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Buy YouTube Views: Best Sites To Buy Real & Instant Youtube Views In 2023

6 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Views (2023)

Buy YouTube Views: Best Sites To Buy Real & Instant Youtube Views In 2023

Are you a budding creator and are always worried about your youtube views going down or Slow channel growth? Don't worry, we will snap you out of this bad dream.

According to leading industry experts, Social Zinger is the most affordable platform on the web that instantly lets you buy YouTube views at your fingertips. Want to know how?

A recent study shows that only a few brands promoting and selling Real YouTube views are worth considering in this review. 

Moving ahead with Social Zinger will help you gain legitimate services across all social media platforms and ensure security and safety regarding payment and account security.

Let's have a quick look at the all-over dynamics:

Top 6 Sites To Buy Youtube Views:

  1. Social Zinger: Overall Best Site To Buy YouTube views.
  2. Media Mister: Best For YouTube Growth Services.
  3. Get A Follower: Enhance YouTube Video Reach with Real Views.
  4. Buy Real Media: Quick and easy way to get YouTube views.
  5. StormViews: Reliable source for high-quality YouTube views.
  6. YTpals: Boost YouTube Views for Enhanced Online Credibility.

#1. Social Zinger: Overall Best Site To Buy YouTube views


  • Buy 200 views: $2.99
  • Buy 500 views: $4.99
  • Buy 1000 views: $9.99
  • Buy 5000 views: $19.99
  • Buy 10,000 views: $29.99
  • Buy 20,000 views: $50.00

Brand Overview

  • Social Zinger is more than just another platform in the digital marketing world. It sets itself apart by providing legitimate, high-quality services catering to YouTube channel growth needs.
  • They've carved a niche in the industry, becoming a go-to destination for YouTubers seeking genuine growth.
  • When you go to buy YouTube views, Social Zinger has established itself as a reputable brand delivering legitimate and real YouTube views.

Service Overview

  • Their services revolve around one crucial aspect of YouTube growth: providing real and high-quality views.
  • Social Zinger understands the significance of engagement in the algorithmic dynamics of YouTube. Therefore, they strive to deliver views from genuine accounts, leading to increased visibility and higher ranking in YouTube's search and recommendation system.
  • This approach helps channels reach their potential audiences more effectively, providing a solid foundation for sustainable growth.


  • Provides high-quality and legitimate views.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Emphasizes long-term YouTube growth.
  • Reliable with a proven track record.


  • Longer Delivery Duration

Security and Safety in Payments

  • Security is paramount for Social Zinger. They employ robust measures to protect every transaction, providing a safe environment for your payment details.
  • With encrypted data transmission and secure payment gateways, they've put a strong security system in place. Another critical aspect is the absolute safety of your YouTube account.
  • Buying views from Social Zinger aligns with YouTube's policy, eliminating any risk of account suspension or ban.
  • Therefore, you can trust Social Zinger for quality services and their commitment to safety and security.
  • Blindfolded, you can go ahead and buy YouTube views from Social Zinger.

#2. Media Mister: Best For YouTube Growth Services


  • Buy 1000 Views: $16.00
  • Buy 5000 views: $79.00
  • Buy 10,000 views: $156.00
  • Buy 25,000 views: $387.00
  • Buy 50,000 views: $770.00
  • Buy 100,000 views: $1535.00
  • Buy 250,000 views: $3499.00
  • Buy 500,000 views: $5999.00
  • Buy 1,000,000 views: $9799.00

Brand Overview

  • Media Mister is a well-respected name in the world of digital services, standing out with their dedication to providing high-quality YouTube views.
  • They've been serving content creators and businesses, helping them effectively boost their online presence.
  • Known for their professionalism and reliability, Media Mister provides a smooth and satisfactory customer experience.

Service Overview

  • Media Mister offers a comprehensive range of YouTube view packages designed to cater to varied needs and budgets.
  • They understand that every YouTuber is unique, with distinct goals and audiences. Thus, they offer customizable packages that can be tweaked according to individual requirements.
  • This flexibility is what makes Media Mister a preferred choice for many.


  • Offers a diverse range of packages.
  • Provides high retention views.
  • Robust customer support.
  • Customizable services based on individual needs.


  • Their extensive service options might feel a bit overwhelming for newcomers.

