Crumbling Cong citadel

Apropos of ‘The attack from within’ (Nous Indica, July 18), the infrastructure of the house of the party has become too worn out and is now infected with termites, resulting in the Gen Next of the Congress moving out and creating a rebellion within. The only hope for the Congress is to remain dependent on regional satraps, who can still help in overcoming the rot within the party. Ambition is not a bad word. A roadmap for the future needs to be shown to them for their enhanced role in polity. The Rajasthan fiasco illustrates that meritocracy can never thrive in the Congress, only sycophancy can. The youthful flavour that Rahul Gandhi was trying to induct into the Congress has succumbed to this culture, and the rule of the fading old guard.

Rajiv Boolchand Jain, Zirakpur

Course correction

Indian democracy badly needs an Opposition but the role of the Opposition must not be limited to resistance and dissent (‘The attack from within’; Nous Indica). The basic prerequisite is patriotism that lies in supporting the country all the time, and the government when it deserves. Nemo repente fuit turpissimus (no one became extremely vicious all at once). But any defection ought not be incentivised. We need to regulate unfettered liberties of politicians to twitch, switch, stitch or ditch, by mandating a one-year membership norm for any party nomination for election or a berth in ministry. This can cure most ills plaguing our parties, politics and polity, and lend stability.

Lalit Bharadwaj, Panchkula

Virtues of the past

The political drama in Rajasthan reinforces the fact that ideology, loyalty and morality are fast losing their place of pride in Indian politics. All parties can compromise with ideology for power, finding numerous excuses to justify their disgraceful conduct. The PDP-BJP government in J&K, SS-NCP-Congress government in Maharashtra and the political somersault in MP are recent examples. Politics is now a profit enterprise only for the rich. Pilot’s action is not all honourable, but it was also not justified to deny him chief ministership when he had led the Congress to power, amid BJP’s campaign of ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’. Had Gehlot been so popular, why did he not prefer the field for party revival rather than playing safe at the Centre? Pilot was tricked after the Assembly elections, thereby sowing the seeds of dissension. Whatever be the outcome of the present stalemate, the Congress will either way lose and hasten its extinction due to indecisiveness.


Business as usual

I happened to visit Sai Bridh Ashram at Chaura village to take stock of the inmates’ needs. On the way, and in the village, I observed that no one was wearing a mask, not to mention social distancing. Shops were crowded. The CM is making repeated requests to the people to adhere to safety guidelines. The public should cooperate in true spirit. Announcement and awareness needs to be undertaken in the rural belt to take timely precautions before it gets out of hand.

OP Garg, Patiala

Costly treatment

Refer to the editorial ‘Cap on treatment cost’ (July 18); the government hospitals have been providing free of cost treatment to Covid-19 patients. But infrastructure and other facilities are poor. The cost mentioned on the medicine and medical devices varies from 10 to 90 per cent. State governments have put a cap on the cost of treatment. It is clear that private hospitals and laboratories have been charging unreasonable bills. The governments should take strict measures to save citizens from unethical business-minded medical experts.


Enough on Bachchans

The front-page news ‘Aishwarya, Aaradhya admitted to hospital’ (July 18) raises a question: Why ‘undeserved’ and extraordinary governmental care, patronage and prerogative coverage by the media is being extended to this family? Lakhs of citizens are suffering from coronavirus without care and thousands have died ‘unsung’. We don’t have dohri nagrikta in our nation. Why the focus on this elite family?

MPS Chadha, Mohali

Artwork on vehicles

Signages, hoardings and ad boards along highways are a distraction for drivers, and the courts have already banned paintings etc, in hilly areas (‘Stickers, artwork on vehicles no hitch to registration: HC’; July 15). Artwork-donning vehicles shall be a bigger menace on roads. About 50 years ago, a study in Sweden established that except white, all colours on vehicles give wrong assessment of actual distances and may lead to crashes. I faced the problem of distraction due to artwork on trucks in Pakistan during my visit to Katasraj Dham.


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