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A new digital world where anyone on the planet can earn online for spent lifetime.

A new digital world where anyone on the planet can earn online for spent lifetime.

What is Sense Chain?

The transcontinental Arllecta Group of Companies presents one of its flagship products in the development of the global digital economy. Sense Chain is a global digital network in which every person of our planet can earn money using one of the main resources in life - TIME.

The main proprietary technologies of the network:

  1. “Sensechain: Sense Contracts, Sense Currency”, authorized by Egger Mielberg.
  2. “Proof of Participation Protocol”, authorized by Egger Mielberg.
  3. “Smart Transactions”, authorized by Egger Mielberg.

Sense Chain:

  • A new digital economic model implemented based on sense-to-sense business contracts
  • A new digital financial model based on a digital coin secured by the time spent by network participants when executing a sense-to-sense contract
  • Cross-border transfers around the world using Arllecta Pay's own online payment system
  • Creation of global sense-to-sense contracts in any field of business and science
  • On-net transfers between network participants in 7 seconds
  • Creating Loan Contracts Using Internal Digital Currency
  • Native SC coin (Sense Coin or S2S Coin) - equivalent to the minimum cost of an hour of work (JH - Job Hour)
  • Stability of the native coin rate (minimum wage rate on the network): 1SC (1 S2S Coin) = 1JH = 10 USD.
  • The possibility of double earnings on each sense-to-sense contract: Contract Cost (CC) + Contract Hours (CH).

Contract hours, after the execution (completion) of the contract, can be converted into US dollars at the rate of the minimum cost of one hour of work at the current time.    

  • Integration with global e-commerce marketplaces
  • Free deposit of funds to the network
  • Digital infrastructure for creating any business projects of any complexity and geography.
  • 100% guaranteed payment for every lifetime hour spent online when executing any sense-to-sense contract.
  • Full implementation of the financial and monetary policy of the digital economy of the network: treasury, operational, reserve and investment funds, a system for assigning a unique number and tracking the movement of internal digital currency in terms of implementing the anti-money laundering policy.

And now you have downloaded our mobile application on Android or entered through the web version. Where to start?

The first thing we need is Sense coins. They are used to create and execute any sense-to-sense  contracts within the network. Remember that one coin costs $10. Deposits to the network (as well as withdrawals) are available through various channels - through our own payment system Arllecta Pay, bank card, bank account, bitcoin or USDT on many popular networks, as well as other payment systems, including national ones, depending on the countries of residence of the network user.


Our network supports more than 160 currencies around the world for both deposits and withdrawals!

What does a cross-border transfer look like?

For example, to make a cross-border transfer, it is enough to withdraw to the card of any country. As the network develops, the speed of cross-border transfers will decrease. At the time of the official release, the transfer time was significantly reduced compared to the banking system - up to several hours. At the same time, the system provides automatic uploading of a legally binding document to confirm the legality of the translation in any country in the world.

The next thing that will make life easier for all of us is internal transactions, because it is easy to find the right person by any available information in the search bar. Plus, you can contact him in the built-in chat. 

How can you make money in Sense Chain?

The function of opening a deposit 3 months after registration is available on the network. The absence of sense coin volatility and a pleasantly stable % per annum provided by the network's operating activities not only make sense but become quite profitable. The rate tab can be flexible and fixed. The longer the deposit holding horizon, the higher the interest rate.

What is the basis of a sense-to-sense network?

The key product of sense chain is business sense-to-sense contracts (semantic contracts). Semantic or sense contracts are executed in several phases depending on the tasks and through a quorum in them it is possible to change the conditions at the time of execution.  Their participants can be an employer-employee, an employer-freelancer, a business-business. The number of participants in the contract is not limited. The contract itself (basic, main) can have contracts associated with it in the case of large projects. 

The employer just needs to purchase sense coins and find his employee in the system to open a sense contract. Both parties agree on the final cost of the contract, duration, and terms of performance. The minimum cost of the contract is determined by the number of hours, where each working hour is tied to $10 - the weighted average world hourly rate. Such a digitized contract can, if necessary, be converted into paper form.

