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7 Top Sites to Buy Real Instagram Followers Through PayPal

7 Top Sites to Buy Real Instagram Followers Through PayPal

Quick Answer: Based on our research, the best website to buy real Instagram followers is BuzzVoice.

BuzzVoice offers instant and guaranteed delivery, it’s rated at 4.9/5 based on 4500+ reviews.

Nearly 2 billion people use Instagram monthly, with about 10 million considered influencers. Influencers gain brand deals, paid promotions, and collaborations, making a living from Instagram, unlike regular users.

Becoming an influencer demands substantial effort and dedication, relying on various metrics to gauge account traffic and income potential. The number of followers is a key metric, often leading to brand collaborations and paid deals.

Growing followers organically on Instagram isn't easy; it can take months or years. However, a quick solution exists: buying followers. Many celebrities and influencers, including some on Instagram, have used this method early on to rapidly reach their desired follower count with minimal effort and time. Payments can be made via PayPal and other options.


Best 7 Sites to Buy Instagram Followers Using PayPal: At A Glance

  1. BuzzVoice
  2. BuySocialMediaMarketing
  3. Useviral
  4. SidesMedia
  5. Growthoid
  6. Buzzoid
  7. Rushmax

Best 7 Sites to Buy Instagram Followers Using PayPal: Detailed Reviews

#1 BuzzVoice🥇 (Our top pick!)

Score: 9.8/10 | 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 4500+ verified reviews

BuzzVoice is one of the most popular Instagram growth agencies currently available online. They focus on providing growth services to numerous social media. They maintain PayPal as their prime payment option.

BuzzVoice claims the fastest delivery of Instagram followers in the category. They provide authentic followers instead of bots. The customers can choose the number of followers they need from the multiple affordable packages available.

The follower packages at BuzzVoice start at 100 followers. You can buy up to 50,000 followers in a single purchase. Even the bulk orders are delivered within a few hours by BuzzVoice.

Customers can purchase 50 followers from BuzzVoice at $2.97. For 25,000 followers, the platform charges $309.97. As BuzzVoice supports PayPal, the safety and security of each transaction are also high.


  • The platform provides an accurate tracking link to track the delivery status of your order.
  • Even the bulk orders are delivered within just minutes to a few hours.
  • The cost-effective packages are impressive.
  • They offer a thirty-day refund if the customers are unsatisfied with the service.
  • Automatic engagement plans are available that help with monthly or weekly engagement.
  • BuzzVoice follows all Instagram safety guidelines to ensure the user's safety.


  • Customization options are a bit too minimal at BuzzVoice.
  • As the platform offers many services, it may take some time for the users to get used to the ordering process.

#2 BuySocialMediaMarketing

Score: 9.6/10

BuySocialMediaMarketing is a popular social media growth agency that offers authentic followers on Instagram. They provide a wide variety of plans that start from $2.99 onwards. They have programs that cost up to $299.99.

This platform delivers real Instagram followers of any number and location within just a few minutes. They also offer a thirty-day retention guarantee for all the followers that they provide. So even if the followers disappear within a month, the agency will refill the order.


  • 30-day guarantee of retention.
  • 100% legit service
  • Same day delivery
  • Easy-to-use website to place orders
  • Can choose between high-quality or real followers


  • They do not provide 24x7 chat support.
  • Followers are not entirely active.

#3 UseViral

Score: 9.5/10

UseViral is a popular social media marketing provider with an active presence online. They provide marketing services for users on various social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc. They are considered one of the top players in PayPal-supported social media growth agencies.

They maintain an organized and easy-to-use interface for their official website. The website is highly intuitive and extremely beginner-friendly. They are known for their impressive Instagram followers’ packages. These packages are available at a variety of prices.

The very basic package at UseViral starts at just $2. They have packages that are priced over $250. They also allow the customers to choose the locations of their desired followers. This helps with improving the targeted engagement.


  • Provides followers from genuine and authentic accounts.
  • All the delivered followers will be active Instagram users.
  • The website has been featured in Forbes, HuffPost, etc.
  • Features a safe and secure PayPal payment option.


  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are not accepted at UseViral.

#4 SidesMedia

Score: 9.3/10

SidesMedia is a well-reputed Instagram growth agency that supports payments primarily through PayPal. They only charge a fair price for the followers. The safe PayPal payment options ensure high privacy and safety for the customers.

At SidesMedia, customers can avail of the drip feed service. In this service, the ordered followers will be delivered gradually, imitating organic growth in followers. They maintain a maximum delivery time of 72 hours. Customers need not provide their Instagram password for service from SidesMedia.


  • Only delivers active Instagram followers.
  • The website was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Business Insider.
  • Guarantees money back if the service is not up to par.
  • Supports PayPal payments.


  • Only able to provide a quick, temporary rise in followers.

#5 Growthoid

Score: 7.9/10

Growthoid promises its customers organic growth through its active Instagram followers. The agency uses advanced AI technology that helps with the timely delivery of orders. Thousands of Instagram users have collaborated with Growthoid and claim stable growth afterward.

The highlight of Growthoid services is that they provide followers from the desired demographics. The customer can choose the geographical location from which they expect to have the followers.

They offer a dedicated analytical reporting feature to the customers. This helps the customers track the real growth that their accounts experience. The accounts used by Growthoid are highly active. These accounts are widely used to like random posts, which gives them an authentic nature.


  • Offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • AI-aided delivery system.
  • Each customer gets access to a dedicated account manager for all assistance.
  • Offers real followers.


  • Customer service can improve a bit more.

