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How do I get a Forex Card for my Travel to Canada?

How do I get a Forex Card for my Travel to Canada?

Whether you're planning a leisure trip to Canada or for work, you're thinking of three things: travelling, accommodation and how much money to carry. Perhaps you considered exchanging cash for Canadian dollars at the airport, only to drop the idea after hearing about the high exchange rates and fluctuations. Then you heard about preloading Canadian dollars onto a forex card and swipe it on the go during your travel. And that’s what might have prompted you to look out for a forex travel card.

This blog tells you all you need to know about buying a forex card during your international travel.

How do You Get a Forex Card?

Before we get into how to apply for a forex card, let’s look at a few things you must consider before choosing a card.

#1. Considerations Before Getting a Forex Card

Most banks today offer forex cards. So, to get one easily, check if your bank offers one. If not, visit a different bank's website and check their card application process. Ideally, you want to get a forex card with a bank that-

  • Has minimum eligibility requirements
  • An easy application process
  • Offers Easy Reload options
  • Offers multi-currency forex cards
  • Offers good international customer support
  • Offers additional benefits, including easy encashment upon return, free airport transfers, discounts on reloading cash, etc.
  • And has an extensive banking network abroad.

This ensures that the application process is smooth, you can use the cards in multiple countries, and any issues you run into while using your card get resolved quickly.

Once you find a partner meeting these specifications, you can head to their website to get a card.


#2. Forex Card Application Process

Most banks offer an online card application process too. Read on to find out what a typical forex card application process looks like:

  1. First, visit the Bank website and click the "Buy Forex Travel Cards" link on the homepage.
  2. On the forex Cards page, you can select the type of card you need. In addition, you will have the choice between a travel card and an investment card.
  3. Choose a card depending on your needs and lifestyle.
  4. Next, fill out the necessary information, upload the mandatory documents and submit the form.
  5. Once your application for the forex card is processed, you will receive an email notification confirming the approval of your forex card. You can now use it to make purchases in Canadian dollars at any place outside India with a POS machine.

Over to You

If you're a frequent international traveller and are planning your next trip to Canada, you should get a multi currency forex card with a reputable banking partner. You can load multiple currencies and manage your money better, protect your funds from exchange rate fluctuations, and get a whole host of rewards and offers.

Not just that. You will be able to avoid the hassles associated with carrying large amounts of cash and avoid thefts too.

So, what are you waiting for? First, do your research and choose a reliable banking partner offering a multi-currency forex card. Then visit their website and apply for one!


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