E-scooter by IIT Delhi has running cost of 20 paise per km

New Delhi, March 23

The Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT) Delhi incubated startup, Geliose Mobility, has launched an electric scooter 'HOPE'. The running cost of this scooter is only 20 paise per kilometre.

'HOPE' is a cost-effective scooter for delivery and local commuting. It gives a top speed of 25 km. Along with this, it also falls in the discount category available for the e-vehicles and does not require a driving license or registration for driving.

'HOPE' comes with a portable charger and portable lithium-ion battery, which can be fully charged in common sockets used at home. This battery is fully charged in 4 hours. The customers have the option to select two different ranges of 50 km and 75 km of battery capacity.

IIT Delhi said that this scooter is equipped with modern technology like battery management system, data monitoring system and pedal-assist unit. It comprises IoT which always informs customers about their scooters through data analytics. Due to such features, 'HOPE' falls into the category of smart and connected scooters of the future.

Geliose Mobility is one of the few companies which provides special features such as the pedal-assist system present in the scooter. During the journey, customers can choose the option of pedal or throttle as per their convenience. 'HOPE' is equipped with special reverse mode technology for convenient parking, with the help of which the scooter can be parked even in difficult places.

'HOPE' has a strong and lightweight frame built for ultra-modern usage. The structure of the scooter and its lean design gives it the ability to easily move through dense traffic. The vehicle has a revolutionary slide and rides feature that allows riders to attach different load carrying accessories or rear seat depending on the requirement.

Geliose Mobility is collaborating with logistics and delivery companies to meet local delivery requirements in food, e-commerce, grocery, essentials and other distribution applications.

Hubs for charging and maintenance of the scooters will be set up by the company on frequent routes of the delivery partners. In case of an emergency, contingency services such as roadside assistance and roadside battery replacement will be provided by the company.

Aditya Tiwari, Founder and CEO, Geliose Mobility, said, "We are going through an era of increasing pollution and climate change every day, and there is a need for sustained efforts in all the industries, especially in the field of automobiles. We started Geliose Mobility three years ago. 'HOPE' is our flagship step in the effort to build the vehicle ecosystem. The starting price of 'HOPE' is Rs 46,999, which makes it the most affordable Internet connected scooter in the market." IANS

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