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5 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Channels (Monetized & Aged)

5 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Channels (Monetized & Aged)

Are you tired of following techniques and tactics to get your YouTube channel monetized? Buying monetized YouTube channel can be your alternative. Organic growth can only be ensured through constant creative material and promotion, which proves to be extremely time-consuming. In the rat race of modern life, you cannot afford to build things from scratch and expect to compete with the big players any time soon. So, why not buy a pre-established YouTube channel to get quickly in the game and start earning your name while competing with other successful channels? 

So, you have decided to buy your YouTube channel? But here comes a little mind game. Differentiating a very few finest websites from numerous fraud ones. It can be quite a nerve-wracking experience. But we don’t want you to waste your hard-earned money on tests and trials. That is why we have curated a list of 5 best platforms to buy YouTube channels that are ready to make money, along with their unique features and impressive qualities. 

Let’s dive into it.

5 Places to Buy YouTube Channel in 2023-24   

1.  FollowerZoid   

Best of the Best

FollowerZoid offers a remarkable marketplace for selling and buying monetized YouTube channels. FollowerZoid simplifies the process of buying a YouTube channel, already comprising a substantial number of subscribers. The main reason that differentiates FollowerZoid from other websites is that they meticulously craft YouTube channels before putting them on sale. They sell only those channels that have a solid reputation, high engagement rate, and 100% authentic subscribers.

FollowerZoid has a safe messaging platform in place as well, which allows buyers to communicate directly with sellers when they want to negotiate prices or ask any queries. Since they guarantee active subscribers, people buys YouTube channels from them receive increased watch hours on their posted videos.  

Don’t believe us. Check out thousands of great responses and satisfactory testimonials on their website. You will be surprised about how good they are.

Followerzoid offer:

  • 1k Subscribers & 4000 Watch Hours Channel
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No Copyright/ Strikes or Violation
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Organic Growth to your channel
  • Channel Monetization Service

Visit Followerzoid here https://followerzoid.com.

2.  FameSavvy   

FameSavvy provides its customers with organic growed YouTube channels, along with niche specific category. According to testimonials, it’s the safest website for purchasing YouTube subscribers as well. Although botted channels quickly kick-start organic development, their risky nature has made them unpopular in the market.

That is why FameSavvy offers monetized channels with 10,000 subscribers to its exclusive clients. Their offered YouTube channels don’t comprise any copyright violations, which proves to be a cherry on top. Monetization has been turned on in these channels by default as well. Hence, if you are seeking to buy monetized YouTube channel consisting of quality videos, then FameSavvy is your savior. 

When you buy YouTube channel from FameSavvy, you will receive a premium banner and logo, along with endless support to ensure the proper functionality of your AdSense account. FameSavvy also provides its clients with loads of beneficial advice regarding the secure purchase of monetized YouTube channels. 

Any quick problem can be addressed by FameSavvy’s FAQ section. It comprises immaculate customer experience and the paramount UIs. Cherry, on top, also offers a refund guarantee, showing their utmost confidence in their perfect services. 

Unlike other competitors, FameSavvy is quite new in the market. Still, it has managed to garner a strong and loyal customer base, with thousands of satisfactory testimonials. 

3.  SocialFollowers.com.my    

SocialFollowers not only provide their clients with pre-established YouTube channels cheap but also provide them with more choices as compared to others. An original and secure strategy of monetization is crucial for a YouTube channel with high-quality and distinctive videos. For people seeking to transform their monetized YouTube channel into a long-lasting and strong income asset, SocialFollowers provides top-notch quality monetized YouTube channels. 

You can purchase a monetized YouTube channel from their site, which is optimized for your particular niche. All channels up for sale come with amazing graphics and banners. All channels also comprise 400+ video views hours (with stock footage, licensed music, and voice-over) and 1000+ subscribers. 

Social Followers promises its customers authentic subscribers who will actively engage with their content. Icing on the cake, the website will impart an exclusive and brand-new technique to its clients that will permit them to monetize their own channels. 

