Is Binance Trustworthy as crypto speculates political hit while Steals the Spotlight? : The Tribune India

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Is Binance Trustworthy as crypto speculates political hit while Steals the Spotlight?

Is Binance Trustworthy as crypto speculates political hit while Steals the Spotlight?

Google, Apple, And The Political Threats To Crypto: Is Binance TrustWorthy? Try Signuptoken.Com, Ecoterra

Is Binance trustworthy? - A question that is almost natural as the exchange continues to make the headlines. The world’s leading crypto exchange has faced regulatory issues, security threats, and even political battles. Yet, it stands tall and strong at the helm of crypto exchanges. But should you consider it a safe platform?

Coinbase’s CTO has raised some crazy question on the overall crypto market that has put the industry in suspense about the efficiency of its own security system. This includes Binance too.

Bitcoin is an expensive asset. Having more bitcoins automatically means you have more money. More funds for your political campaign mean more reach which conveniently translates to more votes.

Nowadays, almost everyone uses Google, and those who don’t, probably have an iPhone. How hard is it for Google and Apple to extract your Bitcoin wallet’s private key? Not a problem at all, we’ll tell you that. As warned by Coinbase’s former CTO, Balaji Srinivasan, political parties of bankrupt governments may try to compel Google and Apple to extract private keys of rich Bitcoin wallets. Scary!

What does this mean for upcoming promising projects like and Ecoterra? Both these projects are booming in their presale stage. Should you invest in them or be scared that these tokens may also be liable to security threats? Let’s find out!

Will Google And Apple Become Political Puppets?

In the upcoming years, should the possession of sufficient bitcoin emerge as a critical political concern, destitute governments might resort to devising strategies to acquire a portion of individuals' cryptocurrency. How do we doubt this could happen? Balaji Srinivasan, the former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Coinbase, a renowned crypto exchange, has warned about this on his Twitter account.

Although executing a conventional 51% attack through mining presently poses a considerable challenge for the United States, it could potentially exert pressure on influential tech giants such as Apple and Google to engage in an unprecedented pursuit of private keys within their servers, devices, and browsers. The intent behind this would be to appropriate any pilfered funds and redirect them toward a cash-strapped federal government, as Srinivasan conveyed in a tweet on Friday.

Srinivasan went on to elaborate that this is not a mere act of cyberterrorism, but a full-fledged cyberwar. It transcends the scope of an isolated hacker clandestinely procuring a single file. Rather, it encompasses the situation where the CEO of a company issues a lawful command to breach the security of their own customers. He cited the distressing events that unfolded in the spring of 2022, wherein numerous technology companies betrayed their former patrons, resulting in the plight of millions of Russians. Additionally, he speculated on a potential target for such actions, proposing the involvement of billions of iPhones, Android phones, Mac laptops, Chrome browsers, as well as Google Docs and Gmail. Furthermore, he contemplated the possibility of China replicating a similar scenario through collaboration with Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

While Apple and Google can be touched by the governments, Binance has no role to play in this political clash. Yes, Binance has its own problems and issues. Westpac has banned transactions with Binance, and the exchange’s branch in Australia lost access to its Aussie Dollar payment routes 3 days ago for a short period. However, extracting private keys? Binance won’t do that. Hence, the answer to the question, ‘Is Binance trustworthy?’, is probably yes. 

Are Ecoterra, and Crypto Threatened?

Yes, the political spear that is held against the crypto world is concerning. Even a little threatening.

But, it is not something that can wreak havoc and bring down the industry altogether. For starters, do you think there won’t be any repercussions for the defunct governments that try to perform unethical deeds? Obviously, there will be!

Moreover, do you think Apple and Google will bend against a government that is low on money when these tech giants are a worldwide phenomenon? Does not seem likely at all!

Anybody who is taking up this task will not look to acquire cryptos other than BTC. Why have a mix when only one asset can set you up for life? Logically, even if the broken-down governments try, they will not be able the penetrate the safety of the crypto world that wraps around the ecosystem of and Ecoterra.

While everyone knows at this point, if you are unaware, read on!

Signuptoken.Com: A Crypto Prelaunch With No Presale, a new player in the cryptocurrency market, has a strong focus on ensuring secure and encrypted transactions. The platform is committed to creating a safe and transparent environment for investors, implementing a strict no-presale policy, and incorporating a double encryption feature. This approach is aimed at establishing trust and providing users with a reliable platform. adopts a milestone-based launch strategy, which demonstrates its dedication to engaging with the community and building a strong user base. The platform also offers a referral program, further emphasizing its commitment to user involvement and participation. By prioritizing security and privacy, strives to offer a promising solution in the cryptocurrency market.

The platform's primary objective is to protect the privacy and security of its investors. It achieves this through a double encryption feature, ensuring that all transactions undergo a two-layer encryption process. This rigorous encryption process guarantees the confidentiality and security of user data, enhancing the overall user experience.

Final Words

In conclusion, the potential threat posed by political manipulation from Apple and Google to the crypto industry is indeed concerning. However, it is unlikely to do some real damage to the industry. While Binance may have its own challenges, the question, ‘Is Binance trustworthy?’, is rather baseless as the exchange can not access your private key!

Moreover, the safety measures implemented by platforms like and Ecoterra offer a robust defense against breaches., in particular, stands out with its secure and encrypted transactions, milestone-based launch strategy, and commitment to user privacy and security through double encryption.

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