Security and Safety in Payments

  • Media Mister prioritizes secure transactions, ensuring your financial data is protected.
  • They employ encrypted payment gateways, offering a safe environment for your transactions.
  • When it comes to your YouTube account's safety, Media Mister's services adhere to YouTube's terms of service, ensuring there's no risk of account suspension or ban.
  • You can go ahead and buy YouTube views from Media

#3. Get A Follower: Enhance YouTube Video Reach with Real Views


  • Buy 1000 Views: $16.00
  • Buy 5000 views: $79.00
  • Buy 10,000 views: $156.00
  • Buy 25,000 views: $387.00
  • Buy 50,000 views: $770.00
  • Buy 100,000 views: $1535.00
  • Buy 250,000 views: $3499.00
  • Buy 500,000 views: $5999.00
  • Buy 1,000,000 views: $9799.00

Brand Overview

  • Get A Follower is a powerful platform for individuals and businesses seeking YouTube growth.
  • They've made a name for themselves by consistently providing high-quality real YouTube views.
  • Their client-centric approach and commitment to quality have earned them the trust of a vast clientele, making them a reliable choice in the industry.

Service Overview

  • Get A Follower specializes in selling high-retention real YouTube views.
  • They understand that engagement and watch time are critical for a video's success on YouTube. Hence, they ensure that the views they deliver contribute significantly to your video's overall performance.
  • This increases your chances of being noticed and ranked higher by YouTube's algorithm.


  • Provides high-retention views.
  • Fast delivery of services.
  • Comprehensive customer support.
  • Good reputation in the industry.


  • Lacks smaller packages for those with a limited budget.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Get A Follower

Security and Safety in Payments

  • Get A Follower has implemented robust security measures to protect your transaction data.
  • They use secure payment gateways, ensuring a smooth and safe transaction process.
  • Importantly, their method of delivering views complies with YouTube's terms and conditions, guaranteeing that your account won't risk being banned.

#4. Buy Real Media: Quick and easy way to get YouTube views


  • Buy 1000 Views: $16.00
  • Buy 5000 views: $79.00
  • Buy 10,000 views: $156.00
  • Buy 25,000 views: $387.00
  • Buy 50,000 views: $770.00
  • Buy 100,000 views: $1535.00
  • Buy 250,000 views: $3499.00
  • Buy 500,000 views: $5999.00
  • Buy 1,000,000 views: $9799.00

Brand Overview

  • Buy Real Media is a pioneering platform delivering real and engaging YouTube views.
  • They're committed to helping YouTubers grow their channels with genuine engagement.
  • Their dedication to quality and transparency has gained them a significant place in the industry and the trust of numerous clients.

Service Overview

  • Buy Real Media provides high-quality YouTube views from real accounts.
  • They ensure the views are sourced from active accounts to maximize engagement and channel growth.
  • Their service stands out for its emphasis on authenticity, that will assist channels when buy YouTube views that contribute to better visibility and popularity.


  • Offers high-quality, real views.
  • Provides excellent customer support.
  • Multiple service options beyond just views.


  • Slightly higher pricing compared to competitors.

Security and Safety in Payments

  • Buy Real Media prioritizes your financial safety. Their secure payment system is designed to safeguard your financial data from potential threats.
  • On top of this, their practice of delivering views from real accounts aligns with YouTube's guidelines, ensuring your account remains safe and free from any risk of suspension.

#5. StormViews: Reliable source for high-quality YouTube views


  • Buy 500 Views: $3.99
  • Buy 1000 Views: $5.99
  • Buy 2500 Views: $14.99
  • Buy 5000 Views: $29.99
  • Buy 10000 Views: $59.99
  • Buy 20000 Views: $119.99
  • Buy 30000 Views: $179.99
  • Buy 50000 Views: $299.99
  • Buy 100000 Views: $599.99
  • Buy 250000 Views: $1499.99

Brand Overview

  • StormViews is an industry-leading platform dedicated to providing authentic YouTube views.
  • Their commitment to quality and authenticity when you buy YouTube views from them, has made them a preferred choice for YouTubers aiming to enhance their reach.
  • They stand out with their dedication to helping YouTubers achieve genuine growth.

Service Overview

  • StormViews specializes in offering YouTube views from verified and active accounts.
  • They understand the importance of authenticity in YouTube growth and provide views that can enhance your video's reach and impact.
  • This approach has led to numerous successful YouTube growth stories.


  • Offers views from verified accounts.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Efficient and fast delivery of services.


  • Limited customizability for view packages.

Security and Safety in Payments

  • StormViews has implemented stringent measures to ensure secure transactions.
  • They use secure payment gateways and encrypted data transmission to safeguard your financial information.

