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Choose the Best Free Phone Tracker for Your Needs

Choose the Best Free Phone Tracker for Your Needs

Best Free Cell Phone Tracker App in 2024

The topic of phone trackers has been on the surface for the last couple of years, and it is only gaining more popularity nowadays. People cheat on each other, sleep with lovers, escape from schools, their rooms, reality, get shady acquaintances, and at the same time, there is someone who loves them and cares about them. The invention of phone trackers was only a question of time, as the latter category of people needed a tool to ensure their loved ones’ safety. And it is where a phone tracker comes to the stage.

Nowadays, many tracking titles that are worth your attention exist, and it is hard to say that they are too different in terms of features: a tracker should track, so to say. If it does not have a GPS tracking feature or does not provide access to messages – no one would buy it. That is why the main focus jumped to the quality of service, speed, and price.

There is also a Holy Graal of mobile spies – a free phone tracker. People keep looking for the one with all the features working and which does not compromise their safety, and this search is still ongoing. Meanwhile, some titles provide their users with free incentives to prove their goodwill and customer orientedness.

So, let’s look at what apps you can try if you need to track a phone and which are free.

Brief Summary

To get a general understanding of what each title is remarkable with, here is a brief comparison of the key features. Of course, we will dive deeper into details later.



Location Tracking

Social Media Tracking

Free trial or Paid

Best for


iOS, Android



1-day free trial + $49.99/m

Parental control and stealthy monitoring of social media

Any platform



1-day free trial + $49.99/m

Location tracking by phone number


iOS, Android



1-day free trial + $42.49

Catching a cheating partner

iOS, Android



Paid ($49.99/m)

Real-time phone monitoring

iOS, Android



Paid ($49.99/m)

Remote phone control


As you can see, most applications have the same features and tools, so you should also pay attention to other factors to make a better choice.


Many people dream about having uMobix as a free phone tracker, but currently, it has a 1-day free trial. But thanks to paid subscriptions users buy, developers can implement and improve new features. They have already developed versions for iOS and Android, which are slightly different in terms of installation (via iCloud for the former and manual for the latter) and features available, but both are still decent.

If we have already started talking about features, uMobix has a pretty decent toolkit that can be called one of the best in the industry, as it covers almost all monitoring needs one may have:

- GPS tracking: classics, an app without this feature cannot even be called a phone tracker, and this standard was originally implemented by uMobix;

- social media monitoring: it is the second most requested feature after location tracking – people often want to know what their relatives or partners communicate about online (for safety reasons or if there is a suspicion of adultery);

- browser history and bookmark tracking: people often search for what they need on the internet, even if it is something forbidden, and it is easy to check what it is with uMobix;

- access to photos and videos: memories are sacral for many, and with the invention of mobile phones, people can store many of them on their devices.

You are offered a free trial of uMobix for one day to understand how it works and get a general feeling of the app. To continue using it, you must decide which plan fits your interests most. There are 3 available: monthly for $49.99, quarterly for $29.99/month, and yearly for $12.49/month. You are in no way pushed to choose the longest plan; it is a general tendency for many services to offer lower prices to those who want to use them for a longer time.


- full access to media files;

- tracks messages and activity on the most popular social networks;

- dashboard with device analytics and tracking data;

- live chat around the clock;

- 14-day money-back guarantee;

- free trial.


- no mailbox scanner and Telegram tracker for iOS;

- remote installation of iOS may require 2FA, which still makes it kinda manual.

GEOfinder is not a completely free phone tracker - it has a free trial instead. The best thing about GEOfinder is that it does not care about your or your target’s platform, it works with all the devices, no matter what operating system they run. GEOfinder only requires you to know the person’s phone number to track their location.

The scheme is pretty simple here: you access the GEOfinder website and generate a tracking link there. Add a message to this link, send it to your target (an enticing picture can also be added), and get their location revealed the moment they tap on this link. There are a couple of additional features that support location tracking:

- carrier lookup: reveal the carrier your target is using at the moment;

- WiFi tracker: check the name of the WiFi network your target is connected to, it will help you to get even more precise location information about them;

- VPN checker: see if a person tries to hide their real location by using a VPN service;

- IP logger: IP address is like an internet postcode – you have it and know where the person is.

There is a free trial for everyone who is interested in GEOfinder. To get it, you must contact customer support; activating it takes a couple of seconds. The full package costs $49.99, which is quite a high price for a location tracker, but if you read reviews on the internet and try to use it yourself – you should understand what you are paying for.


- does not care about the platform and OS;

- very simple interface with only one search field to enter the phone number;

- no installation;

- ensures anonymity;

- does not require you to provide any personal info.


- focuses on location tracking only;

- free trial used to be 2 days, but now it is only one =(.

OverWatch is a free phone tracker app, in some way, as it has a 14-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can use it for 13 days and then request a refund. Of course, we do not recommend doing so if you liked the app; it is fair to pay the developers what they deserve if you liked their product.

OverWatch is an installable tracker that works with Android and iOS and provides the essential set of monitoring features:

- SMS tracking: access to the messages itself, as well as timestamps and information on the sender;

- keylogger: captures every single symbol the owner of the device types;

- social media spy: check what the owner of the phone you are spying on does on social networks;

- GPS tracker: well, if it did not have a location tracker, no one would be interested in it, right?

OverWatch costs $12.49/month if you decide to buy the whole year subscription, however, for those who are not sure they will need it for so long, there is a 3-month option ($29.99/month) and a 1-month option ($49.99). Their customer support line works 24/7, so should you have any questions about payments or features – feel free to contact them anytime.


