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5 Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes to Boost Your Health

5 Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes to Boost Your Health

Going for a vegan lifestyle has never been easier than today. The world is finally starting to accept that there are many health, social and environmental benefits to going 100% plant-based. However, finding vegan meals to eat on the go can still be a challenge.


That’s why the best vegan meal replacement shakes can be a life-changing discovery. These are easy-to-prepare meals that contain all your essential nutrients and you can consume them anywhere.


Even more, you can make sure to get all the protein that you need as well as other essential nutrients that might be lacking in your vegan diet like vitamin B12, iron or zinc.


For instance, take Lyfefuel Daily Essentials, our #1 pick as the best vegan meal replacement. It is made of 34 real food ingredients, provides you with 18g of premium protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, digestive enzymes and much more in just 150kcals!


That’s just one example. There are many more vegan meal replacements whether your aim is to lose weight, improve your diet, or feel more energized.


Come and discover what the top vegan meal replacement shakes are and change your life today!

Our Top Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

Let’s have a brief overview of our top picks:

Lyfefuel Daily Essentials - Best Overall

Rootana - Best Value

Instant Knockout - Best for Weight Loss

Ka’chava - Best Tasting

Orgain - Best Organic Vegan Shake


●     Lyfefuel Recovery

●     Huel Complete Protein


The above-mentioned plant-based shakes are just our favorites. There are many more vegan shakes on the market.


As such, we want to be transparent on why we think these are the best vegan shakes, and what our criteria has been to make this judgment:


Quality of Ingredients

Nutritional Output


Brand reliability, customer service, and buying experience


One of the most important aspects of choosing the right meal replacement is getting your money’s worth.


There are plenty of meal replacements that might seem cheap or affordable, but they are full of crap ingredients that will harm your health or they will fail to keep you full or they will taste like crap.


Similarly, not all the premium or expensive shakes are good. Meal replacements like Shakeology are overpriced and give you subpar nutrition for what you pay.

Nutritional Output & Quality of Ingredients

Quality is almost everything. Having a great prime ingredient will ensure that the shake tastes better, it’s healthier and ultimately will make you feel good.


As such, I put a lot of emphasis on brands that opt for high-quality ingredients, not highly processed and as close as real food if possible.


This can later be observed in the nutritional output of the shakes. Highly processed shakes like Herbalife will provide you with the bare minimum of nutrients.


On the other hand, those that use real food ingredients, plenty of vegetables and mushrooms, are incredibly nutrient-rich. Lyfefuel is a great example of this, packed with superfoods, antioxidants, flavinoids, anti-inflammatory agents, probiotics… It’s simply more than a shake.


Vegan meal replacement shakes and protein shakes have had a terrible name for a while due to the lackluster taste and texture of the early shake.


Luckily, the industry has improved massively and most of the brands out there produce excellent-tasting shakes.


That said, I’ve made sure to test them all before putting them on the list, so that you can be 100% sure of your choice.


Brand Reliability, Customer Service, & Buying Experience

Ultimately, you want your food to come from a trustworthy source. You shouldn’t be buying your meal replacement shake from a brand you don’t trust.


Neither should you have to suffer a terrible buying experience, looking for the relevant information or the price. Unfortunately, some brands still fail to provide you with a smooth purchasing experience.


Even more, after your purchase, you should have guarantees like money-back guarantee if you don’t like it or that there will be someone there to fix your problems if there were any.


That’s why in this list, you will only find reputable brands that I have personally dealt with, and I’m happy to report on their trustworthiness.

Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

1. LYFEfuel Daily Essentials - Best Overall

This is an excellent vegan shake. It excels at many angles including:

●     Great taste

●     Excellent nutritional value

●     Designed to boost your micronutrient intake (particularly for vegan diets)

Perhaps the most important aspect of this vegan shake is their attention to even the smallest detail. Lyfefuel’s  founder Chris is clear about their goal:


“To provide nutrients the American people need, without giving them those that they already have in excess (calories)”


You can see that their approach works. Both industry experts and users praise LYFEfuel Daily Essentials. It has 4.5-star rating out of 270 reviews and has won industry awards like “Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shake of 2022” by Latestfuels.


Even if you don’t care about what others say, the numbers don’t lie. This shake includes:

●     110kcal

●     25 real food whole foods

●     18g of plant based protein

●     Extra vitamin K2, D3, B12 (often missing in other shakes)

●     3g of net carbs, 1g of sugar

●     Over 70 health benefits

All good. But what about the taste? Well, I’m happy to report that my experience is been amazing, particularly with the Chocolate. It’s even better when blended with some banana and peanut butter - a small cheat meal after my workout.


