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Why Do Your Parents Need Health Insurance?

Why Do Your Parents Need Health Insurance?

No matter what your age is, health insurance plans are beneficial for everyone. However, it is even more so for the elderly. As they become more susceptible to old-age-related health problems they may require frequent hospitalisations. To protect your parents' savings from the rising healthcare costs, what you can do is opt for your parents health insurance plan.

This article discusses some of the major reasons to buy health insurance for your parents, how to choose the right insurance for them, and other necessary details concerning this.

Why Do Your Parents Need Health Insurance?

Following are some of the most compelling reasons to buy health insurance for your parents:

1.     No Need to Compromise with Healthcare

With the spiralling healthcare costs, cutting corners on treatments, doctor visits, and tests are usual for many people. Your parents can access the best healthcare with good health insurance.

2.     Constantly Rising Healthcare Costs

With inflation and constantly advancing medical technology, the healthcare expenses have skyrocketed. Health insurance can protect parents from exceedingly higher medical bills.

3.     Increasing Vulnerability to Age-Related Conditions

Be it arthritis, diabetes, cataracts, or hypertension, older individuals become more susceptible to these age-related issues that require regular medications and treatment. Insurance can bear the expenses and save your parents from a lot of stress.

4.     Peace of Mind for the Entire Family

The reassurance that parents can solely focus on recovery and no financial matters is invaluable. Thus, comprehensive health insurance coverage can ensure peace of mind for other family members too.

5.     Protection of Retirement Savings       

It is not uncommon when one stroke of a health crisis wipes out one's lifetime of retirement savings. Parents’ health insurance is the essential key to stopping this from happening.

How To Choose the Right Insurance for Your Parents?

To care for your parents in their later years one of the most significant steps you can take is to look for the best health insurance online to purchase. Here is how to choose the right one for them:

1.     Assess the Health Needs of Your Parents

To obtain the correct type of insurance and level of coverage for your parents you should have a clear idea of their pre-existing health conditions and current health status.

2.     Consider the Budget

Consider how much you can pay monthly, quarterly or yearly as a premium. Premiums can vary widely, so try to find a balance between cost and coverage.

3.     Check How Much Coverage a Plan Offers

Carefully go through what the plans cover and if the coverage is ample for the current health conditions (and the pre-existing ones) of your parents.

4.     Check Its Exclusions

Checking the inclusions only is not enough. You should also go through all the exclusions to find out if something crucial to your parents is being left out.

5.     Look for the Network of Hospitals

You have to make sure that the insurer has a lot of hospitals in their network and several of them should be near the location of your parents’ residence.

6.     Understand the Waiting Period

When you compare plans, compare their waiting periods for pre-existing conditions. Give priority to the plan that has a shorter waiting period.

7.     Pay Attention to the Sub-Limit and Co-Payment Clauses

Co-payments need policyholders to have a share in the medical expenses and sub-limits cut down on the maximum amount you can claim on particular services. Choose a policy keeping these in mind.  

8.     Look for Riders

Many insurance plans come with optional riders like accidental or critical illness coverage. Consider whether those will help your parents in any way.

9.     Consider Renewal Age Limit

To ensure your parents enjoy the plan's coverage in their old age you must opt for plans that come with lifelong renewability.

10.Read Reviews

Apart from seeking advice and recommendations from your friends, family, relatives, and colleagues, what you should do is read online reviews about insurance companies to make a decision.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the Mediclaim Policy for Parents?

Now that you know what to look for while choosing parents’ health insurance you should know the general eligibility criteria:

  • Age Requirement: Parents between the ages of 18 and 65
  • Financial Independence: Income proof and other relevant financial documents
  • Relationship Status: Legal relationship with the parents
  • Medical Check-up: Current health status of parents aged between 45 to 50

The Bottom Line

Having parents’ health insurance is a crucial step in safeguarding their well-being and financial stability. It offers peace of mind, access to quality healthcare, and protection against rising medical costs, and allows them to focus on their health without financial worries. Prioritise their future by investing in their health today.

To get affordable premium options with attractive features and benefits on your health insurance policy, contact ACKO.




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