#6 Buzzoid


Buzzoid is known for its commitment to the quality of service. This Instagram growth agency uses genuine Instagram accounts to give customers followers, likes, and comments. Their highlight is the safe and secure PayPal payment option.

The platform maintains multiple follower packages. The customer can customize all of these packages. The customization option is available for the number of followers, delivery speed, etc.

Buzzoid uses advanced AI technology to maintain the active state of the followers. Each delivered follower is made to like and comment on other posts using AI technology. This enables the actual users of Instagram to believe in your follower list and may even start following you.


  • The website is extremely easy to use.
  • They only provide real followers.
  • The new followers will reflect on the account within a maximum of two days.
  • Supports PayPal.


  • Except for PayPal, payment options are pretty limited.

#7 Rushmax

Score: 7.5/10

Rushmax is a popular option for people planning to buy Instagram followers through PayPal. The packages at Rushmax are relatively affordable. You can order as many followers as needed from this agency without providing your Instagram password.

All the services at Rushmax are customizable. Thus, beginners in Instagram and high-performing influencers can all avail of services from Rushmax. They only provide genuine and authentic followers who remain for an extended period.


  • They only offer real Instagram followers.
  • The delivered followers are all highly active on the platform.
  • Customer support is impressive.
  • The maximum delivery time is two days.
  • Starts delivering the orders within a few hours.


  • Certain feedback has reported the disappearance of followers after a while.

Buying Instagram Followers with PayPal

Buying Instagram followers with PayPal is extremely easy nowadays. Hundreds of websites are available online that offer paid followers. The very first thing that you have to do is to find a reputed service provider.

A reputed provider is essential because they can only provide authentic followers. Most scam websites provide bot followers that disappear after a while. So, make sure you choose an agency that offers real followers active on Instagram.

Once an agency is fixed, you should choose the right package for you. Most agencies offer multiple packages that vary in the number of followers and the price.

There will be packages with only a few followers to tens of thousands. The price also varies widely. You should consider your requirements and choose the package accordingly.

After choosing the package, you have to give your Instagram user name. Providing the correct user name helps the agency deliver the service accurately. The important thing is that you don’t have to provide your Instagram password to the agency under any circumstance.

Giving out your password will compromise your safety and privacy. If an agency asks for your Instagram password, it will likely be a scam website.

You can now give your PayPal account information to complete the payment. It would be best to always wait for the order confirmation message before logging out of the website. Once the payment is complete, the order will be delivered in the chosen time frame.

BuzzVoice, UseViral, SidesMedia, etc., are some of the best and most trusted website options for buying Instagram followers through PayPal.

Cost of Buying Instagram Followers with PayPal

The cost of buying Instagram followers with PayPal varies based on the agency. Some agencies charge high prices, as they provide premium accounts as followers. Some other agencies that use bots as followers only charge a very low cost.

Several trusted agencies, like BuzzVoice, Useviral, etc., provide high-quality followers at an affordable price range. On average, 20 followers may cost about $2. One thousand followers can cost up to $32.

The maximum number and price of followers solely depend on the agency. Some agencies let users purchase up to 50,000 followers in a single purchase. Such bulk purchases can cost one to two thousand US dollars.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers with PayPal

The most noted benefits of buying Instagram followers with PayPal are as follows.

1. Buyer Protection

PayPal provides advanced buyer protection to customers. All the transactions made through PayPal are protected. So, even if the paid service is not delivered, PayPal will refund you promptly.

2. Can Buy from Reputed International Service Providers

PayPal allows collaboration with some of the top players in the Instagram growth sector. Many major service providers like BuzzVoice support PayPal, enabling customers to avail of their services irrespective of location.

3. Earn Reward Points

An exclusive feature of PayPal is the opportunity to earn reward points with each of your purchases. These reward points can later be used to purchase products or services.

4. Numerous Safety Features

PayPal makes sure that the user's financial information is not shared with a third party. They maintain a 24/7 security guard feature for every transaction.

5. Easy Checkout

PayPal supports one of the easiest checkout options. The customer only needs their email and PayPal password to complete the transaction safely and log out. They also do not charge a transaction fee every time you make a transaction.

6. Special Discounts

Some of the online Instagram growth agencies provide special discounts for PayPal users. This enables customers to purchase more Instagram followers on a relatively small budget.


1. Where can I buy real Instagram followers using PayPal?

You can buy real Instagram followers using PayPal from numerous reputed Instagram growth agencies. The best option will always be BuzzVoice. This agency provides affordable packages of real Instagram followers online. You can also buy followers from websites like UseViral, Growthoid, Buzzoid, etc.

2. How can I pay for Instagram followers?

You can pay for Instagram followers through multiple payment options. The most popular and safe one will be PayPal. This payment option requires only your email ID and your PayPal password to finish the payment. Various other payment options are also available, like Apple Pay, debit cards, credit cards, etc. Some Instagram growth agencies even support cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

3. Is it safe to buy new Instagram followers through PayPal?

It is totally safe to buy new Instagram followers through PayPal. Instagram has not issued any guidelines banning the purchasing of followers. It is a popular social media growth strategy widely used by numerous celebrities. So, unless and until Instagram bans the process, it is safe to use such services.

4. Can I buy followers from a specific country?

You can buy followers from a specific country only if your social media partner offers such a service. Many agencies do not have a geo-targeted service feature available. But many reputed agencies have this option where the customer can choose the country from which the followers should be delivered.



Disclaimer : The above is a sponsored article and the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of The Tribune editorial in any manner.






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