#6. YTpals: Boost YouTube Views for Enhanced Online Credibility


  • Buy 1000 Views: $20
  • Buy 5000 Views: $60
  • Buy 10000 Views: $100
  • Buy 25000 Views: $200
  • Buy 50000 Views: $350
  • Buy 100000 Views: $600

Brand Overview

  • YTpals is a user-friendly platform committed to offering quality YouTube growth services.
  • They've become a trusted name in the industry by providing effective solutions for YouTubers aiming to expand their reach.
  • Their intuitive platform and excellent customer service have made them a favorite among many YouTubers.


  • User-friendly and easy-to-use platform.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Provides high retention views.


  • Service may be slower during peak times.

Security and Safety in Payments

  • YTpals takes security seriously, providing a secure payment system for your transactions.
  • They use encrypted data transmission to ensure your financial information is well-protected.
  • Plus, their adherence to YouTube's guidelines ensures that your account remains free from any risk of bans.

Points To Consider Before Buying Youtube Views

When considering purchasing YouTube views, several critical factors should be considered:

●      Legitimate Views:

Ensure that your chosen service provides real, high-quality views, not just automated or 'bot' views. Social Zinger is a reliable platform offering legitimate views that can significantly boost your YouTube channel's credibility and help you buy YouTube Views.

●      Safety & Confidentiality:

Security should be paramount. Ensure the service guarantees your account's safety and keeps your transactions confidential. Social Zinger is notable for its stringent privacy measures, ensuring total safety and confidentiality.

●      Delivery Speed:

Check the speed of delivery. The best services offer a steady, organic growth rate, not a suspiciously quick increase. Social Zinger stands out with its balanced delivery pace, maintaining the natural progression of your channel.

●      Customer Support:

Exceptional customer service is a must. Platforms like Social Zinger offer 24/7 customer support, ready to assist you at any moment.

●      Reviews & Reputation:

Don’t overlook reviews and the service provider's reputation. Companies like Media Mister, Get A Follower, Buy Real Media, StormViews, and Social-Viral all have their own strengths, but Social Zinger's reputation for quality and reliability is unsurpassed.

●      Cost:

Compare prices across different platforms. While cost-effectiveness is essential, remember that exceptionally cheap views may not provide the quality you need. Social Zinger delivers an excellent balance between cost and quality.

Benefits Of Buying YouTube Views

Buying YouTube views can be a powerful strategy for enhancing your online presence, provided the views are legitimate and sourced from high-quality service providers such as Social Zinger. Here are some of the benefits:

●      Amplifies Social Proof:

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing YouTube views is that it amplifies your video's social proof. In the digital age, numbers often serve as a validation for viewers.

The more views your video possesses, the more likely potential viewers are to click on it out of curiosity or perceived value. This is the concept of social proof, where people tend to do what others are doing.

Therefore, if your video already has a substantial number of views, it's more likely to attract additional viewers, increasing its overall popularity and reach.

●      Enhances Video Ranking:

Another critical aspect to consider is YouTube's algorithm, which heavily influences the visibility and discovery of your videos.

The algorithm favors videos with many views, pushing them to appear more prominently in search results and the recommended videos section.

Buying views could significantly boost your content's visibility, driving more organic traffic toward your channel.

●      Promotes Rapid Channel Growth:

Building a successful YouTube channel from the ground up can be overwhelming. By purchasing views, you immediately boost your channel's visibility and popularity.

This initial momentum can particularly benefit new content creators needing help to make their mark on the platform. With this head start, your channel has a greater chance of growing faster.

●      Bolsters Channel Credibility:

A high view count also enhances the perceived credibility of your channel. Users who see a video with many views are more likely to perceive the channel as reliable, established, and reputable.

Increased credibility can entice more users to subscribe to your channel, potentially opening up opportunities for partnerships or sponsorships.

●      Encourages Greater User Engagement:

More YouTube views & subscribers can lead to more user engagement. Videos with a high view count will likely attract more comments, likes, and shares from viewers.

This increased interaction enhances your relationship with your audience and further promotes your video's visibility, thereby creating a positive cycle of engagement and new viewership.

●      Saves Time:

Acquiring a substantial viewer base organically requires dedication, time, and persistent effort. For many, this process can take time and effort. However, by purchasing views, you gain an immediate viewer base.

This advantage allows you to concentrate more on producing quality content than spending excessive time on promotional activities.

●      Cost-effective Marketing Approach:

Lastly, buying YouTube views can be an extremely cost-effective marketing strategy compared to traditional advertising methods. Platforms such as Social Zinger offer reasonably priced packages, ensuring you get a great return on your investment.

