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Binary Brains Unleash 6 AI Crypto into 2023

Binary Brains Unleash 6 AI Crypto into 2023

In 2023, the digital world is experiencing a monumental shift, and two key technologies are at the forefront: Artificial Intelligence and blockchain. The rise of platforms like ChatGPT underscores AI's vast potential, and on the other side, cryptocurrency is reshaping how we think about finance online. These two technologies are merging, ushering in a new era of innovation within the Web3 ecosystem.

However, this fusion of AI and crypto has given birth to many AI cryptocurrency projects, making it challenging to differentiate the game-changers from the crowd-followers. Investors and enthusiasts need a clear guide to understand which projects harness the combined strength of AI and blockchain and offer the best investment potential.

To address this need, we've conducted in-depth research, consulted industry experts, and analyzed market trends. The result? A curated list of six AI crypto projects that stand out for their vision, functionality, and potential to shape the future. Join us as we delve into these trailblazing AI coin ventures, each offering a unique approach to integrating AI within the cryptosphere.

The top six best AI cryptos are:

Memeinator (MMTR) Shiba Memu (SHMU) AltSignals (ASI) Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) (FET) SingularityNET (AGIX)

Getting to grips with the best AI crypto projects

Navigating the bustling landscape of AI crypto projects requires a systematic approach to identify the leaders from the followers. So, our selection of the top six projects was informed by several key criteria.

The rapid development of AI means it's perpetually evolving, and projects that can adeptly keep up with these rapid advancements were prioritized. But it wasn't just about adaptability; we also evaluated their AI token technology's robustness, their team's expertise, and their community's engagement.

Once these benchmarks were met, we further assessed projects for their distinct use cases and potential market traction, focusing on their long-term viability. While investors should delve deep into each investment they make, our thorough research positions these six projects as front-runners in AI-driven crypto.

1.    Memeinator (MMTR): Redefining the meme coin landscape and utilizing AI in the process

The Memeinator is a meme coin with a clear vision: streamline the crowded meme coin market by singling out underperforming coins, eliminating them, and refining the landscape for investors by ensuring only the most resilient projects are left to thrive.

The meme coin sector witnessed a resurgence in 2023, with Pepe Coin and Floki Inu leading the charge. Yet, for every Dogecoin or Shiba Inu that has managed to sustain its appeal, countless others have faded into obscurity through lack of utility or limited team efforts. This has made identifying true value a challenging task for would-be investors. Enter the Memeinator.

Its inspiration is unmistakable – the iconic ‘80s action movie Terminator. Memeinator channels that unmistakable energy to introduce an innovative AI application to the meme coin universe. This is embodied in the Memescanner, an AI-driven tool that sifts through the meme coin market, pinpointing those barely holding on, and uses this real-time data to update in-game foes to keep the Meme Warfare game exciting.

Each coin removed amplifies the Memeinator's potency, propelling it towards its ambition of a $1 billion market cap. By weeding out subpar coins, the Memeinator ensures the survival of the fittest, emphasizing substance over sheer volume.

Echoing the Terminator's narrative, the MMTR presale was unveiled on 29th August, igniting a 29-day countdown to the ICO on 27th September. Starting at $0.01 during its multi-stage presale, the token price is set to increase to $0.049 ahead of its release on BitMart, translating to a staggering 390% ROI for initial presale backers even before the general release of MMTR.

With its immense growth trajectory, the intriguing game Meme Warfare, and its laudable mission, it's no surprise that astute investors are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to grab this promising AI cryptocurrency come September's end.

>>> You can find more information, including how to buy MMTR, by visiting the official Memeinator website <<<

2.    Shiba Memu (SHMU): AI-powered meme coin marketing

Meme coins are undoubtedly gaining traction in cryptocurrency, but while many ride the waves with just catchy visuals, few have a clear strategy for longevity.

Shiba Memu stands out in this crowd. This AI-powered crypto meme coin not only embodies the charm of its Shiba Inu predecessors but also harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to drive forward the market with genuinely next-gen functionality. With tools like natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis, Shiba Memu actively analyzes online mentions and sentiment, and this data-driven approach allows the coin to tailor its marketing strategies, ensuring positive investor engagement and optimizing its market presence automatically.

The structured Initial Coin Offering of Shiba Memu is another point of interest, as, since its launch at $0.011125 per token, it has demonstrated consistent growth, with the price increasing each day by $0.000225. Early investors have already witnessed a 119.33% gain on investment in just two months, indicative of the careful design by the Shiba Memu team.

