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Top 10 Benefits of Purchasing Car Insurance Online for New Car Owners

Top 10 Benefits of Purchasing Car Insurance Online for New Car Owners

Traditional methods of obtaining car insurance can be time-consuming, involving lengthy paperwork and complex jargon that might leave you perplexed. With the advent of digital technology, you can quickly secure new car insurance online from the comfort of your home or even on-the-go!

This user-friendly method not only saves time but also empowers you with valuable information at your fingertips, making you an informed buyer. It paves the way for a journey that is easy to navigate. With online insurance, deciphering complex terms and conditions becomes as simple as understanding road signs. Here are the top 10 benefits of purchasing car insurance online for new car owners.

Ease of Comparison

The digital revolution has made our lives easier, and the same holds true when buying new car insurance. You can compare multiple insurance policies at the click of a button. There are easy-to-use comparison tools that list various offerings side-by-side. This makes it easier to compare premiums, add-ons, and key policy features. You no longer have to manually go through each policy's fine print or wait on lengthy customer service calls. You will be able to save yourself time and potential expenses.

Savings Galore with Best Deals

One of the major benefits of purchasing car insurance online is the potential savings due to competitive pricing. Insurance providers are constantly striving to offer the best deals to attract customers. If two providers provide similar coverage but at different prices, you will save by choosing the one that charges less by purchasing your policy online.


Purchasing car insurance online requires minimal documentation.

If you have bought a new car and are looking for suitable insurance, log in to ACKO’s website and secure your comprehensive car insurance within minutes without having to upload any physical documents. all you will need is your vehicle’s registration number and a few personal details.

The Convenience Factor

Online insurance services including ACKO are available round-the-clock. This is an absolute lifesaver for busy professionals who struggle to squeeze in mundane tasks within their gruelling work schedule.

Imagine having an exhaustive day at work, followed by a late-night conference call with overseas clients. The day ends, and you remember - you need to renew your car insurance policy. With traditional methods, you would be stranded. But thanks to online insurance platforms, you can purchase your policy instantly, even in the middle of the night.

Instant Policies, Instant Protection

What if you planned a road trip right after getting a new car? Traditional methods of obtaining an insurance policy could take days. But with online platforms like ACKO's two wheeler insurance online or car insurance, in just 2 minutes flat, your brand-new vehicle is protected.

Easy Credibility Check

The digital world has made it easy for us to cross-check credibility. You can visit forums, and check reviews and ratings for every insurer on your list.

ACKO has established itself as a trustworthy provider in India’s auto insurance market because of its transparent processes and unwavering dedication towards customer satisfaction.

Guaranteed Genuine Policies

Purchasing your car insurance online is as legitimate as buying it offline, if not more so. Every insurance provider in India operates under the stringent vigilance of regulatory bodies like the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). The IRDAI ensures that all insurance policies, both offline and online, are genuine. It sets strict policy issuance and claim settlement standards, protecting policyholders from fraudulent practices.

Expertise Not Required: Self-Explanatory Process

The world of auto insurance can be intimidating with its myriad terms and conditions. Online insurance platforms have revolutionised the process by simplifying jargon and making processes more straightforward. ACKO's user-friendly interface makes purchasing two-wheeler insurance online as easy as buying a book or ordering food. The site presents all the necessary information in clear, simple language, guiding you through the process.

Tailor-Made Add-ons For Your Needs

Online platforms allow you to customise your new car insurance with add-ons that cater to your specific needs. Providers offer various add-ons like zero depreciation cover, engine protection cover, roadside assistance cover, personal accident cover etc., making your policy truly personalised. With ACKO's comprehensive range of add-ons, you can hit the road with absolute peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is covered for all eventualities.

Mandatory Personal Accident Cover Sorted

When acquiring new car insurance, it is crucial to remember the mandatory personal accident (PA) cover. This requirement by the IRDAI offers an assured benefit in the event of an accident leading to disability or death. ACKO's personal accident cover ensures you have this vital coverage taken care of, providing peace of mind for those unforeseen mishaps on your journey.


Navigating the bustling streets of India with your brand-new car is an exhilarating experience. Enhance this journey by securing your prized possession with new car insurance, purchased online for a seamless, efficient process. The manifold benefits - from personalised plans to hassle-free claim settlements - make it an indispensable tool for new vehicle owners. Explore the smooth and speedy insurance purchase experience at ACKO which offers comprehensive coverage tailored just for you, at competitive rates.





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