By leveraging this strategy, you can efficiently promote your content to a broader audience, maximizing your channel's reach and influence.

Why Should You Buy Youtube Views?

YouTube stands as a powerhouse platform. However, Buying views for YouTube is daunting, especially for newcomers. This is where buying YouTube views comes in. Here's why you should consider it:

●      Accelerates Channel Growth:

Buying YouTube views is a proven tactic to promote rapid growth and increase the visibility of your channel. In YouTube's crowded and competitive digital landscape, standing out can be a challenge, particularly for new content creators or businesses.

Buying views can serve as a much-needed boost, propelling your channel into the spotlight and giving you an advantage over competitors.

It's like planting a seedling in fertile soil; your channel can flourish and expand faster with the correct initial conditions.

●      Augments Social Proof:

In the digital world, the concept of social proof is crucial. It's a psychological phenomenon where people mirror the actions of others, assuming their choices reflect the correct behavior.

Regarding YouTube, videos with many views are often perceived as more credible or valuable. When you buy views, you increase this social proof, making your video seem more appealing and worth watching to potential viewers.

This can significantly boost your video's organic reach and attract a more extensive viewership.

●      Optimizes Search Rankings:

The YouTube algorithm determines which videos appear in search results and recommendations. This algorithm tends to prioritize videos with a high number of views.

By buying views, you can potentially improve your video's ranking on the platform, increasing its visibility.

Your video can appear more frequently in search results and recommendations, driving more organic traffic to your channel.

●      Provides a Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy:

Traditional marketing methods can significantly drain your resources, requiring considerable time and monetary investment. On the other hand, buying YouTube views presents a more cost-effective alternative.

Especially when using reputable service providers like Social Zinger, you can increase your reach and visibility without breaking the bank.

It's a relatively inexpensive way to amplify your message and reach a wider audience, proving its value as a strategic marketing tool.

●      Encourages Greater Viewer Engagement:

A higher view count can invite more viewer interactions, including likes, comments, and shares. It's a ripple effect; as your views increase, so does the likelihood of increased engagement.

This additional engagement can amplify your reach further, driving more views and fostering a sense of community around your content.

●      Invites Potential Advertisers or Sponsors:

Lastly, a high view count can be a beacon for potential advertisers and sponsors. It's a way of demonstrating that your content resonates with viewers and that you have a captive audience.

Such attention can lead to lucrative monetization opportunities, including advertising partnerships and sponsorships.

So, when you buy YouTube views, it will not only help to boost your visibility and credibility but also open doors to new revenue streams.

Is It Safe to Buy YouTube Views? 

The question of safety when buying YouTube views is a crucial one. In short, the answer is "yes," but with some caveats. Safety largely depends on the source of these views.

When you choose a reputable provider like Social Zinger, buying YouTube views is safe and can be a strategic move to boost your channel's growth. Here's why:

●      Legitimate Views:

Social Zinger provides real, organic views instead of 'bot' views. This means you're not violating YouTube's policies, which frown upon artificial views inflation. When you buy YouTube views, it's crucial to look at whether the provider is delivering legitimate views or not.

●      Secure Transactions:

The platform ensures that your purchase and personal information are safe and secure. There's no risk of data leakage or misuse.

●      No Penalization Risk:

Because the views come from real users rather than bots or automated systems, there's no risk of YouTube penalizing or suspending your account.

●      Customer Support:

Reliable providers like Social Zinger offer 24/7 customer support to ensure any issues you encounter are quickly addressed, providing you with peace of mind.

●      Privacy Protection:

All interactions remain confidential, protecting your public image and preserving your privacy.

Platforms like Media Mister, Get A Follower, Buy Real Media, StormViews, and Social-Viral offer similar assurances. However, Social Zinger's commitment to safety, reliability, and authenticity makes it stand out. Therefore, when buying YouTube views, choose a trustworthy provider, and rest assured about the safety. Also you can consider buying youtube subscribers too in case you want both.

How do I increase Views on YouTube?

Increasing views on YouTube requires a blend of strategic planning, quality content, and leveraging promotional platforms. Here are some key steps to consider:

●      Create Quality Content:

This is the fundamental step. Quality content is what makes viewers stay and recommend your videos to others.

●      Optimize Video SEO:

Use relevant keywords in your title, description, and tags. This can significantly increase your video's visibility in YouTube's search and suggested videos.

●      Promote on Social Media:

Leverage your social media platforms to promote your videos. Share links on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms to direct traffic to your YouTube channel.

