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The Crypto Code Reviews - Is WaveBot Toolkit Legit Crypto Trading Software or Fake Hype?

The Crypto Code Reviews - Is WaveBot Toolkit Legit Crypto Trading Software or Fake Hype?

Gaining profits from crypto investments requires a deeper understanding of the crypto market and utilizing ideal tools and strategies. Novice investors must learn about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and market trends. In addition, diversifying the portfolio across different cryptocurrencies, determining the risk tolerance, and seeking advice from professionals with experience in the crypto market can lead to profitability. Considering expert strategies in the crypto market mitigates the inherent risks and unpredictable losses.

The Crypto Code webinar teaches you how to generate returns on investment in the crypto market. The online workshop combines various resources from entrepreneurs and professionals. Consumers access essential tools and strategies that aid investors in analyzing trends and making profits. This review delves into the crypto market and the significance of the Crypto Code.

What Is the Crypto Code?

The Crypto Code is a webinar designed by Joel and Adam. It’s an automated online workshop that enables consumers to gain profits despite fluctuations in the market. In addition, it allows novice and expert investors to make profits in turbulent times based on vital strategies and crypto tools. Consumers can sign up for free and go through sessions weekly.

Consumers find precise instructions on how to set up Wavebot and access step-by-step tutorials on various strategies and lessons in the crypto market. In addition, joining the private membership enables consumers to access live events and forums where they can interact and find support on the crypto market. According to Joel and Adam, consumers continually profit in the crypto market despite fluctuations by learning when to sell or buy tokens.

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Who Are the Creators of the Crypto Code?

Joel and Adam are the creators of the webinar. Joel Peterson has been in the crypto market since 2013, when he began with the first bitcoin mining farms. Peterson is also a founder of crypto education and a researcher. In addition, he owns a software company with over 40 staff globally.

On the other hand, Adam Short joined the crypto market 20 years ago at one of the world’s pioneer companies in search engines. Since 2017, he has been in the market and has gained mastery in analyzing market trends and identifying promising crypto projects to invest in.

What’s the Webinar’s Composition

The online workshop will cover the following:

The Wavebot Toolkit

Wavebot is a revolutionary technology utilized on autopilot to generate profits. The creator has provided simplified step-by-step instructions for consumers to set up the campaign within an hour or two. Consumers are also provided with a step-by-step tutorial on how Wavebot works and 20 favorite coins to start the campaign with individual income. No technical experience is required in setting up Wavebot, and the creator claims numerous novice users across the globe have successfully joined the program.

Premium Trade Alerts

The creator channels real-time and ideal crypto investment ideas to the consumer’s account. In addition, the creator claims that the alerts are tested under 5-step scrutiny to reveal accurate notifications beforehand and for maximum gains. Some picks include BabyDoge (5/30/2021) with a 625,000% gain, Lido (7/13/2022) with a 226% gain, and many more.

Crypto Deep Dive Training

It’s a course suitable for investors who want to advance their cryptocurrency skills. The comprehensive video guide includes 40 ‘over the shoulder’ video lessons that expound and simplify the crypto market. In addition, the course showcases some of the best strategies to benefit from the crypto market. Some of the lessons learned in the Crypto Deep Dive course include the following:

  • Essentials of the crypto market, including its history, how and why it was designed, and its societal impact in the future.
  • Blockchain and smart contracts functionality and reasons behind its revolutionary nature.
  • An explanation of crypto hardware and software wallets, their functionalities, and the most preferred.
  • How to identify legitimate crypto tokens with an upward growth trajectory and avoid scams.
  • How to purchase and sell cryptocurrency via centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  • How to join new projects at early stages and reap explosive gains.
  • Ideal passive income strategies in the crypto market include farming, automated trading software, and staking.
  • Safety and security measures in the crypto market to avoid scams and hacks in safeguarding profits.
  • Additional strategies include mining and nodes, micro and midcap investing, DeFi swaps, NFTs, and more.
  • How to keep the profits gained and build long-term wealth in the crypto market.

