Jalandhar Cantt SHO’s video seeking VIP treatment at GPO goes viral

The official had gone there to get his Aadhaar updated

Jalandhar Cantt SHO’s video seeking VIP treatment at GPO goes viral

Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, August 1

Demanding immediate attention from the staff without availing a token at the General Post Office to get his Aadhaar updated two days ago has cost Cantt SHO Rampal dearly.

A video shot by a local resident present at the post office that shows the SHO seeking VIP treatment has gone viral. The video was shot by Kirti Sharma and uploaded on Facebook, where she won accolades for exposing the attitude of the cop.

In the video, Sharma asks the cop if he had availed a token, to which he responds that he had sought appointment a day before. He says that he had come the day before, too, but had to go back as the service was closed after 2 pm. Sharma asks him repeatedly to show his tokens issued for the day, telling him that everyone wanting to avail the service has to have a token. She tells him that it was wrong on his part to jump the queue, directly approach the dealing person and insist for immediate service as those standing in the queue had been waiting since morning.

The SHO asks the woman to stop the recording but she continues to confront him. The SHO says he is on duty and that he has a busy schedule so he wanted to get his Aadhaar updated quickly, to which the woman replies that everyone present there has come after leaving one or another work. As the cop tells the woman that he is an SHO, she retorts saying: “Sir, khuda tan nhi ho (Sir, you are not God).” At this, the cop tells the woman that if she wanted to become popular on the social media by making and sharing his video, she could go on and then goes away.

While the Aadhaar card updation service was available at several places earlier, it is now restricted only to a few centres, including the GPO, leading to crowd of people at the place. A limited number of tokens are issued every morning and only token-holders are serviced turn-wise.

SHO Rampal said: “I tried to put up my point to the woman shooting my video but she was not ready to listen. I had gone there a day before, too, but had to return empty-handed. Then I sought appointment from a senior GPO official and went there the next day.”


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