So what’s the catch? Certainly, it’s not the cheapest shake in this list, and it might be out of the budget for some (for those look at Rootana). That said, if you can stretch your budget you won’t regret it. And if you do, you have a 90-day money-back guarantee.



2. Rootana Real Food Shake- Best Value

For those looking at a more affordable shake, there is no better vegan meal replacement shake than Rootana when it comes to the value offered for the price.


This is an excellent plant-based shake with 21g of protein per serving, no maltodextrin or any highly processed carb, no soy, and absolutely no artificial sweeteners. Not even stevia.


Note that this is a huge plus, since studies have shown(1) that artificial sweeteners can change the composition of your gut microbiome. This can lead to changes in mood, energy levels, ability to fight diseases (most of your immune system is located in your gut), and even impair weight loss.


Furthermore, I also love the clean taste of the shake. They are not overly sweet and heavily flavored, and they don’t leave me with any weird aftertaste. I love mixing the vanilla with some berries.


On the downside, it’s a little heavier on sugar content than some of the other vegan meal replacement shakes on the list. But that’s ok with me, since they are all-natural sugar sourced from organic coconut and no high-fructose syrup or refined crap.



3. Instant Knockout Complete - Best for Weight Loss

So what if you are looking for a vegan meal replacement shake for weight loss?


You are in luck. Instant Knockout Complete has been designed by MMA athletes to help them lose those extra pounds before their fights and to keep them in top shape.


Consequently, Instant Knockout Complete is packed with plant-based protein (35g per serving) and fiber. Two nutrients that will keep you full for longer and will help you maintain your lean body mass even at a calorie deficit (required for weight loss).


Furthermore, they include medium-chain triglycerides to provide you with a needed energy boost. Plus, MCTs may be able to increase your short-term metabolic rate, helping you lose weight faster (2).


Even more, if you are in a hurry to lose those extra pounds, you can use CUT, their thermogenic booster that will accelerate your fat loss. I’m usually a skeptic when it comes to fat burners, but I had to use it a couple of times, and it really works.



4. Ka’chava - Best Tasting Vegan Shake

There’s a lot to say about Ka’chava’s vegan shakes. Some of you might have even heard of this fantastic brand.


It’s without a doubt one of the best meal replacement shakes in the market offering you a blend of 70+ superfoods to provide you with all your nutritional needs. This includes 25g of plant-based protein, organic greens, adaptogens, probiotics, fiber, all the nutrients, and plenty more.


Basically, it’s a nutritional powerhouse on pair with LYFEfuel Daily Essentials. However, Ka’chava lacks vitamins K2 and D3.


However, when it comes to taste is as good as LYFEfuel, but they offer more flavors. Exotic options like Matcha and Chai Latte are an absolute delight. Even the standard Chocolate and Vanilla shake are delicious.


Definitely one of the best-tasting plant-based meal replacement shakes we’ve tried.


Orgain Ready-to-Drink

Are you looking for an organic vegan meal replacement shake? Then Orgain is your answer.


This US-based brand specializes in organic supplements, like protein powders, meal replacements, bars, greens etc.


In this case, their All-in-One Nutritional drink it’s the perfect vegan drink. You can have an organic shake wherever you are without sacrificing any of the nutrition.


Orgain still offers 15g of protein, all the essential nutrients, and a gluten-free drink. All in the most convenient format you can have.

That said, the taste is not as good as some of the other top vegan meal replacement shakes mentioned above. Orgain shakes do have a silky texture, but they are a little bland to my liking.

BONUS - Best Vegan Protein Shakes and Other Alternatives

If you haven’t found the best vegan meal replacement shake you were looking for in this list, I have a couple of alternatives that might work better.


What if instead of a meal replacement, you were looking for a vegan protein powder to boost your protein intake? I’ve got you covered.

1. LYFEfuel Recovery

It might be to no surprise that another LYFEfuel product is top of the list. In this case, their top vegan protein powder, LYFEfuel Recovery.


This excellent product is not the chalky, undrinkable protein powder that you are used to but the exact opposite. It’s an incredibly smooth and delicious shake that I’m always eager to have after my workout.


LYFEfuel Recovery has 25g of plant-based protein, but no soy. Instead, they use pea protein isolate, brown rice protein and quinoa. Studies have shown that pea protein is as effective as whey concentrate in promoting muscle growth (3).