Social Followers delivers a completely customized channel four or five weeks after the payment. And within a week, your content will be ready for monetization. 

4.  FameSwap       

If you have a limited budget and are looking for a website to buy monetized YouTube channels from, then FameSwap is perfect for that job. They have multiple packages for different types of monetized YouTube channels in-store. Your new YouTube channel will come with 4000+ video watch hours and more than 1000+ subscribers. 

FameSwap’s novel and secure monetization strategy makes it stand apart. They provide every customer with a short questionnaire that inquires about their video production requirements and the personality of their ideal marketplace. Then they consume their sweet time in knowing you and your likes and dislikes.  

Then, FameSwap gives its customers a brief rundown regarding the extras involved in each channel to make sure that the customers understand what they are buying. Every monetized YouTube channel in FameSwap comprises loads of valuable extras. However, price is not a big worry, as customers of all socioeconomic levels can find a price package at FameSwap suitable for them. 

Being one of the pioneers in the market, FameSwap is completely aware of its customer’s requirements, which is why it simplifies the transfer procedure. Its reliable return policy attracts further clients and makes it appear as a trustworthy option. 

5.  Accs-Market   

Accs-Market is a reputed social media marketing agency that also proves to be a recognized growth strategist. It recently added the feature to buy pre-established YouTube channels comprising pre-existing revenue streams. Accs-Market quickly became famous in this domain due to its extraordinary assistance services, which are not just confined to YouTube channels but also cover queries regarding all social media platforms. 

They only utilize human editors to help your social media platforms. Meaning that the content that comes with the bought YouTube channel will be absolutely authentic and not produced by bots. 

What makes Accs-Market even more desirable to customers is their money-back guarantee in case of any security issues. This depicts their ultimate commitment to their services. To keep their customers satisfied, Accs-Market provides round-the-clock customer service to answer any question. Furthermore, they are currently considered the most affordable option for buying monetized YouTube channels in this industry, as they provide high-quality YouTube channels at a meager amount. 

Some other interesting services provided by Accs-Market, other than offering already profitable YouTube channels, are engagement metrics improvement and selling subscriber counts. Hence, Accs-Market proves to be a very reliable option to buy aged YouTube channels due to its enduring market reputation. 

How to buy YouTube Channel Online?  

It’s a bit tricky to buy channel Online. However, it takes following steps:

·        Pick Up the Package according to your niche    

Some websites don’t mentioned enough data on their landing pages, you must need to contact them to get information about the channel’s availability and stats.

·        Make Payment    

Don’t get played by the fake websites that ask payments in Crypto, PayPal(FNF) or through bank transfers. Must use your PayPal(Service) payments, credit/debit card or any buyer protected platform to pay for your channel.

·        Give them your Contact Information   

Provide your email and contact details to the platform for changing the ownership of the channel.

Once you get the channel access, check your role as “admin” and don’t forget to change the login credentials.

Why Buy YouTube Channel?   

It’s a good idea to comprehend the potential benefits of purchasing someone’s YouTube account before you spend a lot of money to acquire access to their channel and subscribers.

The residual income from the already-posted films on the channel is one advantage of purchasing a monetized YouTube channel. Reviews on YouTube channels are usually bought, and you can continue to make money from those current videos’ ads and YouTube partner programs for years to come.

Purchasing a channel has another advantage: it already has a loyal subscriber base. It’s not necessary to spend years producing videos that nobody will watch. You can continue the original creator’s work and launch the promotion of your goods and services.

While having a sizable subscription base is excellent for the sake of guaranteed views, it also has another advantage in that it will make growing a sizable following much simpler.

What factors to consider before purchasing Monetized YouTube channels?  

We know that nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money. There are tons of fraudulent websites on the Internet that initially promise their customers immense advantages but then vanish into thin air when the time comes to deliver them. It takes an extensive amount of research to find a trustworthy website that actually delivers what it says. Even then, the probability of fraud always keeps looming.