●      Engage with Your Audience:

Engaging with your audience in the comments section, asking for likes, shares, and subscriptions at the end of the video, and replying to comments can boost your video's engagement and, consequently, views.

●      Create Thumbnails That Stand Out:

Thumbnails can significantly impact your video's click-through rate. Ensure they are clear, bright, and accurately represent the content of your video.

●      Use YouTube Advertising:

YouTube ads can promote your channel to a broader audience. This, in turn, can lead to an increase in views.

●      Buy YouTube Views:

Buying views from reputable providers like Social Zinger can provide a much-needed initial boost to your videos, attracting organic viewers.

Social Zinger offers real views, making it a safe and effective way to increase your YouTube views.

Remember, consistency is key. Regularly posting high-quality content, coupled with the strategies above, can significantly increase your YouTube views over time.

How Does Buying YouTube Views Affect Your Ranking?

When you Buy YouTube views it can substantially impact your video's ranking, but it's essential to understand the nuances to ensure a positive effect. Here's how buying views affect your video's ranking on YouTube:

●      Improved Search Visibility:

One of the primary factors that YouTube's algorithm considers when ranking videos is the number of views. Videos with more views are often perceived as more popular or relevant, leading to higher placements in search results.

●      Boost in Suggested Videos:

YouTube's suggested video feature, which recommends videos to users based on their viewing history, also considers view count. Increasing your views makes your video more likely to appear in users' suggested videos.

●      Enhanced Social Proof:

When users see a video with high views, it's perceived as more authoritative or valuable. This can lead to higher click-through rates and increased organic engagement.

●      Snowball Effect:

Buying views can kickstart a snowball effect. When a video receives a boost in views, it gains more visibility, leading to more organic views, further promoting its ranking.

●      Potential Risks:

It's vital to source views from reputable providers. YouTube's algorithms can detect fake or 'bot' views, which can lead to penalization. Using trusted providers like Social Zinger ensures legitimate views, avoiding potential pitfalls.

FAQs About Buying YouTube Views Q1. Is it legal to buy YouTube views?

Yes, it is legal to buy YouTube views. However, YouTube has policies against views obtained through automated systems or bots. Therefore, you must purchase legitimate, real YouTube views from a reputable provider like Social Zinger.

Q2. Are there any risks associated with purchasing YouTube views?

The primary risks that come the way when you go to Buy YouTube views are from providers offering artificial views through bots or low-quality sources. This can lead to YouTube penalizing your video or even suspending your account. You mitigate these risks by choosing a reliable provider like Social Zinger that delivers real views.

Q3. How long does it take for YouTube views to be delivered?

Delivery time can vary from one service provider to another. Quality providers like Social Zinger deliver views gradually over a few days to maintain a natural growth rate and avoid raising red flags in the YouTube algorithm.

Q4. Can I buy views for YouTube live streams?

While most platforms focus on delivering views for pre-recorded content, some providers may offer services for live streams. It's always best to check the specific offerings of a provider.

Q5. How much does it cost to buy 1,000 views on YouTube?

The cost for 1,000 views varies among different providers and depends on the quality of the views. Reputable providers like Social Zinger offer competitive pricing for high-quality, legitimate views.

Q7. Will My Video Get Banned If I Buy YouTube Views?

Your video won't get banned if you buy views from a reliable source that provides legitimate, non-automated views. Providers like Social Zinger ensure the safety of your content while enhancing your reach.

Q8. What Should I Do to Grow My YouTube Channel Organically?

Organic growth requires creating high-quality content, optimizing your videos for SEO, regularly engaging with your audience, using compelling thumbnails, and promoting your videos on social media. Buying views from providers like Social Zinger can be a significant initial boost to aid organic growth.

Final Words: Which is the Best Site to Buy Youtube Views

When you reach the ‘Buy YouTube views’ stage for your channel it is considered to be a viable strategy to boost your channel's growth and visibility, mainly when those views are sourced from trusted providers like Social Zinger.

High-quality, real views for YouTube can improve your video's ranking, draw in organic traffic, enhance social proof, and contribute to a snowball effect of increasing popularity.

While several platforms are available for buying views, Social Zinger distinguishes itself with its commitment to providing legitimate views securely and confidentially. It's a platform that balances cost-effectiveness with quality, ensuring you receive the best value for your investment.

However, remember that buying views should be part of a comprehensive YouTube strategy that includes creating engaging content and building organic relationships with your viewers.

With the right approach, buying YouTube views can be the catalyst that propels your channel to new heights of success.



Disclaimer : The above is a sponsored article and the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of The Tribune editorial in any manner.



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