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Cosmic Globe Reviews - Legit Flying Spinner Toy with LED Lights?

Cosmic Globe Reviews - Legit Flying Spinner Toy with LED Lights?

Hitting a certain age exempts an adult from indulging in playing with toys. Many people view toys as objects meant for kids. In addition, the fast-paced world may limit some people from playing with their kids due to the strict schedules at work. However, to eliminate brain fog and stress, a little play doesn't cause any harm. Toys are vital for distracting kids from addictive video games and devices like smartphones.

Cosmic Globe is a fidget spinner for indoor and outdoor play by kids and adults. According to the developer, the tech gadget is the viral gadget of the year in making acrobatic tricks and stunts. This review has details on the Cosmic Globe discounts, features and more.

What Is Cosmic Globe?

Cosmic Globe is a motorized flying spinner that performs the dazzling motion. It effortlessly floats, glides and soars in space and is integrated with LED dynamic lights illuminating space in the dark. The auto-dynamic and the pro-engineered spinner is omnidirectional, and it utilizes motorized drone technology to hover, glide and soar in the air.

According to the developer, it's safe for kids and can be used for indoor and outdoor play. The Cosmic Globe spinner has intelligent airflow whirl technology to enable it to return to the user's hand after being tossed. In addition, it has a built-indigenous motorized mechanism that performs aerobatic stunts and tricks.

Comic Globe Key Features

The developer of the Cosmic Globe claims that it's precisely engineered and made with a discreet design. As a result, users can enjoy limitless imaginations with easy control, and some of the key features include the following:

Intelligent Airflow Whirl Technology: Consumers can experience infinite stunts and tricks by tilting and launching it at 30 degrees. Once it is tossed, it hovers in space and then gets back to the hand.

USB Rechargeable and Durable Battery Life: The spinner can be used in the play for up to 30 minutes and gets fully charged in minutes. Consumers can quickly recharge its 100mAH battery utilising a PC, adapter, power bank or car charger.

LED Lights: The gadget has three neon colors illuminating space once the motorized spinner is tossed in a dark setting.

Pro-Engineered Functionality: It's a plug-in-play gadget developed with aerodynamic tech and an ultra-fast motor. In addition, it's designed with a premium flex material for protection.

Easy Setups: Consumers can easily control the spinner by launching and tossing it to experience endless tricks as it glides, fly and hover into space. It requires a hand gesture, and it easily returns to the base.

Universal Compatibility: Both kids, teens and adults can have fun playing with the gadget. Unlike complex PC-based games, it doesn't require technical skills and is super-easy to control. It's also made of soft material and safe for kids.

Ultra-Durable: It's designed discreetly with soft, flexible material and is resistant to damage caused by collision or heavy drops.

Cosmic Globe Usage

The intuitive flying and auto-dynamic drone is easy to launch and performs several stunts and tricks. Here are the steps provided by the developer on how to use it:

Step 1: Shake to initiate its motion: Users need to shake and toss it to experience the tricks and infinite flight possibilities.

Step 2: Incline and throw It: Once the consumers throw it at an angle, it will spin to the direction of the flight and get back to them like a celestial globe.

Step 3: Straight Line Toss: Once tossed on a straight line, it glides and bounces back and forth

Step 4: Stopping the Play: If consumers want to stop playing, they'll need to shake the Cosmic Globe to prevent it from spinning

Cosmic Globe Discounted Prices

Consumers can order their preferred package on the official website, and here are the discounted packs:

Gamma Pack: 3x Cosmic Globes are availed at $35.99 each, a total of $107.97, saving consumers $131.96, which is 60% off from a regular retail price of $239.93 + $8.99 shipping fee.

Alpha Package: 1x Cosmic Globe is selling at $39.99, from an original cost of $79.98, saving consumers 50% of the regular price, which is $39.99 + $8.99 shipping fee.

Beta Pack: 2x Cosmic Globes are available at a 55% discount, selling at $37.99 each, a total of $75.98, saving consumers $ 92.86 from a regular retail price of $168.84 + $8.99 shipping fee.

Ultimate Pack: 4x Cosmic Globes are selling at a total of $135.96, each worth $33.99, saving consumers $252.50, which is 65% off the regular retail price of $388.46 + $8.99 shipping fee.

5x Ultimate Pack of Cosmic Globes: Consumers can enjoy a 70% discount after selecting this package, with each piece selling at $31.99, a total of $159.95, and saving consumers $373.22 from a regular price of $533.17 + $8.99 shipping fee.

Each package is shipped within 3-5 business days and has a 60-day money-back guarantee for consumers who aren't satisfied. In addition, consumers can get three years extended warranty for a one-time payment of $19.99.

Final Verdict

Living a sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental to overall health, and staying glued to smart devices is more addictive and has adverse effects on vision. The developer of Cosmic Globe claims that the motorized spinners are ideal for kids, teens and adults. It's designed with intelligent airflow whirl technology to soar, glide and fly in space quickly. It also has three neon colors and LED lights for illumination, among other unique features. Consumers can find special offers if they place their orders on the official website.


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