- provides detailed information on all received and sent messages;

- tracks social media and messengers, such as Facebook and WhatsApp;

- takes screenshots of the phone activity.


- no free trial;

- only one device per subscription.

Mobile Tracker

Finally, we get to a free phone tracker that provides the basic set of features for $0 without any hidden charges, subscriptions, etc. It works on all the devices running under iOS or Android, and talking about the basic set of features, here is what it includes:

- SMS/MMS viewing;

- access to photo gallery;

- keylogger;

- tracker for the social media accounts;

- GPS tracking (of course!).

Users who decide to use this app can register for no fee at all and get the app installed on the target device in minutes, as there is a detailed step-by-step guide helping you throughout the process.


- free basic set of features;

- simple and clear installation with a guide.


- website feels a bit unfinished, so navigation can be tricky.


If you are looking for a phone number tracker free of charge for some time, check SpyBubble. It provides a 1-day free trial, so if you are still hesitating about which app to stick with – try this one, it won’t be worse! Oftentimes, it is used as an investigative spy for exposing cheating spouses. SpyBubble is a decent tracker that works with Android and iOS and provides a comprehensive toolbox of top-notch tracking features:

- location monitoring;

- media data tracking;

- access to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc;

- keylogger;

- browser tracking.

It covers almost all possible monitoring needs you might have, and the fact that it can be installed on Apple devices remotely via iCloud makes it even better! Android users, however, must still follow the old-style method of manual installation, but the app’s effectiveness does not change because of this.

SpyBubble’s pricing policy is as transparent as possible: $42.49 for a month, $25.49/month with the 3-month subscription, and $10.62/month if you decide to subscribe for a year. As you can see, even if you are not planning to use the app often, the yearly offer looks very reasonable.


- remote installation on iOS;

- flexible payment plans;

- stealth mode;

- live chat;

- great social media monitoring features.


- no geofencing;

- manual installation on Android;

- remote iOS installation may require 2FA.

Cocospy is presented as a parental control app with essential features aimed at parents who want to ensure their children’s safety:

- GPS tracking;

- social media monitoring;

- access to phone media;

- access to messengers;

- keylogger;

- browsing history and bookmarks monitoring.

It does not matter what platform your child uses, as Cocospy is available for all popular mobile platforms (well, there are only 2 – Android and iOS). It is guaranteed to work in a stealthy mode, so you won’t find yourself in that type of awkward situation when your child asks: “Dad, are you stalking me?”

Pricing policies are standard here: 3 plans – 1, 3, and 12 months, that cost $49.99, $29.99, and $12.49 per month, correspondingly. Providing other prices is senseless. These are the average figures in the market. Set them up – no one will buy your product. Drop them down – and you will be dumping the market.


- standard pricing policy with no surprises;

- all the features needed to track your child;

- responsive customer support.


- no free trial;

- installation may be tricky for someone who is not into technology. is one of the most popular phone monitoring products, which guarantees 100% safety of your personal data and anonymity, providing great monitoring services at the same time:

- keylogger;

- GPS tracking;

- spy apps detector;

- Zoom, WhatsApp, and Skype monitoring;

- access to social networks;

- access to deleted info.

It ensures that if you have already installed it on the target device (Android or iOS – it does not matter), and opened its online dashboard – you get yourself covered from all possible sides and get all the information you need.

If you want to use for one month only, you will pay $49.99. The quarterly plan makes it $29.99 per month, and yearly - $12.49. Unfortunately, there is no free trial, but you can read online reviews to make up your mind about the service.


- Zoom and Skype monitoring;

- access to deleted messages, photos, and videos;

- camera and sound live streaming;

- keylogger for Android;

- standard pricing policy.


- no free trial.

XNSPY is a tracking app for Android and iOS that looks very similar to Have you ever heard the story about Starbucks buying their competitor’s network but keeping their old name so that those who hate Starbucks have an “alternative” where to go? It looks like the same story here: same features, same prices, same platforms it works on, only different “packaging”. So, if, for some reason, you do not particularly like but want something very similar to it, XNSPY welcomes you!


SpyStealth is a phone monitoring app for iOS and Android that allows you to create an account for free and provides the following monitoring features:

- call tracking;

- social media monitoring;

- access to notes;

- e-mail tracking;

- access to media files;

- location tracking.

SpyStealth offers 3 plans: premium, with all the features available, for $59.95, basic for $24.95, with only the essential tools included, and non-jailbreak, a remote monitoring option for iPhones that you cannot hack.


- has payment plans that differ in terms of features they provide;

- compatible with Android and iOS.


- no free trial;

- requires jailbreak for all plans except for the very limited no-jailbreak one.


Is there a good phone tracker I do not need to pay for?

The best free phone trackers on our list are uMobix and, which have really powerful features and costs almost nothing. Another tracker offers free use as well, such as Mobile Tracker Free, but it’s more limited in features.

Can I track a phone location for free?

You can track phone location free of charge by using one of the free options we listed above (uMobix, GEOfinder), via the Google Maps Share Location feature, or with the help of Find My applications. The latter method, though, works only for the devices that share an account or are in a family group.

Can I be sure that phone trackers are not scams?

We want to ensure you that all the titles we listed here are real. Obviously, there are scam offers on the internet, which is why it is important to read about the apps you are about to choose and check user reviews.



Disclaimer: This article is part of sponsored content programme. The Tribune is not responsible for the content including the data in the text and has no role in its selection.

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