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5+ Best Places to Buy 5 Star Google Reviews (Business Reviews)

5+ Best Sites to Buy 5 Star Google Reviews (Business Reviews)

5+ Best Places to Buy 5 Star Google Reviews (Business Reviews)



The best site to buy 5 Star Google reviews, according to my real world test is ReactivateReviews.com.

Wondering how to give your business an online boost? Look no further! This guide covers all you need to know about buying 5 star Google Reviews. We'll point you to the best places to buy, and discuss whether you should go for bulk or budget-friendly options.

We'll also help you weigh the pros and cons and guide you on getting real and positive reviews. So, are you ready to elevate your business? Let's dive in!

5+ Best Sites to Buy 5 Star Google Reviews

1. ReactivateReviews - Best Overall (Cheapest)


Score: 9.5/10


Description: A top choice for buying real 5-star Google reviews. Known for quality and affordability.

Pricing: $2 per review


  • Real 5-star Google Reviews
  • Affordable at $2 per review


  • Limited review diversity
  • For more details, visit ReactivateReviews.


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2. SidesMedia

 Score: 9.3/10

 Description: Offers reviews from real, active Google users and has been featured by top tech sites.

 Pricing: $5+ per review


  • Real reviews from active Google users
  • Money-Back Guarantee


  • No free trial offered
  • For more details, visit SidesMedia.com.


3. SeekSocially

Score: 7.9/10

Description: Provides a large number of genuine Google reviews and fast customer support.

Pricing: $5+ per review


  • Genuine reviews
  • Fast customer support


  • No free trial
  • For more details, visit SeekSocially.

4. Social Viral

Score: 7.5/10

Description: Offers real reviews and fast customer service, aiming for your business growth.

Pricing: $5+ per review


  • Real people leave reviews
  • Fast customer support


  • No free trial
  • For more details, visit Social Viral.


5. BizSolution

Score: 7.3/10

Description: Specializes in reputation management and offers quick service at affordable rates.

Pricing: $5+ per review


  • Experts in reputation management
  • Fast and affordable service


  • Limited payment options
  • For more details, visit BizSolution.


6. BuySMMUsa

Score: 7.1/10

Description: Provides quick delivery and good customer service with various package options.

Pricing: $5+ per review


  • Quick delivery
  • Good customer service


  • Country-targeting not available
  • For more details, visit BuySMMUsa.


7. BizGrowMore

Score: 6.9/10

Description: A USA-based service that offers quality reviewers and focuses on business growth strategies.

Pricing: $5+ per review


  • USA-based service
  • Good quality reviewers


  • No international services yet
  • For more details, visit BizGrowMore.

Pros and Cons of Buying 5 Star Google Maps Reviews

Pros of Buying 5 Star Google Maps Reviews

Increased Visibility:

Your business will show up more often in search results. This means more people will see you.

Customer Trust:

High ratings can make people trust your business more. They are likely to click and read about your services.

Competitive Edge:

With 5-star reviews, you stand out from competitors. People will choose you over businesses with lower ratings.

Fast Results:

Buying reviews gives you quick feedback. This is faster than waiting for organic reviews.

Improved Local Ranking:

Good reviews help you perform better in local searches. More local customers can find you easily.

Reputation Management:

Having lots of good reviews can balance out a few bad ones. This keeps your overall score high.

Increase in Revenue:

More visibility and trust often lead to more sales. Higher sales can grow your business faster.

Cons of Buying 5 Star Google Maps Reviews

Authenticity Questions:

If all your reviews are 5 stars, people may doubt their realness. This can make customers cautious.

Financial Risk:

Buying high-quality reviews is expensive. If it doesn't bring in more business, you've lost money.

Long-term Impact:

Bought reviews may lack detailed customer feedback. Without real feedback, improving your business becomes hard.


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  Factors to Consider while Buying Real Positive 5-Star Google Reviews  

Source of Reviews

Make sure to buy reviews from a trusted source. Check if the website has good ratings and real customer feedback.


Know how much you are willing to spend. Reviews can be pricey, but you should balance cost with quality.

Realness of Reviews

Ensure the reviews come from real people with active Google accounts. Fake reviews can harm your business more than help.

Speed of Delivery

Find out how fast the reviews will appear on your Google profile. Too many reviews at once can look suspicious.

Compliance with Guidelines

Always check Google's policy on buying reviews. Breaking these rules can get your business into trouble.

Type of Reviews

Decide what kind of reviews you want. Some services allow you to customize the reviews to fit your needs.

Long-Term Impact

Think about the future. Genuine reviews from real customers are always better for long-term growth.

Keep these factors in mind to make a smart choice when buying 5-star Google Reviews.

Recommended Site to Buy Cheap and Bulk Google Reviews (ReactivateReviews)


ReactivateReviews is our top pick for buying Google Reviews in bulk and at a cheap price. They offer reviews for just $2 each, which is cheaper than most other options.

They focus on providing real, high-quality reviews. You can also get a large number of reviews in a short time, making it great for businesses that need a quick boost.

  How to Buy Positive 5-Star Google Reviews Using ReactivateReviews?


