will continue unhindered.”

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