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A Comprehensive Review of 6 Popular Humanizers Online

A Comprehensive Review of 6 Popular Humanizers Online

With the evolution of academic writing and content creation, the need for tools that can make AI-generated text sound more natural continues to rise.

According to industry experts, AI humanizer tools play a crucial role in transforming machine-generated content into natural-sounding text. When used effectively, these tools can significantly enhance readability and authenticity.

For students seeking effective AI content refinement tools, finding trustworthy options can be challenging. Many promise results but few deliver.

This review explores top online tools that refine AI-generated content to pass AI detection smoothly. Each tool is ranked based on reliability and its ability to ensure the work passes AI detection with a 0% AI score.

Based on practical experience and testing, we'll compare the best AI humanizer tools by analyzing their pros, cons, reviews, and pricing. That will help users better understand the tool’s offered features and user experience.


Highlight Feature

Sitejabber Rating

MyPerfectWords.com's AI Humanizer and Detector Advanced AI humanization capabilities



Customizable AI content generation



Preserves Original Meaning



Tone and Readability Enhancement



Natural language processing for clarity



AI-powered rewriting and paraphrasing


What are the Qualities of a Best AI Humanizer?

A top-tier AI humanizer effectively transforms AI-generated text into natural, human-like writing. Key features include:

  • Natural Language Processing: Capable of analyzing and rewriting text to enhance clarity and readability.
  • Tone Selection: Allows users to adjust their writing style, ensuring a professional tone that meets specific needs.
  • Anti-Plagiarism Options: Includes tools to verify the uniqueness of written content, maintaining originality.

In addition to these core features, a reliable AI humanizer should prioritize:

  • Semantic Analysis: Ensures that the content directly addresses the reader's intent.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Provides smooth navigation and intuitive file upload capabilities.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Offers continuous assistance to address user queries and ensure a seamless usage experience.

Let’s take a look at the popular Humanizer online, loved by everyone!

Best AI Humanizer Tool 2024

Here's a breakdown of what each tool excels at, according to our review:

  1. MyPerfectWords.com's AI Humanizer and Detector: Known for advanced AI humanization capabilities and effective detection features.
  2. MyEssayWriter.ai: Specializes in customizable AI content generation tailored to specific writing needs. EssayService.ai: Offers authentic content, preserving its original meaning.
  3. PerfectEssayWriter.ai: Ensures content maintains a natural and authentic tone while enhancing readability.
  4. Humanizeai.pro: Offers natural language processing tools that enhance clarity and readability.
  5. Stealthwriter.ai: Provides AI-powered rewriting and paraphrasing to refine and improve existing content.

Accuracy Percentages of Best AI Humanizers

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the accuracy percentages for the best AI humanizers based on percentages of AI content identified by different AI detectors:

AI Humanizer





MyPerfectWords.com's AI Humanizer































MyPerfectWords.com's AI Humanizer and Detector

MyPerfectWords.com offers a popular content humanizer with dual functionality of AI detection and humanization. With this tool, users can easily spot any AI-generated elements in their content and transform them into natural, human-like text. It's super accurate at identifying text written by AI models like GPT-4, Google Gemini, LLaMa, Copilot, and more.

This AI detector and humanizer is widely used by students from top universities to meet their writing requirements. The best part is, it's incredibly user-friendly. Users don't need to sign up and there are no limits on how many checks they can perform. It's completely free to use!

So, it's an invaluable resource for anyone looking to enhance the quality of their content and turn AI content into human-written without spending a buck.


  • User Friendly: Its interface and user experience are quite simple. Students and creators can easily use it without navigating through multiple links.
  • AI Detector and Humanizer: It offers both an AI detector and humanizer at the same time in a single tool. One can use the option to switch between both.
  • Free to Use: This humanizer and detector tool is 100% free and costs nothing.


  • Refining a large amount of data at the same time can take a long time.


Here are the reviews we've gathered from MyPerfectWords.com's tools page, as well as Sitejabber and Reviews.io platforms:

  • John from Cornell University

"I recently bought the subscription and used it to humanize the content written by famous AI content generators. It transformed the text efficiently and the resulting content is not detectable by AI detectors. That is what I require and it gives me peace of mind that all my content is genuinely original. Trust me, if you're even slightly worried about AI detection, this tool is a must-have!"

  • Hally from Johns Hopkins University

"I tried many tools for different projects, most of the tools are just bypassers or detectors but this humanizer is two in one deal. I heard about it from some fellows and now I'm using it on my own. I hope they introduce it as an application for IOS in the future, as it is going to be my long-time partner."