  1. Go to the ReactivateReviews website.
  2. Select the 'Google Reviews' section.
  3. Pick the number of 5-star reviews you want to buy.
  4. Add the package to your cart.
  5. Go to checkout.
  6. Enter the promo code if you have one.
  7. Make the payment.
  8. Provide details about your business for the reviews.
  9. Wait for the reviews to appear on your Google business listing.  

Can You Buy Real Google Reviews?

Yes, websites like ReactivateReviews offer real Google reviews. They provide reviews from genuine accounts.

  Where to Buy Google Reviews?


The best place to buy Google reviews is from trusted websites like ReactivateReviews. They offer genuine reviews at affordable prices.

  How to Buy Reviews on Google?

To buy Google Reviews, first find a reputable website that offers this service. Then, select the package that fits your needs and budget. Once you've chosen, follow the steps to complete your purchase.

How to Buy Fake Google Reviews?

Buying fake reviews is much like buying real ones. You would select a website that offers this specific service, choose your package, and then complete your purchase.

  Can You Buy Negative Google Reviews?

Some websites offer this service, but it is unethical.

  Can You Buy Google Reviews USA?

Yes, you can buy Google Reviews for businesses based in the USA. Websites like ReactivateReviews offer special packages tailored for USA companies. These reviews will look as if they are written by people living in the United States, which can make your business seem more trusted to local customers.

Can You Buy Google Reviews Australia?

Absolutely, you can purchase Google Reviews aimed at Australian businesses. Some websites offer packages that focus on getting reviews from what seem to be Australian users. This helps to attract more local customers and build trust in the Australian market.

Can You Buy Google Reviews Canada?

Yes, Canadian businesses can also buy Google Reviews. Certain websites specialize in providing reviews that look like they're from Canadian users. These reviews can help your business seem more credible to people in Canada and improve local search rankings.


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How to get Google Business 5-star Reviews Organically?

Ask for Reviews

After providing a good service or product, ask your happy customers to leave a review. This is the simplest way to get real, positive feedback.

Offer Incentives

Sometimes a small gift or a discount can encourage customers to write a review. But make sure it's done in a fair way.

Use Social Media

Promote your Google review page link on your social media platforms. This can make it easier for your followers to leave reviews.

Follow Up with Customers

A few days after a sale or service, send a friendly email asking for a review. A simple follow-up can go a long way.

Good Customer Service

Always offer the best customer service. People are more likely to leave positive reviews when they have a great experience.

Respond to Reviews

Whether good or bad, always respond to reviews. This shows you care about customer feedback.

Use Your Website

Put a 'Review Us' button on your website. This takes visitors straight to your Google review page.

Ask In-Store

If you have a physical store, place signs asking for reviews. Sometimes a visual reminder helps.

Quality Over Quantity

Focus on quality service over the number of sales. Satisfied customers are more likely to leave good reviews.

Monitor Reviews

Keep an eye on your reviews. If you notice issues, solve them before they escalate into negative reviews.

Importance of Google Reviews On Rankings

Boosts Business Reputation

Good reviews make your business look trustworthy. They can turn potential customers into actual customers.

Improves Search Rankings

Having lots of positive reviews helps your business show up higher in Google search results. This makes it easier for people to find you.

Influences Buyer Decisions

Many people read reviews before they make a choice. Good reviews can tip the balance in your favor.

Helps Understand Customers

Reviews can give you important insights into what customers like or don't like. This helps you improve your business.

Attracts More Customers

Positive reviews work like personal recommendations. They can attract more customers to your business.

Increase in Sales

When people read positive reviews about your business, they are more likely to spend money on your products or services.

Enhances Credibility

A high number of good reviews can make your business stand out from competitors. It adds to your business credibility.

Understanding the impact of Google reviews on search rankings can help you focus on getting quality reviews. They are a key factor in how Google ranks local businesses.

Where can I buy 5 star Google reviews?

You can buy 5-star Google reviews from websites like ReactivateReviews. This website offers high-quality reviews at a very low cost of $2 per review. These 5-star reviews can quickly boost your business's online reputation.

Where to buy Google Maps reviews?

You can buy Google Maps reviews from ReactivateReviews. This site specializes in offering affordable and high-quality reviews.

Can Google detect fake reviews?

Yes, Google has systems to spot fake reviews. If they find them, they might remove them from your business listing.

Is it OK to buy Google reviews?

Buying Google reviews is against Google's policies. Doing this can risk your business listing and could lead to penalties.

Is it possible to buy Google reviews?

Yes, it's possible to buy Google reviews from various websites. However, this is against Google's rules and could lead to penalties for your business listing.

How do I get a ton of Google reviews?

To get a lot of Google reviews, focus on giving excellent service and then ask happy customers to leave a review. You can also use email and social media to ask for reviews. Make sure to make it easy for customers by giving them a direct link to your Google review page.

How much does it cost for Google reviews?

The cost for Google reviews can vary. Some websites like ReactivateReviews offer reviews for as low as $2 each. Other places might charge $5 or more per review. Always check the website for current pricing.



We've walked you through how to buy Google Reviews, where to find the best deals, and what to look out for. Good reviews can boost your business in many ways. However, make sure to balance bought reviews with genuine customer feedback for the most benefit. Now, you have all the information you need to make a smart choice for your business.

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