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Beware of the Dragon

Apropos of the editorial ‘China’s LAC moves’; the current standoff with China remains a matter of serious concern. Beijing’s incursions into Ladakh and Doklam and the Dragon’s claim over Arunachal Pradesh make it abundantly clear that China wants to keep India on tenterhooks. Beijing plans to further pursue its policy of expansionism. It is noteworthy how China has reaped humongous profits through its trade relations with India over the years, but it never misses any opportunity to scuttle India’s impressive growth and stall its emergence as a leading global power. China’s intent to foment trouble along the LAC is obvious. The Dragon is bent on undermining India’s defence strategy in an invidious and calculated way without evincing any intent of waging a full-fledged conflict.

Roshan Lal Goel, Ladwa

Address root cause of illicit trade

With reference to the editorial ‘Kidney racket’; the cases of organ trafficking and exploitation of donors have become increasingly common. The widespread prevalence of the illicit trade points to the existence of an organised network involving several people, including health professionals. Such a trade cannot thrive without the patronage of political bigwigs and law enforcement officials. Therefore, while dealing with such cases, the role of powerful kingpins and their links should also be probed. The culprits should be dealt with strictly. Organ donors usually come from a poor background, which makes them vulnerable to exploitation. The trade cannot be reined in until the government addresses the root cause — poverty.

AG Rajmohan, Anantapur (AP)

Implement laws strictly

Refer to the editorial ‘Kidney racket’; organ trafficking continues unabated despite the legal restrictions on commercial dealings in them. According to a news report from 2016, roughly over 10,000 kidney transplants are performed illegally across the world. The practice remains rampant in India. In a lot of cases, forged documents are created for the donors to present them as relatives of the patient. The involvement of corporate hospitals in illegal transplants cannot be ruled out. Innocent and poor people are exploited by the agents, who pocket the lion’s share of the money. Collective efforts from governments, healthcare professionals and the public are needed to combat the unethical practice. Further, strict implementation of laws and raising awareness about the crime are crucial steps for protecting both donors and recipients from exploitation.

O Prasada Rao, Hyderabad

Chinese interference in polls

With reference to the report ‘China may use AI to influence poll in India, cautions Microsoft report’; the revelation made by Microsoft Threat Analysis Centre (MTAC) about China’s potential use of AI to sway elections is alarming. While such efforts in Taiwan proved ineffective, the mere possibility of interference in democracies like India is a cause for concern. The sophistication of AI-generated content poses a threat to the integrity of the electoral process. It is imperative that we bolster our cyber defences and raise public awareness to combat this new form of geopolitical manoeuvring. The resilience of our democratic institutions depends on our collective vigilance against such covert operations.

Gurdev Singh, Mohali

Spectre of AI manipulation

The ominous spectre of AI manipulation looms large over the democratic process, as Microsoft’s stark warning reveals China’s potential to subvert elections in India and the US. With geopolitical interests at stake, the tech giant’s cautionary note underscores the urgent need for vigilance. While past attempts in Taiwan and South Korea faltered, China’s relentless refinement of AI-generated content poses a grave threat. MTAC general manager Clint Watts’ insight into this perilous landscape serves as a wake-up call, highlighting the insidious tactics being employed by the Dragon. As elections approach, the integrity of our democratic institutions hangs in the balance. It is important that we fortify our defences against this digital onslaught and safeguard the sanctity of free and fair elections.

Gaganpreet Singh, Mohali

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