The Crypto Mastermind

Consumers gain access to the exclusive community and learning platform for members. One directly interacts with Joel and Adam’s team of experts willing to assist with any challenges. In addition, the platform combines various avenues for support and coaching, including:

  • A member-only forum where consumers reach out to experts and people with similar ideas for progress.
  • A real-time and private chat system for interaction, support, and coaching.
  • Helpdesk support experts

Crypto Secrets Livestream Bootcamp

Acquiring membership is a guarantee for free access to the creators’ livestream event, which incorporates the following:

How Does the Crypto Code Work?

The Crypto Code webinar allows consumers to learn how the Wavebot crypto software works to make profits despite fluctuations. The software predicts the right time to sell or buy tokens. Locking a spot in the online workshop ensures consumers have access to strategies and tools that aid in gaining considerable profits in the crypto market.

In addition, consumers access real-time premium trade alerts and secrets from the livestream boot camp to remain on top of the game. The crypto software also makes predictions on the tokens and saves consumers the time to analyze the market. Joel and Adam have also showcased their crypto portfolio on the webinar. As a result, consumers can access all the cryptocurrencies invested by experts and learn their tricks.

Purchasing the Crypto Code

Consumers can pay and access the webinar on the official website. Investors can subscribe to the Crypto Code private membership for $1,997 and gain access to free online education, community forums, essential tools, and ongoing support. In addition, consumers pay a monthly fee of $97. Consumers can also make payments with bitcoins and instantly lock their spot on the webinar.


Upon purchasing the digital crypto guide, consumers get additional bonuses, including:

Bonus #1: Crypto Secrets Bootcamp Full Recordings

Consumers can access video recordings of incredible tips, strategies, and ideas. The recordings can be accessed via mobile devices or computers through internet connectivity. In addition, consumers can join the live event or review the information.

Bonus #2: The VIP Portfolio Pass

Consumers gain access to Joel and Adam’s crypto portfolio and view the coins they hold. In addition, one gets real-time notifications on when to sell or add tokens to their portfolio. There’s also a pie chart that shows the value of each token. Joel and Adam have invested millions of dollars in the crypto market. Their portfolio enables consumers to safeguard their investments and maximize gains by following their strategies.

Bonus #3: Profit Signal 2.0

The creator complements consumers with a suite of proprietary TradeView indicators. This enables consumers to determine the ideal time to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. As a result, the guide eliminates the hassle of analyzing charts and holding tokens for a long and watching them crash. In addition, the tool analyzes various market factors and provides real-time data on crypto sales.

Bonus #4: prediction Bot Beta

The creator provides consumers with a software tool that aids in crypto predictions. This tool allows consumers to lock profits and address any loopholes in the matrix. It’s termed the “Loophole Strategy” as it generates 2-5 times returns every 5 minutes.

How Much Can You Make After Joining the Webinar?

According to the official webpage, consumers can continuously reap benefits by using automated crypto trading software. Wavebot efficiently analyzes the crypto market and determines the right time to sell or buy tokens, ensuring consumers gain from the unpredictable market. In addition, it identifies the inherent risks and predicts the outcomes in the market.

Implementing the software ensures one consistently makes profits effortlessly. Joel and Adam claim that those with limited skills can launch the crypto software on autopilot and gain 2 to 5 times returns. However, based on the volatility of cryptocurrency, there’s no precise value predicted as returns.


Crypto Code is a suitable online workshop that combines crypto strategies and tools that enable investors to gain more profits. The creators, Joel and Adam, showcase their portfolios and strategies in the crypto market and reveal secrets on how to make profits despite fluctuations. In addition, the webinar provides novice investors in the crypto industry with ideas on when to sell or buy their tokens and how to avoid losses.

Joining the online workshop enables consumers to access alerts and interactive forums to find support on the crypto market trends. The crypto software makes predictions and draws the analysis of the market, enabling investors to make informed decisions. In addition, consumers can instantly access additional bonuses upon payment via the official website.

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