To help you find your perfect fit, the following are some factors that you should look out for before choosing a website for purchasing a YouTube channel. 

  • The website must be capable of providing a YouTube channel with sufficient watch hours and real subscribers. 
  • The offered YouTube channel should be completely secure. Moreover, the website providing that YouTube channel must be safe as well, so your payment information stays confidential.  
  • The chosen website must comprise a sufficient number of positive reviews and testimonials. Websites with negative, average, or no reviews should be dodged like a bullet. 
  • A trustworthy and reliable website always offers round-the-clock customer support service. Before buying your YouTube channel from a particular website, check out if their customer service is actually up to par and capable of answering all your questions. 
  • Any website offering YouTube channels at high rigid prices should be absolutely avoided. Look out for those websites that contain multiple affordable pricing plans for their customers to cater to every type of customer. 

Fortunately, the 5 best websites for buying YouTube channels mentioned in our list comprise all of the above features. That is why look no further and blindly trust them before embarking on your YouTube journey. 

FAQs about purchasing a YouTube channel     

See the Q& A picked from Google searches.

When My YouTube Channel will be delivered?       

The website that you choose for purchasing a YouTube channel determines the exact amount of time in which they will deliver your account. It is clearly mentioned on the website about how long they take to deliver their particular services. Most of the time, it only takes a day or two. 

Can I delete Videos from the channel after buying and post mine?    

Yes, of course. There’s no restriction to keep posted the videos that were used to monetized the channel. You can change, delete or edit content anytime according to your requirement after purchasing. Moreover, if you are not in rush, Followerzoid offer the services to monetized your own channel by fulfilling the YouTube requirement. We suggest you to take that service for secure deal.

How my YouTube channel will be delivered?    

Although YouTube channels might be connected to many email addresses, they only have a single principal owner. That is why you should ensure that you are the main owner of the YouTube channel while buying one. It takes only 24 hours for your purchase request to be approved. After the approval, you should eliminate all other linked channels from it when you become the principal owner. 

Can I change AdSense account after purchasing the aged YouTube Channel?    

Yes. You can put your AdSense details after investing in pre-established YouTube channel to receive your income instantly.

What Do the Subscribers Look Like?   

As the website mentioned in our list are authentic so you can be sure that you’ll get bot-free subscribers’ channel for your use. However, the list of recently acquired subscribers can be seen on your YouTube channel’s dashboard. To check the subscriber count’s evolution, you can track it in your YouTube Studio. 

Is buying a pre-established YouTube channel legal? 

Don’t be concerned; it is completely legal to sell and buy monetized YouTube channels. This practice has been very common for quite some time. Even many businesses have built their reputation on the platform of YouTube by purchasing pre-established channels. YouTube itself has an amazing relationship with websites selling monetized YouTube channels. 

How much money does it take to purchase a monetized YouTube Channel? 

The price of buying a YouTube channel depends on various factors, such as who is the primary owner of the YouTube channel, whether the subscribers are real or fake, the number of posted videos on the channel, the presence of any strikes, or whether that channel can generate revenue.

The websites mentioned in our average charge around $500. However, the prices are subject to changes depending on all the above-mentioned factors.  


The practice of building your channel from scratch, patiently waiting to organically grow your subscribers and become a household name, has become ancient. Now, in the current cutthroat competition, the only way you can survive and thrive is by saving your time and money. We have compiled a list of the top 5 websites that provide monetized and pre-established YouTube channels. These websites have been functioning in the market space for quite some time and have managed to earn the trust and respect of their customers. They offer YouTube channels that not only make impeccable revenue streams but also comprise 100% authentic subscribers who actually engage with your content. So, if you want to invest wisely, then choose any of these websites to purchase your YouTube account and start conquering the YouTube world. 






Disclaimer : The above is a sponsored article and the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of The Tribune editorial in any manner.


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