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China’s unilateral claim

With reference to the editorial ‘China’s name game’; the renaming of places in Arunachal Pradesh by China is an exercise in futility, akin to changing the nameplate of a house and claiming its ownership. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s stance is commendable; it reaffirms India’s unwavering claim over Arunachal Pradesh. Renaming the state does not alter the fact that it has always been and will continue to be an integral part of India. This move by China cannot erase the rich history and deep cultural roots that bind Arunachal with the rest of the country. It is high time that the world recognised such acts for what they are: mere posturing that cannot change geographical realities or the sovereignty of nations.

Gurdev Singh, Mohali

Ensure a level playing field

Apropos of the editorial ‘Congress gets tax relief’; the development comes as a huge relief for the grand old party. It is encouraging to know that the Centre has given an undertaking to the Supreme Court that it would refrain from initiating coercive steps to recover the Congress’ tax dues of over Rs 3,500 crore till July. The freezing of accounts of any political party could cripple it financially and make it hard for it to campaign for an election. Any election requires huge funding. The main Opposition party in India must not be targeted in the run-up to the General Election. Ensuring a level playing field is a must.

Subhash C Taneja, Gurugram

Shortcomings of Opposition

It is the targeting of Opposition leaders that has prompted the INDIA bloc to lodge its protest against the misuse of Central agencies by the ruling party. The alliance leaders are not wrong to feel that there is no level playing field and that our democracy is in danger. Ever since the UPA government was dethroned by the NDA, there has been a steady fall in public probity. In all fairness, the Opposition is also to blame for it. There are many serious issues in the country, such as unemployment, hunger and economic disparity. But sadly, the Opposition has not been able to bring any viable solution to the table.

Deepak TAAK, Panchkula

India can play peacemaker

Apropos of the editorial ‘Ukraine beckons’; the importance of India’s engagement in resolving the Ukraine conflict through diplomatic channels cannot be overstated. Amid growing tensions, India’s commitment to dialogue and mediation is paramount to de-escalating the situation. As a neutral party with longstanding diplomatic ties with both Ukraine and Russia, India is in a position to bridge the gap between the two warring nations. It is crucial that New Delhi seize this opportunity to assert its diplomatic leadership on the global stage. The world must rally behind India’s efforts to bring about peace in Ukraine and the region at large.

Amarjeet Mann, Una

Overhaul education system

Refer to the article ‘Let’s value the ethos of libertarian education’; the piece is thought-provoking and a good commentary on what could be described as true education. Every student has his own interests and talents. No youngster should be burdened with parental expectations to grow up to become doctors or engineers. Children must be given the liberty to choose the field that they want to pursue a career in. It is imperative to develop a system of education that not only encourages competition but also helps the students develop critical thinking and a scientific temper.

Ravi Sharma, Dhariwal

Commercialisation of education

With reference to the article ‘Let’s value the ethos of libertarian education’; education has taken a back seat amid its commercialisation. The privatisation of education has dashed the hopes of the common man. Parents, who are already reeling from inflation, also have to pay the high fees of education at private schools. Students are under a lot of peer pressure to perform. This is the reason it has become increasingly common for youngsters these days to suffer from depression or develop a suicidal tendency. It is imperative that they undergo counselling by their parents and teachers from time to time.

Jasvinder Singh, by mail

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