They chose partners accepting disability as ability

They chose partners accepting disability as ability

Pavel Pasla with Pariniti Pasla.

Ajay Joshi

Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, February 14

Contrary to the conventional choice of partners, there are some city-based couples who despite having physical disabilities are standing next to each other and are supporting one another in fulfillment of their dreams.

Manu Miglani (40), a city-based resident, lost his ability to move on his own in 1996 after a road accident. After developing L-1 disability, he had no hopes that one day he would also have a family of his own and will also be earning for himself.

While talking to Jalandhar Tribune, he said his life took a blissful turn after he met his better half. His initial conversations with Navjeet Kaur on social media made such an impact on her that she gave him her heart in the first meeting.

From going against her parents’ wishes of not letting their daughter marry a physically challenged man, who also belongs to a different religion, Navjeet said: “We fought different battles with our families till tying the nuptial knot in 2012. I thought Manu’s disability was his utmost ability and despite having physical disabilities, his hard-working and vibrant nature attracted me more towards him”.

Navjeet is an assistant professor at a city college. She believes only honesty and a pure heart make unusual situations pleasant in any relationship. Manu, with the support of his wife, is at present running Miglani Caterers, a start-up. He credits his wife for motivating him in changing his hobby of cooking into a profession.

Pariniti Pasla (33), who is giving couple goals to new-age couples, at one point of time had decided that she would never marry, so that she could support her parents in their old age. However, she came all the way from Assam to spend the rest of her life here.

“Marrying Pavel was never on the cards but his nature and innocence made me change my mind and our compatibility with each other made us our suitable match,” said Pariniti.

Her husband Pavel Pasla (38), a computer studies teacher at Police DAV School, had spent his youth in agony after he developed paralysis in his lower part of the body. He became dependent on wheelchairs for moving and confined himself to a room only. Meanwhile, after recovering from his injury, he got in touch with Pariniti through a mutual friend on Facebook, a social networking site.

“It changed his life. Our initial talks over phone convinced each other to an extent that we only met once before our marriage, that too just a day prior. After tying the nuptial knot in 2017, life is running smooth and I strongly believe that having the right partner is a bliss”, said Pavel.

Setting an example, Manmohan Singh, a city resident, also appreciates his wife for giving him a “new birth” after a deadly car accident that confined him to wheelchair. He says, “Having a supportive partner is like having a fortune. After the mishap, I helped my wife in completing her education so that she could become a teacher. She later supported me in running my unsuccessful business again.”


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