In fact, LYFEfuel Recovery has 4.5 of BCAAS, including 2g of Leucine which is the most potent activator of protein synthesis via mTOR pathways (4).


This top vegan protein shake also includes some digestive enzymes (protease, among them) that help you break down the protein into the amino acids that your body needs. Hence, enhancing digestibility and absorption.


Sadly, they only have 2 flavors, and while delicious, I do tend to like to mix my protein powders from time to time. That said, you can always add some fresh berries and ice cubes to the Vanilla shake and make it amazing.

2. Huel Complete Protein

Let’s say that you want more flavor variety out of your favorite protein shake. Well, Huel Complete Protein is a great protein powder with 6 flavors to choose from, including the delicious Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Banana or Salted Caramel.


This top protein shake not only provides you with 20g of protein in a 110kcal serving, but it also has 27 essential vitamins and minerals. It’s a plant-based protein powder, completely gluten-free, without soy, that gives you 9g of essential amino acids including 5g of BCAAs.


Their mix is richer in BCAAs when compared to other protein powders. The addition of micronutrients also helps your body absorb and use the protein more efficiently. For instance, vitamin B6 has a key role in the breakdown of protein in your body.


As such, Huel Complete Protein Powder is an excellent but affordable protein shake that I highly recommend.


Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes FAQ

Q. Are Vegan Shakes Good for You?

Yes, both vegan meal replacement shakes and vegan protein powders are a healthy way to get your nutritents.

They are especially handy for those who follow a plant-based diet or have lactose intolerance.

Plant-based shakes have many health benefits like ensuring that you get your protein, vitamin B12, iron, zinc or other nutrients often lacking in vegan diets.

However, vegan shakes work best as part of a balanced and healthy diet, with plenty of whole foods, nuts, plants and vegetables.


Q. What is the Healthiest Vegan Shake to Buy?

The healthies vegan shake you can buy, in our opinion, is LYFEfuel Daily Essentials. It is a vegan meal replacement shakes that provides you with all essential nutrients, probiotics, digestive enzymes, fibre, omega-3, 18g of premium protein and much more.


It is incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals, which are often what we missed in our diets. It is the perfect shake to balance and boost your nutrient intake.


In our experience, we’ve noticed a huge boost to our mood and energy levels during the day, as well as feeling healthier after a couple weeks of regular consumption. It is key to reduce midday energy crashes, bloating, stomach aches, etc.


Q. How Many Vegan Shakes Can I Drink a Day?

With meal replacement shakes, in theory you could swap into a full liquid diet where you only consume vegan meal replacement shakes.


While there are a few people reporting a 100% meal replacement shake diet, it is not advisable to do so. We recommend having 1-2 a day, breakfast and lunch, and maybe a vegan protein shake as a snack.


Vegan shakes are better as part of a healthy diet with tons of whole foods, vegetables and fruits.


We would advise to see your healthcare professional if you are looking to consume more than 3 shakes a day or you feel any adverse effects.


Q. Are Meal Replacement Shakes Bad?

No, meal replacement shakes are 100% safe and can even boost your nutrient intake and improve your diet.


Even though there are some awful meal replacement shakes, the best ones will pass rigorous test and meet high standards. Look for reputable brands that take nutrition seriously, test their products (3rd party labs preferably), and meet industry standards.


Conclusion - Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

The best vegan meal replacement shakes can be a huge boost to your diet. They include nutrients that are often hard to come by in a plant-based diet like omega-3, vitamin B12, iron, magnesium etc.


Not only that, but they are meticulously designed to be as healthy and as nutritious as possible, meeting higher standards than most average food.


As such, the best vegan meal replacement shakes are not only 100% safe to consume, but are even healthier than many vegan meals.


Furthermore, they are ultra-convenient, easy to make (under 2 minutes), tasty, and offer a lot of variety.


For us, LYFEfuel Daily Essentials is the best vegan meal replacement shake because it uses real food ingredients, and provides you with the most vitamins and minerals out of any shake, as well as 18g of protein, fiber, omega-3s, probiotics and more. It is the golden standard and the one we like to consume regularly.



Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the above article are independent professional judgment of the experts and The Tribune does not take any responsibility, in any manner whatsoever, for the accuracy of their views. This should not be considered as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your physician for more details. Lyfefuel Daily Essentials shall solely be liable for the correctness, reliability of the content and/or compliance of applicable laws. The above is non-editorial content and The Tribune does not vouch, endorse or guarantee any of the above content, nor is it responsible for them in any manner whatsoever. Please take all steps necessary to ascertain that any information and content provided is correct, updated, and verified.


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