  • Rodes. N from University of Maryland, College Park

"I was amazed by the high-quality content this tool delivers. The text flows naturally, and I haven't encountered any grammatical errors or awkward word choices. It's like having a skilled human writer at my fingertips!"


  • It's 100% free to use.

AI Humanizer by MyEssayWriter.ai

AI Humanizer by MyEssayWriter.ai is an advanced tool used by professionals and students. It automatically detects AI-generated content without needing explicit instructions and transforms it into human-like text.

This tool quickly refines AI-written content, adding elements of empathy, personalization, simplicity, and cultural sensitivity to make it more relatable and engaging. It


  • It maintains the authenticity and originality of the content, making it free from plagiarism.
  • This tool has a tone customization option that users can use to alter the tone and voice of their content.
  • It uses sentiment analysis capabilities to humanize the content according to the custom tone that is selected.
  • Focuses on clarity and simplification mechanisms and reduces the use of complex terminologies.
  • Supports 26+ languages, including English, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and more.


  • Batch file not supported
  • Required internet availability for uploading files


Let’s take a look at reviews gathered from various sources including online review platforms, social media discussions, and direct feedback from users who have utilized this tool.

  • Luther B. from the University of Pittsburgh

“I love MyEssayWriter's AI humanizer! It's a total game-changer when it comes to making my content authentic and original. It's reassuring to know I can enhance my online presence without compromising on quality or originality.”

  • Diana C. from Rutgers University

“Let me tell you, MyEssayWriter's AI humanizer is seriously impressive. Not only did it ensure my content was 100% original, but it also added a human touch, making it natural written text. I could pick the tone I wanted, and this amazing tool adjusted the content accordingly."

  • Peter E. University of Massachusetts Amherst

“I can't even begin to describe how much MyEssayWriter's AI humanizer has improved my writing a lot. It guaranteed my content was authentic and original, and consistently passed the AI detector.”


  • Free: A Free Trial is available
  • Basic: Starts at $9.99/month
  • Pro: Starts at $14.99/month
  • Advanced: $99.99/Year

EssayService.ai’s Content Humanizer

Content Humanizer by AI EssayService.ai is an advanced humanizing tool better known for its user-friendly interface. This tool eliminates the need for detectors like GPT Zero and Turnitin by transforming content into a more natural and familiar style.

Content Humanizer is a valuable tool for writers, students, professionals, and anyone looking to improve the quality of their written content.

It is best known for its simple interface but it also uses backend technology and the NLP algorithm to transform AI-written content into natural, human-written content.


  • Suitable for a wide range of users including writers, students, and professionals seeking to enhance the quality of their written content.
  • Helps in maintaining high standards of content quality by ensuring originality and coherence in the final output.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, making it accessible to users of all levels of technical proficiency.


  • Free Trial is limited to some extent.
  • Batch files are not supported.


Let's explore insights gathered from various platforms including Trustpilot, Reddit, and EssayService.ai’s website. These perspectives provide a comprehensive view of the tool's impact and effectiveness across different writing contexts.

  • Nicky C. from Vanderbilt University

"EssayService.ai's humanizer tool is very versatile. I like that I can upload files from the system directly to start working with existing documents. The pricing plans are affordable. I wasn’t confident about committing to purchasing this tool, but it was worth it.

  • Nelson from the University of Arizona

"I discovered EssayService.ai’s Content Humanizer through reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and discussions in writing communities on Reddit. It’s intuitive and powerful, allowing me to maintain my voice and style while ensuring top-notch quality."

  • Ellis from the University of Colorado Boulder

"The humanizer tool in EssayService.ai is so great! I can upload files directly from my computer, saving me a lot of time. The 24/7 live chat support is an excellent feature, Moreover, the inexpensive pricing plans make it accessible to everyone. This tool is a must-have for quality content creation."


  • Standard Plan: starts at $9.99/month
  • Premium Plan: starts at $63.99/Year

Content Humanizer by PerfectEssayWriter.ai

Humanizer by PerfectEssayWriter.ai is a popular humanizer that transforms AI content into natural, human-like writing.


It generates content that reflects the reader's voice. It uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to find AI-created text and turns it into writing that sounds like a human wrote it.

This user-friendly tool allows users to get the content they need with just a single click, making it feel as if they wrote it.

Academic professionals and students use this tool because it helps them create scholarly, well-structured content that meets academic standards and enhances understanding.


  • It reforms AI-flagged content in seconds without changing the context of the content.
  • It rephrases the content and rewrites it in a unique, natural way.
  • It also includes anti-plagiarism features to ensure the content meets academic integrity standards.


  • It does not have an IOS or Android app.


