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Why Soaking Almonds is Important by Ministry of Nuts

Why Soaking Almonds is Important by Ministry of Nuts

Almonds have always been a staple in the Indian diet, cherished for their numerous health benefits. Remember those early childhood days when your parents would lovingly hand you a handful of these crunchy delights? 

Why Should We Soak and Peel Almonds before Eating?

Many people wonder why they should soak Almonds before consuming them. Some individuals may have a nut allergy that may experience skin rashes after eating Almonds. However, there is a simple solution to this problem. It is recommended to have Activated Almonds by soaking them in water for at least 7 hours and then peeling off their skin before consuming them.

  • Easy To Digest

Almonds contain enzyme inhibitors & tannins that can make them hard to digest. Soaking Almonds breaks down these inhibitors making them easier on the digestive system. 

  • Absorption Of Minerals

Activation also reduces phytic acid improving the body’s ability to absorb essential minerals.

Ministry Of Nuts’ California Almonds

With so many brands to choose from, it is difficult to find the premium-quality almonds with hygienic packaging in stores.

The Ministry Of Nuts offers premium quality California Almonds in three different quantity packs. Their Almonds are available in 1kg Container, 500g Pack, and 200g Pack. The price range starts from just Rs. 299.

Unique Characteristics Of Ministry Of Nuts’ California Almonds

  • Imported From California

Sourced from California's finest farms, Ministry Of Nuts' almonds ensure top-notch quality.

  • Consistent Premium Quality

Rigorous quality checks and meticulous hand-sorting in their warehouse guarantee each almond is spotless and unbroken.

  • Non-Pareil Variety

Non-Pareil Almond is a soft-shell variety with uniform-shaped kernels. Their surface is smooth and light blond. Their taste is mildly sweet.

  • Promoting Woman Empowerment

Women employees handle the entire hand-sorting process for California Almonds.

Nutrition In California Almonds

Almonds have the most Vitamin E and Riboflavin compared to other nuts. One ounce of Almonds has 50% of the Daily Value of Vitamin E. They have fewer calories and saturated fats. A serving of Almonds has 162 Calories, 15g of Healthy Fats, 6g of Protein, and 3g of Fiber. 

What Makes California Almonds Kings Of Nuts? Almonds aid in muscle repair post-exercise —no wonder, why Athletes include them in their regular diet. 

Almonds are beneficial for the skin. They contain Healthy Fatty Acids and Vitamin E, which helps in the nourishment of the skin. Additionally, they’re rich in L-carnitine and Riboflavin. These nutrients promote brain cell growth.

How To Enjoy Ministry Of Nuts’ California Almonds?

Wondering how to indulge in these crunchy Almonds? Whether you nibble on them as a guilt-free snack, blend them into creamy almond milk, or sprinkle them atop your favourite desserts, the options are endless!

Here's a quick tip! If you want to gain weight, try an Almond banana smoothie or freeze Almonds with dark chocolate for a delicious snack.

Get Snacking!

Check out the Ministry of Nuts on Instagram for healthy snacking options and to learn more about the goodness of California almonds.

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