Sense chain also allows you to find a job, a person sees a list of vacant contracts with all the conditions and has the right to accept the one he is interested in. 

Does the active use of the Sense Chain affect anything?

The network has a bonus program. The more hours a member earns, the more perks will become available.

The unsecured loan option also opens with the hours earned and the person's reputation on the network. There is a collateralized loan option for a user with a low number of hours or a large loan request.

Moreover, ALL hours earned after a certain time of registration and activity on the network can be converted into the main fiat currency of the network - American dollars and used or withdrawn to the user's card or bank account anywhere in the world.

How volatile is the native coin of Sense Chain?

The minimum pay rate for an hour of labor on the network: 1SC (1 S2S Coin) = 1JH (Job Hour) = 10 USD.

The size of the rate of payment for an hour of labor in the network is formed and based on one main basic criterion - the level of development of the network economy. This means that the minimum wage rate will grow with the growth of the number of business sense contracts concluded between network users. Business sense contracts are formed by the network automatically in the form of templates pre-filled and signed by the parent company of the network or created (downloaded) by users independently when performing a certain work native coin to any bank in any country or transfer within the network.

The cost of paying an hour on the Sense Chain network is a key indicator of the development of this network. With the growth of the economic indicators of the network, the cost of paying for a working hour will also increase. 

The creator of the network, Egger Milberg, predicts a significant increase in the cost of a working hour (JH) after the total number of network users reaches 10 thousand people.

What economic indicators are implemented in the Sense Chain?

There are more than ten main economic indicators that are calculated in real-time mode on the network. However, the following can be attributed to the main ones:

  1. Sense Chain Business Activity Index (Sense Chain PMI - Sense Chain Purchasing Manager' Index), which, in the context of the network, reflects the ratio of the total number of registered network users to the total number of sense contracts multiplied by the stabilization coefficient.
  2. Sense Chain Coin Supply Index (Sense Chain CSI), which in the context of the network reflects the aggregate performance of three coin aggregates: CA1 (Coin Aggregator 1), CA2 (Coin Aggregator 2) and CA3 (Coin Aggregator 3). CA1 reflects the total volume of native coin in circulation on the network issued by the network's reserve fund. CA2 reflects the total volume of the native coin in business sense-to-sense contracts over the billing time period. CA3 reflects the total amount of native coin in loan contracts over the settlement time period.
  3. Sense Chain Investment Activity Index (Sense Chain IAI), which, in the context of the network, reflects the total volume of investment contracts of the network for the accounting period.
  4. Sense Chain User Development Index (Sense Chain UDI) is a complex indicator and is calculated considering several indicators at once, such as the level of profitability of an individual user, the level of demand and the level of consumption of an individual network user
  5. Sense Chain Gross Network Product (Sense Chain GNP), which is calculated as the total volume of all services performed under all sense-to-sense contracts of the network for the billing period.

Sense Chain constantly monitors economic activity and constantly improves it to create the most comfortable conditions for doing business from anywhere in the world for any network user from any country.

Will the native coin Sense Coin (S2S) be listed on the exchange?

For the purpose of developing a global business, the withdrawal of coins or shares of a company always pursues the main goal - to attract the largest possible number of investors and network users around the world. The strategic plan for the development of Sense Chain is the task of the initial offering of the native coin on the exchange. However, the date of posting will directly depend on the total number of network users and it seems that this number should be above 10,000 worldwide. 

One of our goals was to create a nice and clean interface, like the banking app we are all used to using.

The network allows third-party developers, as on any blockchain, to build their own projects.

Under the hood of the project from the technical side, you can look through our article on habr or whitepaper https://sensechain.info/docs.

Also, on our official website https://sensechain.info/ there is an opportunity to find us on social networks.

The main website of the group of companies is https://www.arllecta.com/

We value and pay for every hour of life spent by our participants.

Every participant from any country in the world is important to us.

Founder of Arllecta, Egger Milberg

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