Twista and Seraphina Sanan Shatter Musical Boundaries with "Nothing": A Rap-Rock Revolution" : The Tribune India

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Twista and Seraphina Sanan Shatter Musical Boundaries with "Nothing": A Rap-Rock Revolution"

Twista and Seraphina Sanan Shatter Musical Boundaries with

Chicago's own Twista, a rap virtuoso celebrated for delivering unforgettable lyrics by showcasing his chopper style of rapping, has collaborated with the prodigious Indian rock artist Seraphina Sanan on a pioneering Rap/Metal music video titled "Nothing" released by Universal Music. This synergistic effort showcases Twista's adaptive artistry and his inclination towards musical innovation, reinforcing his illustrious status in the hip-hop world with eclectic hits like "Overnight Celebrity" and the Grammy-nominated "Slow Jamz" alongside Kayne West and Jamie Foxx. Today, he is a dynamic force in shaping the contemporary music landscape with his experimental streak and is still considered the fastest MC alive.

Meanwhile, Seraphina Sanan, at only 15 years of age, is carving a niche for herself in the rock milieu. Her passionate dedication to music production and composition has honed her genre-melding prowess, a talent that shines brightly in her collaboration with Twista. Her music is not just a blend of diverse influences but also a platform for addressing urgent social themes, resonating with the energy of rock and the depth of metal. Seraphina's debut track "Left It All Behind" hit #8 on the DRT Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Charts, channeling Queen's legendary style. It was the first of six tracks produced by NI Music Group, shifting from themes of heartbreak to the trials of youth. As Seraphina's career takes flight, her distinctive approach and courage in confronting intricate topics herald her as a powerful new voice of her generation. Industry stalwarts, including Twista and Toxic of Toxic Productions, have recognized her burgeoning potential.

"Collaborating with a titan like Twista was surreal," reveals Seraphina. "Both metal and rap are fearless in addressing intense subjects. My previous single leaned more towards pop rock, but "Nothing" displays my versatility, drawing from my cherished rock and metal reservoirs."

For both Twista and Seraphina, this creative combination has been a journey of artistic growth. Seraphina has long revered Twista's contribution to the hip-hop culture, and this venture has allowed her to integrate the narrative potency of rhyming with the visceral force of metal. Twista, in turn, values the innovative insights of nascent talents like Seraphina, and through such partnerships, he demonstrates his dedication to nurturing the music industry's evolution.

"Nothing" is a testament to the harmonious blend of rap's rhythm with metal's raw edge, which introduces a fresh synergy to both genres. Together, Twista and Seraphina deep dive into the storyline of courage and what it takes to stand up to verbal, emotional, and mental abuse from a loved one — and realize at some point, only the strong gain the courage to recognize that enough is enough and no one should have the power to use words to make you feel like you are "nothing." Captured in Chicago by the visual expertise of Twin Voyage Production, this video, along with additional content and forthcoming releases, is available on multiple streaming services.

Seraphina Sanan's "Nothing” featuring Twista is available on all streaming platforms, and the official music video viewed on YouTube. Fans can track Seraphina's artistic journey, gaining a glimpse into her behind-the-scenes process @SeraphinaSanan on TikTok and Instagram, where she frequently posts exclusive content and stay up-to-date on future endeavors through her website


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