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Our Guide to an Effortless Online Insurance Claim

Our Guide to an Effortless Online Insurance Claim

Online Two-Wheeler and Car Insurance: How to Streamline Your Claim Process in Minutes

Navigating the maze of insurance claims can seem as daunting as navigating through the bustling streets of a metropolitan city during peak hours. Knowing the shortcuts can make your drive smoother, and being prepared and understanding your auto insurance claim process can streamline your journey to claim settlements. This blog is your comprehensive guide on streamlining your claim process for two-wheeler and new car insurance online, ensuring you reach your destination - a smooth claim settlement - without any hassles.

Understanding Your Policy

Navigating the labyrinth of auto insurance can seem daunting. The first step is understanding your policy. There are mainly three types of policies you might come across: third-party liability coverage, comprehensive plans, and personal accident cover.

Third-party liability coverage is the basic, legally-mandated protection that covers damages to other individuals or property caused by your vehicle. Comprehensive plans go a step further, safeguarding your vehicle against theft, natural disasters, and accidents, while a personal accident cover protects you, the driver.

Read your policy document thoroughly to understand what's covered and what's not. Do not be disheartened by complex jargon and endless conditions. ACKO's policy documents are straightforward and easy to understand, taking the guesswork out of the equation. Hence, new car insurance or two-wheeler insurance documents are easy to read.

Prepping for a Claim

A sudden mishap on the road, and there it is - a scenario demanding a claim on your new car insurance. Knowing your policy's details will be your beacon during such unforeseen events. Document the accident effectively - capture the incident through photographs, jot down notes of the sequence of events, and gather witness statements if possible. Time is of the essence after an accident; therefore, inform your insurer immediately. With 24/7 access to their services, providers like ACKO make this process considerably easier.

Initiating a Claim with Your Insurer

Initiating a claim with your insurer for new car insurance or two wheeler insurance online is easier than you think. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Log into Your Account: Your journey begins with ACKO’s website or mobile app.
  2. Navigate to the "Claims" Section: Look for the "Claims" tab on the dashboard. Click on it to start your claim process.
  3. Fill in Necessary Details: You would need to provide some critical information such as policy number, date and time of the incident, description of the damage, and whether any third party was involved.
  4. Upload Supporting Documents: Depending on your situation, you might need to upload documents like a copy of your driving license, an FIR copy (if applicable), and photographs of the damaged vehicle.

You must provide accurate and complete information while initiating a claim so that it can be processed smoothly and swiftly.

Post-claim Process: Survey and Repair

Once your claim is registered with your insurance provider, the next step in the process is the survey. The insurer appoints a surveyor to assess the damage to your vehicle. This could happen at the site of the accident, a designated garage, or sometimes even through photographs sent online. The surveyor's job is to determine and validate the extent of damage and estimate the amount required for repair.

Based on this assessment, your insurance company decides whether to proceed with repairs, replacements, or cash reimbursements. For instance, if you've just purchased new car insurance and met with an unfortunate mishap leading to minor scratches on your vehicle, the company might approve repairs at a network garage. However, if the damage is severe and repair costs exceed the present value of your car, they might decide on a total loss settlement.

ACKO stands out with its direct-to-consumer model. Skipping intermediaries like agents or brokers allows ACKO to keep operational costs low and pass these savings to customers. This makes your claim experience not just hassle-free but also cost-effective.

Settling the Claim

When faced with a vehicular accident or damage, the next crucial step is settling your claim. The insurance company considers several factors including the extent of damage, type of policy, depreciation factor, and deductible to calculate your settlement amount. Note that the calculation process can vary for each insurer.

Key Points to Remember While Making an Online Claim

Here are some key tips:

  1. Timely Renewal: You cannot claim benefits from an expired policy.
  2. Policy Details: Keep handy all necessary documents and details of your new car insurance or two wheeler insurance online while filing a claim.
  3. Personal Accident Cover Details: Ensure that you include this in your claim process.
  4. Reporting Incident Immediately: Report any accidents or damages immediately to the insurer and file a claim immediately.


Streamlining your claim process can be as easy as riding your two-wheeler down a traffic-free road, or cruising in your new car on a smooth highway. The key is to understand your policy, know the procedures, and choose an insurer like ACKO that promises simplicity, transparency, and speed. So why wait? Head over to ACKO's platform today for a seamless journey into the world of online two-wheeler and car insurance.





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