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Hybrid workplaces to digital fluency, here's how change is happening in 2022

Hybrid workplaces to digital fluency, here's how change is happening in  2022

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Yugandhar Penubolu 

The workplace environment has undergone various disruptions since the pandemic outbreak. From adapting to remote working to adopting technological advancements; the organisations are leaving no stone unturned to cope with the new normal of working!

Just when we have entered into 2022 and are dealing with the third wave of Covid, it is believed by many that the pandemic is here to stay and some of the changes will persist. However, various trends will also pick up pace that will transform the workplace culture in 2022. It is imperative that the organisations make the most of these trends to streamline their workflow, plan business continuity well and ensure employees' well-being at the same time. 

Agility in adapting to the new work culture

Various industry reports also suggest that hybrid work culture will be the new norm of working. This will lead to talent acquisition from all over the world without the hassle of relocation. Even collaborative workplaces will become popular in 2022 and such workplaces will help build higher resilience amongst the employees. As per KPMG’s report, just when Covid-19 was at its peak in the year 2020, 69% of organisations anticipated a significant decrease in the amount of office space they were using. According to another research by KPMG, businesses are keen to adopt the hybrid models and 37% of the global CEOs are inclined towards inculcating the hybrid concept in the times ahead. 

If companies are not agile and flexible enough to adapt to the new changes, they will eventually lose efficient workers. Hence, offering a workplace that fosters growth, safety and innovative culture to their employees will be the organisations’ priority in the times to come. 

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence has been ranked amongst the top 10 skills that employees will need to possess in the future by the World Economic Forum. Understanding employees' emotions and needs are no longer an option but have emerged to be the dire need of the hour. The Emotional Quotient of Supervisors will play a significant role in managing team engagement and productivity especially in hybrid work environments. This is the reason why a change will be witnessed as to how the organizations will deal with their employees. Higher importance shall be put on effective supervision, Listening, mentoring, positive work environment, and fostering a meaningful work culture. Here, HR teams will play a significant role in developing supervisory effectiveness.

Establishing digital fluency

COVID-19 paved the way for digital revolution across sectors. As a result, there has been a transition in the way organisations function. With the advancements in Hr Tech, SaaS tools, ML, Cloud computing, and many more, automation is being adopted swiftly. Technology shall continue to help organisations drive higher employee engagement and productivity through innovations in learning systems, ideation and performance management. It will also be leveraged further for talent and performance development in the times ahead. Leaders will strive to empower employees as per the need by incorporating holistic HR platforms.

Employee productivity and development 

The global pandemic and remote working have brought about disruptions in HR processes as well. Reskilling and upskilling the present employees so as to retain them is one of the top priorities for business leaders. The year of great attrition tested organisations and forced many leaders to increase the impetus on business continuity planning. Leaders have also conducted surveys to identify the wellbeing and engagement quotient. They are working on identified adversities to improve loyalty and advocacy.  

Strategic HR Tech Solutions will enhance individual and organisational capabilities. Tools help to understand the developmental needs, comprehensive modules and programmes to assist the learning and upskilling processes have been developed. Performance Management systems have advanced to assist employees in goal achievement in addition to goal setting, tracking and assessment.  The tools provide great real-time analytics and insights to all levels of the organisation. This will play a major role in transforming and shaping the workforce for the future! Leaders will be aided with recommendations on talent decisions pertaining to employee potential enhancement, career progression, rewards, recognition, fitment, retention and succession planning.

As per Fortune Business Insights’ report, the global talent management software market size was valued at $6.45 billion in 2020. It will hit the $13.21 billion mark by 2028 and will grow at a CAGR of 9.4%. Employee development is a key strategy for organisations to sustain the competition in the market and enjoy an edge. The focus on talent development solutions is emerging at the forefront! 

Summing up!

A great reset of the workplaces is in progress in 2022. Employees’ behavior and priorities will undergo a major shift. HR will focus on mitigating the risk of getting lost in hybrid environments and use the workplace to further drive engagement, excitement and growth. Organisations will be keen to offer flexibility and work-life balance to their employees. Leaders will focus their attention on creating a resilient, and digitally equipped workforce. Furthermore, retaining talent and honing their skills will be the top priority for HR managers. 

Digital adoption in operations and people development will witness a surge in the times ahead.  Building a nurturing and positive work culture to ensure business continuity and growth will be the topmost priority for organisations in 2022!

The writer is CEO and Founder, Winzard Solutions Private Limited.


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