Here are insights gathered from various platforms, including online review websites, Quora discussions, and direct user feedback, regarding PerfectEssayWriter.ai:

  • Jane from Pennsylvania State University (Penn State)

"MyPerfectWriter.ai's humanizer tool is amazing! It extracts AI-flagged content in seconds without changing the context of the sentence. The tool rephrases everything uniquely and makes it sound so human. I also love that it enhances creativity while ensuring the content is plagiarism-free. A must-have tool for any writer!"

  • Mccarthy C. from Texas A&M University

"I decided to buy this tool because of its affordable pricing plan. It is affordable and when I purchased it, a special discount was being offered at that time. I used the free trial plan first and the quality of the work was quite splendid, so I decided to buy the subscription.

  • Lloris F. from the University of Minnesota

”My friend has recently bought their subscription for a month and she is satisfied with the result. Based on her recommendation, I decided to give it a try myself. Surprisingly, I found the tool to be highly effective and beneficial.”


  • Starts at $0 on the Free Plan
  • Basic Plan: starts at $9.99/month
  • Pro Plan: starts at $14.99/month
  • Premium Plan: starts at $99.99/Year


HumanizeAI is a free AI-to-human text converter. It excels at rephrasing text generated by AI tools to make it sound like it was written by a human. It not only detects but also transforms the content according to a sophisticated approach.


HumanizeAI leverages elements of natural language, personalization, and engagement. The tool improves the tone and engagement of the writing by enhancing the quality of sentences and paragraphs.


  • Ensures Plagiarism-Free Originality: Original content is essential. This tool guarantees plagiarism-free writing, ensuring every piece is unique.
  • Multilingual Support: Supports various languages, including English, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Japanese.


  • File uploading is not supported.
  • Does not save previous work.
  • Sometimes the humanized content still has patches of AI content


Here are detailed perspectives from users across diverse platforms including Sitejabber, Reddit, and Trustpilot who have utilized HumanizeAI.pro:

  • Freser from Duke University

"Listen up, folks, because this humanizer is straight-up amazing! It's like magic - it takes clunky, robotic AI text and transforms it into smooth, human-like writing. I swear, I use it all the time to polish up my essays and articles. And here's the best part: it's so user-friendly, you don't need to be a tech genius to work it. Trust me, this tool is a game-changer for any writer out there."

  • Bella. C from Vanderbilt University

"HumanizeAI.pro consistently achieves a 100% human score, ensuring the content remains accurate and true to the original meaning. It's incredible how well it preserves context while making the text sound authentically human."


  • Free to use.


Stealthwriter is one of several tools that claim to provide humanized content that is undetectable by AI. It converts writing into a more humanizing form that search engines, audiences, and even teachers cannot identify as AI-generated. By using a few prompts, Stealthwriter creates customized content tailored to different needs.

Stealthwriter writes the content accordingly with accuracy and proficiency. It ensures the content looks more familiar to humans and removes the AI traces. Moreover, It uses the semantics implicitly to redefine the tone of the content.


  • Ninga Model: As the name suggests, it is fast, analyzes quickly, and generates quick resulting content.
  • Ghost Model: It is smart and bypasses the detection of AI software. Helps in generating rephrased and unique humanizing content.


  • Pricing is high for Both the Ninja Model and the Ghost Model.
  • Only some of the pricing plans offer both models.
  • The ghost model is not available in the trial period.


  • Hector. B from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"Stealthwriter.ai excels in SEO-friendly optimization. The content is not only well-written but also optimized for search engines, boosting our website's visibility and ranking. It's an invaluable tool for anyone serious about improving their online presence."

  • Shan. E from the University of Texas at Austin

"With Stealthwriter.ai, I never worry about plagiarism. Every piece of content is unique and original, which is crucial for maintaining our brand's integrity and avoiding any potential legal issues."

  • Bras. I am from Georgetown University

"Stealthwriter.ai successfully bypasses all AI detectors. Whether it's for academic purposes or online publishing, the content is indistinguishable from human writing, providing peace of mind and ensuring authenticity."


Stealthwriter.ai offers the following 3 pricing plans.

  • Basic Plan: $20/month for 20,000 words
  • Standard: $35/month for 50,000 words.
  • Premium: $500/year for 100,000 words/month.

In conclusion, we have tried to compare the popular AI humanizers that are available in the market. These tools are being used by a large number of students and writers to make sure their content does not look AI-generated.


While no humanizer can guarantee 100% accuracy, these tools currently represent the most effective options available.


We hope, that with the detailed review of all these tools, users are now able to choose the best Humanizer tool for their requirements.




Disclaimer: This article is part of sponsored content programme. The Tribune is not responsible for the content including the data in the text and has no role in its selection.

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