Not so 'smart': City grapples with same old problems : The Tribune India

Not so 'smart': City grapples with same old problems

Dug up a year ago for water project, road near Tagore hospital a bottleneck

Not so 'smart': City grapples with same old problems

Frequent snarl-ups have become the order of the day on the stretch leading from Kapurthala Chowk to Workshop Chowk in Jalandhar

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Jalandhar, December 5

Despite being a part of the Smart City Mission, Jalandhar doesn’t appear to be anywhere close to being called “smart”, as it continues to grapple with the same old problems that it used to before it was included on the coveted list.

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The road has been closed to lay pipes for the surface water project. Photos: Sarabjit Singh

One classic example of the official indifference is the road from Kapurthala chowk to workshop chowk. One side of the road near Tagore hospital has been lying closed for the past many months, which has led to never-ending snarl-ups at Kapurthala chowk, especially during the evening. As a result, it takes 30 to 35 minutes for the commuters to cross the stretch.