Recognizing the growing interest, Shiba Memu has extended its ICO to 31st October to allow more early-stage investors to take advantage of the highly discounted token prices. By this date, the token is expected to be valued at $0.0379, potentially offering up to 240% profits for early participants, and this extension not only caters to potential investors but also fortifies Shiba Memu's liquidity before its anticipated listing on the BitMart exchange.

With its presale prices offering a substantial discount on what many experts consider the true value of the coin, Shiba Memu is noteworthy for those keen on integrating AI crypto coins into their portfolios, promising both innovation and potential returns.

3.    AltSignals (ASI): AI-powered signals could lock in profits

Since its inception in 2017, AltSignals has established itself as a premier trading signal provider, boasting a thriving community exceeding 50,000 members. Its impressive AltAlgo™ trading indicator tool has consistently delivered with an average win rate of 64%. But now, with an ambitious vision, AltSignals is harnessing the might of AI, aiming to elevate this success rate to a remarkable figure surpassing 80%, thanks to its innovative tool, ActualizeAI.

ActualizeAI isn't just any trading stack; it's a groundbreaking initiative backed by the release of the ASI token. This state-of-the-art platform uses advanced AI technologies—encompassing machine learning, predictive analytics, reinforcement learning, and NLP—to transform traders’ and investors' profitability into something truly exceptional.

Those investors who secure a position with more than 50,000 ASI tokens will be awarded lifetime access to the unparalleled insights offered by ActualizeAI, and beyond this, the AI Members Club extends a suite of enticing benefits to its community. The club offers many advantages, from earning rewards by contributing feedback during product beta testing to exclusive invites for the most anticipated crypto presale events. The true investment potential, though, is in the expected buying surge once traders realize the huge edge that ActualizeAI will provide.

The ASI token presale has so far attracted huge attention. As the token price escalates in the upcoming ICO stages, early adopters have a golden chance to invest in a trailblazing AI crypto coin grounded in robust fundamentals and bolstered by a vast and engaged user community.

With an incredible amount already raised during the ICO and the dawn of the AI trading signals era on the horizon, it's the perfect moment for forward-thinking traders and investors. Those aiming to secure a strong position in the evolving market landscape should consider integrating ASI into their crypto assets, especially given its attractive valuation.

4.    Ocean Protocol (OCEAN): Using AI to unlock big data potential

Ocean Protocol is an innovative project that has seamlessly blended the worlds of blockchain and data, offering transformative solutions for the modern age of AI and data use. Established in 2017, Ocean Protocol provides a unique platform where datasets are tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring secure and transparent transactions, and these tokenized datasets, known as datatokens, act as gateways to a wealth of data, unlocking the significant potential for AI research and other data-driven use cases.

This tokenized approach streamlines the data acquisition process and provides serious investment opportunities. The Ocean Market, the platform's decentralized data exchange, allows data providers to monetize their data efficiently and, at the same time, offers data consumers a vast marketplace buzzing with valuable datasets. Investors can earn a percentage of the exchange fees by staking their OCEAN tokens on specific datasets within the marketplace, creating a lucrative incentive model.

Ocean Protocol's adaptability is clear in its encouragement for businesses to tailor-make their data markets by forking the protocol or harnessing its expansive code libraries. This creates an environment where specialized data markets can thrive and further drive investment potential.

The project's strong community focus also bodes well for its longevity and relevance. A significant share of exchange fees is funneled back into the community, which actively participates in steering the platform's plans, from improving features to cultivating partnerships.

Ocean Protocol isn't just a hub for data exchange; it's an evolving ecosystem offering promising investment potential in the intersection of blockchain, data, and AI. Ocean Protocol is a pivotal player as the digital world becomes increasingly data-centric. This presents a golden opportunity for forward-thinking investors looking for the best AI crypto projects.

5. (FET) is a groundbreaking platform offering a peek into the future of the decentralized digital economy. It seamlessly blends artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, crafting a network where machines and humans can work together for optimal solutions across many sectors.

In, Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs) represent everything from individuals to organizations and devices. These AEAs operate within the ecosystem, acting on behalf of their counterparts in the real world. Their ability to continuously learn and adapt to the environment enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of solutions provided by the platform, and these agents use a rich bed of data from the Open Economic Framework, another component of the system. Here, all essential data and information are stored, backed by the formidable power of AI. is a robust platform that finds practical applications in real-world scenarios. It has the potential to optimize numerous industries, including smart cities, supply chains, and transport, by utilizing intelligent machine learning and efficient data-sharing mechanisms. And it offers actionable, effective solutions to everyday problems, making it an attractive proposition for investors looking towards future-ready projects.

Besides, the team behind brings another layer of credibility to the project. Founded in 2017 by Toby Simpson, Humayun Sheikh, and Thomas Hain, all experts in their respective fields, the project is backed by knowledge, experience, and innovative thinking. This strong foundation further accentuates the investment potential of stands out as a significant AI cryptocurrency investment for individuals focused on the future of decentralized economies and AI. With its real-world applications, strong foundation, and innovative use of technology, it offers a glimpse into the future and an opportunity to be a part of the next big leap in digital transformation.

6.    SingularityNET (AGIX): AI marketplace using blockchain technology

SingularityNET, co-founded by Dr. Ben Goertzel and Dr. David Hanson in 2017, is a decentralized platform merging artificial intelligence with blockchain. It operates as an open AI service marketplace, empowering developers to share their innovations. Hosted on Ethereum and Cardano blockchains, transactions within this ecosystem are facilitated by its native AGIX token.

Incorporating AI and cryptocurrency, SingularityNET is a forerunner in democratizing AI access. The platform offers a wide array of AI services, accentuated by a user-friendly interface, and smart contracts ensure fairness and transparency in transactions. These contracts allow developers to set terms for accessing their AI, ensuring a balanced ecosystem for users and creators alike.

AGIX, while central to SingularityNET transactions, boasts versatility beyond the platform, being usable on other Ethereum-linked platforms and convertible to fiat. Its recent adaptability to multiple blockchains like Cardano and Polygon enhances its utility.

SingularityNET's vision transcends being just a marketplace, as it aspires to help drive the creation of artificial general intelligence, a form of AI mimicking human thought. Though realizing AGI is a complex ambition, SingularityNET's collaborative and progressive approach positions it as a potential leader in the AI revolution, and investors eyeing the intersection of AI and blockchain would find SingularityNET’s AI cryptocurrency worthy of consideration.

How we determined the best AI crypto projects to buy


For a cryptocurrency to be considered promising, it should be easily accessible to a vast audience, enhancing its growth prospects. This is a key factor in ensuring that when demand kicks in, people can access it.

Market Capitalization

When evaluating the potential growth of a cryptocurrency, its existing market value is a crucial indicator. Cryptos boasting substantial market caps may appreciate more slowly but are often perceived as more stable investments. Our curated list encompasses a diverse mix, and while the higher-cap cryptos are poised for consistent growth, the lower-cap ones promise significant short-term returns, especially those AI crypto projects in their presale phase.

Long-Term Utility

Inherent token utility in a cryptocurrency is pivotal. Not only does it bolster the crypto's resilience against regulatory challenges, but it also ensures sustained demand. A lasting utility draws users, so our selection prioritizes cryptocurrencies that promise long-term functionality.

Factors to weigh before investing in AI crypto

Your Financial Capacity

Despite our list featuring some of the most promising cryptos, investors need to commit only what they can afford to part with. The unpredictable nature of AI token investments and external variables introduces a degree of risk.

Risk Appetite

Cryptocurrencies, inherently more volatile than conventional markets, are the face of pioneering tech in an evolving financial landscape. Adopting the 'barbell approach' can be beneficial, allowing investors to distribute their risk across various assets.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

Specific cryptos may navigate through more stringent regulatory waters better than others. So, thorough research becomes non-negotiable when you're keen on exploring the most AI coins on the market. Remember, regulatory norms can vary based on regional nuances, too.

What is the best AI token to invest in this year?

The growth in AI-driven cryptocurrencies is clear, with several projects demonstrating high potential, and as AI gains traction in areas like Web3 and other sectors, early investors in these AI-focused crypto initiatives may see substantial returns by 2030.

Our assessment above highlights the standout projects that are becoming known for their innovative solutions and expert leadership, and investors interested in diversifying their portfolios with AI cryptocurrencies should consider these six projects, particularly the top three mentioned:

  1. The Memeinator (MMTR)
  2. Shiba Memu (SHMU)
  3. AltSignals (ASI)



Disclaimer : The above is a sponsored article and the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of The Tribune editorial in any manner.

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