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Buy Facebook Accounts - Best Aged Facebook Ad Accounts With Friends And Verified Business Manager

Buy Facebook Accounts - Best Aged Facebook Ad Accounts With Friends And Verified Business Manager

Have you ever thought about buying a Facebook Ads account?

Finding a trustworthy aged Facebook account or a verified business manager can be quite a challenge. With so many sellers claiming authenticity, it's tough to know who's genuine and who's not. It is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

After thorough research, below is a compilation of a few websites that offer quality products with one being the absolute winner. The research was based on factors like account quality, seller support, pricing, and overall convenience to find the best option for you.


Here are the websites:

Best Place To Buy Facebook Accounts For Sale And Verified Business Managers

Quick Answer– After extensive research and careful consideration, is the top choice due to its high-quality accounts, reasonable pricing, and excellent after-sales service.

Their customer support offers step-by-step walkthroughs and tutorials for setting up multiple BMs and ad accounts easily. This makes them the number 1 recommendation. Check out more details below!

1. (#1 Recommendation) is a highly reliable website for buying Facebook ad accounts. They offer high-quality ad accounts with verified Business managers, making them a comprehensive solution.

This site is a real all-in-one package deal! Not only do they offer top-quality ad accounts, but they also have a bunch of other ad account-related goodies up for grabs. What sets apart is its exceptional customer support. They offer super reliable customer support that remains available from the brightest day to the darkest night.

Their customer support helps you set up everything correctly by giving you different tutorials and walkthroughs. This is something that we don’t see on other websites. Furthermore, all their accounts are strong profiles, are fully restored, and their identities are verified.

No monthly fees or rentals either—talk about a stress-free experience! You pay the money, and you’ll get the account.

So, if you're ready to take your business to new heights, the top recommendation is You won't be disappointed.

Key Characteristics Of Dfumedia:

1.    Identity Verified Strong Accounts

As you may have noticed on Facebook, if you run ads on a newly created account with no history, you risk being banned right away. Meta is intelligent enough to detect suspicious intent behind such accounts.

However, if you begin a campaign with a quality account that has been aged and has real people as friends, you can avoid being subjected to Facebook's automated triggered restrictions. Using established accounts with genuine interactions can improve your advertising experience on the platform significantly.

DFUmedia is all about giving customers the freedom to advertise easily. They provide high-quality accounts with real friends and identity verification, ensuring a smooth experience.

This may appear to be a common initiative, but it is not. Every profile they provide is 3-line verified, so you can be confident in their authenticity. It is a game changer for anyone looking to advertise on Facebook without hassle!

2.    Step-by-Step Setup Guidance:

DFUmedia goes out of its way to ensure customer satisfaction. Unlike other sites that simply provide account credentials and then leave, DFUmedia takes full responsibility for correctly setting up accounts on your devices.

They are committed to making things simple for you and providing excellent support at all times. It's their professional approach that sets them apart and makes them a reliable choice for hassle-free account setup!

Their support team is friendly and helpful. They provide credentials and walkthrough videos for setting up the anti-detection browser and profile, reducing risks and making the process smoother.

DFUmedia not only offers accounts and business managers but also provides valuable video tutorials and excellent customer support for setting up your ad account. These tutorials can be used to set up multiple backup accounts on the same computer.

What’s even good? They provide this guidance free of charge! It's a fantastic resource that truly sets them apart.

3.    Verified Business Managers With High Daily Spending Enabled

At, they provide verified business managers that fit your needs and goals.

They offer options with daily spending limits ranging from $50 to $250, and they even have business managers with unlimited spending enabled, unlocking significant growth potential for your business.

This diverse range of categories sets DFUmedia apart from its competitors, and they are dedicated to helping you succeed in your advertising endeavors. With DFUmedia, the possibilities for your business are limitless.

4.    Competitive Pricing

DFUmedia genuinely cares about its customers and recognizes that not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars. That's why they've come up with three incredible price packages that cater to different budgets.

Their packages range from around $100 to just below $300, all of which are fantastic compared to other sites.

If you're looking to buy a Facebook ad account, DFUmedia is a great option with reasonable prices and quality service, allowing you to make a wise investment in your advertising needs.

5.    Responsive Chat Support

DFUmedia stands out with its cooperative chat support, which is available 24/7. They not only offer top-notch ad accounts at great prices with setup tutorials but also provide dedicated chat support.

This level of customer support is rare in the industry, showing that DFUmedia truly cares about its customers and goes the extra mile to provide value.

You can experience their outstanding service on their website at, where you can place orders and get instant answers to any queries through live chat, creating a seamless and friendly experience.

You can visit their website at and place orders through live chat and get answers to any query instantly.


Site #2: Playerup is a forum website known for providing Facebook ad accounts to businesses seeking to enhance their online presence.

The platform offers a diverse selection of account options tailored to different needs, making it a convenient choice for advertising campaigns, but note that prices are very high and the website is hard to navigate.

One of the standout features of Playerup is its focus on providing buyers and sellers a platform that meets their advertising requirements.

One big drawback is the absence of customer support or live chat options on their website. It’s more like a forum where you deal with individual sellers and there is no mediator to settle disputes.

Another point to note is the absence of video tutorials to guide customers through the account setup process. This could potentially be a disadvantage for those who prefer visual guidance or are new to using ad accounts.


