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How to Apply for Dubai Visa | Visits Visa

How to Apply for Dubai Visa | Visits Visa

Dubai is a nation that values innovation, tourism, and dreams. In the United Arab Emirates, on the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai is located at the edge of a desert. It is one of the wealthiest emirates among the 7 emirates. Every year more than 5 Million tourist visit Dubai, which offers visit to world’s largest aquariums, humongous shopping malls, the Burj Khalifa and many more sites. Applying Dubai Visa online is not big task now a days you need to login website and apply there in easy steps.

All that is required to visit Dubai, is a Visa. There are 4 different types of Dubai Visa:

1)      Tourist Visa: A tourist visa is a type of visa that enables holders to visit a Dubai with the intention of travelling and remaining there for a defined period of time.

2)      Transit Visa: Individuals who are in transit between two locations and want to continue their travels by going through Dubai are granted transit visas.

3)      Student Visa: Students who are pursuing academic studies in Dubai and who are enrolled in programmes offering foreign language instruction are eligible for student visas.

4)      Business Visa: People who are travelling from one country to Dubai for business and are involved in various business activities in terms of job and employment are eligible for business visas.

There are different Tourist visa types depending on the number of days you are planning to visit Dubai:

·         14 Days Dubai Tourist eVisa Single Entry

This is a single entry and single exit visa valid for 58 days. This kind of Visa is non-extendable and this will cost Rs 6000.


·         30 Days Dubai Tourist eVisa Single Entry

This is a 30 Days single entry and single exit visa which is valid for 58 days from the date of insurance. This visa will cost a person Rs 9000.


·         30 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

This Visa is valid for 58 days and multiple entry tourist visa suitable for people visiting for business, seminars & exhibitions, or a vacation and transit. This usually cost Rs 17,500.


·         60 Days Dubai Tourist Visa with Medical Insurance (Covid)

This is a type of visa is used by people for who are regular visitors and gives you provision to stay upto 60 days. The visa validity is 58 days and a 60 days Dubai tourist visa will cost around Rs 25000.

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Eligibility criteria for Dubai Visa

·         A valid passport with at least 6 months validity, bank statements of last 6 months and valid photographs. All these needs to be scanned only via visa processing system. Once all the documents are checked, each paper is stamped with a special mark indicating the completion of the scanning process.

·         A return ticket from Dubai according to the visa expiration. If the return booking is not within Visa expiry date, you are not eligible.

·         Anyone with a medical condition should have a valid doctor's prescription that states that they are willing to travel while taking their medication.


Process of Dubai Visa

The Dubai Visa process follows three simple steps:

1)      First thing that needs to be done is, filling out an online application form on the official website. Once form is submitted you will be redirected to the payment of the Visa page. You need to make the payment and take the receipt for the same.

2)      The second step is the Visa processing, once the payment is done. The visa is being processed, which usually takes 2-3 business days where all the submitted documents, application form and the payment is being verified.

3)      The last step is which includes the delivery of the visa via mail. All you need to do is take a print of your visa, laminate it and get ready to fly to Dubai.


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