Moosewala’s show cancelled at Jalandhar's Guru Gobind Singh Stadium

Moosewala’s show cancelled at Jalandhar's Guru Gobind Singh Stadium

Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, February 27

The much publicised show of controversial Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, which was scheduled in the city on February 29, has been cancelled.

The venue for the event, which was Guru Gobind Singh Stadium, had been earlier okayed by the Jalandhar Improvement Trust but today its Chairman Daljeet Singh Ahluwalia said he had cancelled the booking after he came to know about the recent controversies surrounding the singer.

“They had paid Rs 25,000 as the advance security deposit to the Trust, which we have returned. Information regarding cancellation of the event had been forwarded to the police and the civil administration for action,” said Ahluwalia.

Signages for Moosewala’s show had been put up across the city and the youth who have been crazily following him had been awaiting the event. His recent songs such as ‘Old Skool’ have been a rage among the youngsters.

But the NGO, Mission 6213, and Sikh Talmel Committee had been opposing the show of the singer. After its cancellation today, members of the Sikh Talmel Committee honoured the JIT Chairman for conceding to their requests.

Members of Mission 6213 had alleged that they were averse to holding of his programme as the singer was known to perform songs that had a controversial theme such as promoting violence and drugs.

The NGO members had said they were working for the implementation of the Punjab and Haryana High Court orders in case number 6213 of 2016 (decision came on July 22, 2019) as per which the Punjab DGP had been directed to ensure that any music promoting violence, drugs and liquor was not allowed to be played, not even in live shows. The court orders also read that the DGP was to ensure that there was no use of loudspeakers 15 days ahead of the examination time and even during the papers.

Since examinations are on, the use of loudspeakers for the event would have been a violation of the HC orders. The HC had specifically directed that DCs and SSPs of all districts would be directly responsible for violation of its orders if the event was allowed to be held.


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