Site #3: Accs Market

Accs Market is a seller offering a wide range of social media accounts, catering to businesses and developers.

Various payment options, including cryptocurrencies, provide convenience for customers.

However there is no availability of customer support through phone, email, and live chat shows the company's lack of user experience and satisfaction.

Despite the appealing features, there are some drawbacks to consider. The variation in delivery times may not be suitable for time-sensitive marketing campaigns, especially for bulk orders.

The usage of mixed IPs for some Facebook accounts raises security concerns and potential account suspension issues.

Furthermore, the low starting price of $0.60 per account could raise questions about the authenticity and quality of the accounts. Extremely low prices might indicate inadequate vetting or questionable practices.

Potential customers should carefully weigh the pros and cons of using Accs Market’s services, conduct due diligence, and verify account quality and authenticity before purchasing.

Site #4: AccMaster

AccMaster is a social media service provider that provides services related to facebook accounts.

Their standout offering includes a diverse selection of Facebook accounts for effective brand promotion on Facebook groups and pages. But their prices are a little high compared to the value they are providing.

Although their prices are high, the process of acquiring these accounts is straightforward. It only involves three easy steps: placing an order, completing the payment, and receiving the accounts.

Customers can easily navigate this user-friendly process. What is missing is that there is no guidance on how to set up the account and that’s a major miss.

You are on your own after receiving the account..


Understanding The Problem Before Buying Facebook Accounts:

These days, it is normal for businesses to get their ad account shut down for no reason at all. Social media platforms like Facebook are essential to modern marketing because of their vast user base.

Facebook has remarkable AI algorithms to detect a user or an ip that got disabled previously. They kept an eye on every single moment. So if a previously disabled user tries to get back with a new profile or even an established profile they are going to disabled instantly.

In such a scenario, if you attempt to create another ad account from the same location or IP address, Facebook is likely to promptly disable it. So, what's the solution in such cases?


The only way around this is to actually buy a Facebook account that's already active and set it up so Facebook can't trace it back to you. Then, if you want to manage multiple accounts from the same computer, use an anti-detection browser and make sure you've got an established profile ready to go.

This is the main reason why DFUmedia is the top recommendation they provide complete guidance on how to set up accounts properly and come back on Facebook stronger than ever.

It's a bit of a workaround, but it should do the trick without raising any red flags!

But if we have a plan to buy a Facebook ad account from a seller. The first concern that arises in our minds is, Where should you really buy it? Then another problem is whether this seller is reliable or not.

Unfortunately, finding trustworthy sellers for Facebook ad accounts can be challenging. During perception, different websites came across charging only $1 for a profile, but they are all fresh profiles with zero history.

Avoid buying such profiles because it is the same as creating a fresh profile yourself. Instead of creating a fresh Facebook account on your own, it’s better to have a look at the below recommendations.


Buying Facebook Accounts For Sale

As previously stated, finding a trustworthy and authentic website isn’t risk-free. There is a lot of uncertainty here, so we have to proceed with caution.

The main reason is that Meta can suspend or ban your account, with or without providing reasons. It can become a great pain in the head for marketers. Therefore, having a backup account is quite important.

So if you don't have any basic information, first check what problems will face you if you buy an ad account without any knowledge.

FAQs 1.    Does Buying an Aged Facebook Account Make Any Difference?

Yes, it does make a difference because a fresh or newly-created profile doesn’t have any history or track record of being real. You can say they haven’t built trust with Facebook.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to just go with an aged Facebook account that has been active for a long time and has a proven history of being real.

Additionally, an aged Facebook account has real friends and doesn’t have a track record of any suspicious activity. So, Facebook completely trusts it and doesn’t ban it. 

2.    What Is the Best Place to Buy High-Quality Facebook Accounts? is the top recommendation for buying High-quality Facebook Ad accounts. This website provides superb-quality Facebook Ad accounts that have been active for many years. Also, the account has all real friends and doesn’t show any track of suspicious activities.

Also, this website not only sells Facebook ad accounts but also teaches every buyer how to set them up on their device. With their excellent response time and nicely elaborated tutorials, customers can easily set up multiple accounts on their PCs.

Lastly, their accounts also have a good resale rate, so you can further sell them to others after using them for yourself.

3.    Is a Verified Business Manager Better Than a Usual One?

A verified Business Manager is better because a normal one doesn’t have a lot of trust built with Facebook. Therefore, it’s not recommended to use the usual one for your campaigns. 

4.    Who Should Consider Buying Facebook Accounts?

When you get banned from Facebook, you should consider buying a Facebook ad account, because once Facebook bans your account, it records everything and bans you again if you try to create another account.

Also, if you want to run multiple backup accounts, then it’s best to buy a Facebook Ads account. So, if you are one of these, you should definitely consider buying Facebook Ads accounts. 


Final Thoughts - Buy Facebook Accounts

Facebook Ad accounts are a very effective way to advertise, but commonly, it bans a lot of users who haven't even violated any rules.

Creating new accounts can’t be a straight solution, as Facebook keeps track of your work. Therefore, it’s a good idea to buy an ad account. To buy reliable facebook ad account number 1 recommendation is


Disclaimer : The above is a sponsored article and the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of The Tribune editorial in any manner.


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