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The Most Common Online Casino Titles

The Most Common Online Casino Titles

There’s a plentiful selection of casino websites online. Players will register on one or many platforms to enjoy their features. They are plentiful too.

Each operator offers many entertaining features. An enticing offer or promotion gets the attention of many players. But other factors play important roles.

Casino fans visit these platforms knowing their preferred payment methods are available. It eases deposits and withdrawals allowing them to focus on playing games.

Moreover, players decide on a platform when they know their data is secure. Effective customer service is vital to establishing trust between them and the operator. When these boxes are ticked, players focus on the games.

Just like video games get attention via positive impact, casino games get attention from casino fans. They’re the reasons they visit a casino platform and the reasons they register there.

Operators have abundant game selections on their websites. They offer the classics, but they mix it up by offering several versions from different providers. They might add some specialty titles too.

Every casual casino player comes across a common mix of casino games. Below are several such types of titles.

Specialty Games

Most casino sites like to give players a break from the usual mixture of games. So, they offer specialty games. These aren’t the titles, players typically go for.

The specialty games section can be big or small, depending on the operator. Some of the most common specialty titles include bingo, keno, scratchcards, Aviator, Plinko, and other titles.

Bingo is a classic game outside the casino realm. However, some casino fans prefer playing it on their favorite platforms. To accommodate them, operators offer several bingo variants.

These include 80, 90, and 75-ball bingo, speed bingo, and more. Scratchcards are another type of popular specialty game. They are virtual cards players scratch in an attempt to land a prize. In short, they’re virtual versions of their physical counterparts.

Aviator is another popular game in the specialty section. There are many Aviator game online casinos that help players try something different. The game focuses on a flying plane that can fly away any second. The player needs to bet correctly and get their money before this happens.

The game comes with various multipliers. The longer the plane flies, the higher the multiplier, and the higher the bet. In other words, in an exciting game with lots of potential.

Plinko is another popular specialty game that has nothing to do with casino titles. It involves a board, some pins, and balls. The balls fall through the pins and land in the holes at the bottom.

The bottom holes come with multipliers. The goal is to land as many balls as possible. Aside from these games, operators might feature other specialty games.


Any casino gamer will tell you that they’ve rarely seen an online casino without slots. These are some of the most popular casinos to date. They are the virtual counterparts of slot machines.

Modern slots come in many shapes and sizes because slot providers get creative. They experiment with various themes and features to create the next big slot title.

When it comes to themes, slots feature some historical cultures. Ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece, and other countries frequently inspire slot games. The mythology of the period is always ripe for slot themes.

Alternatively, they can turn to popular motion pictures such as films and TV shows. For example, there are a couple of titles focusing on superheroes like the Avengers, Batman, Superman, and others.

Popular TV shows like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad have their slot titles. Aside from themes, slots have enticing features.

The features include a bunch of symbols. Some are regular while others are special. The special ones trigger the game features.

For example, Wilds typically replace other symbols in a combination. Scatters usually activate free spins features. In addition, there might be other special symbols.

Mystery symbols turn into other symbols to make a match. Bonus symbols trigger bonus features and mini-games. Slot players will also get multipliers, different types of reels, jackpots, and more.

In other words, slot games are brimming with features. They’re the most exciting games on any casino platform.

Table Games

When you think of classic casino titles, you’re thinking of table games. Most are card games that were popular back in the day.

For example, poker is a frequently present game in any casino game section. Each operator features several versions of the title. There are Omaha Hi-Lo, Texas Hold’em, video poker, and other types available.

Players can enjoy it for free and practice their skills to become some of the greats. Alternatively, they can play the real-money version and add a bonus or two.

Aside from poker, players will come across many blackjack versions. The table game section will also cover popular games like roulette, craps, baccarat, and more.

Operators will feature several table game providers to keep the table games section interesting. Moreover, they’ll keep the game selection fresh by adding new games from time to time.

Live Dealer Games

Table games are more fun for some players when they enjoy them together, with a human dealer. To accommodate them, operators have a comprehensive live casino section. Most of the titles there are live table games.

So, players get to enjoy roulette, blackjack, poker, and other common titles. Aside from them, they’ll get to play some game shows. For instance, they might enjoy some of the versions of Wheel of Fortune.

Live games are there to give casino fans the human touch via virtual connection. Also, they give them a nuanced approach to enjoying casino games. In short, they’re fun titles to play.

Bottom Line

Casino operators have many interesting features on their platforms. However, games are the ones that get the most attention. Slots make up the larger portion of most game selections.

Table games join them and so does a live casino section. Specialty games are also parts of the mix. Together they make the most common online casino titles.

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