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Ensure quality of medicines

Refer to ‘Cough syrup exports’; each manufacturing unit has an inbuilt inspection department to ensure quality control. The district authorities are also supposed to apply checks through inspectors when exports are involved. Responsible manufacturers leave no stone unturned to dispatch only those products which have cleared international quality requirements. In some recent cases in north India, this aspect seems to have been neglected at all levels. The WHO had rightly raised the red flag against such units. Keeping in view the sensitivity of the issue, the government has imposed strict regulations which should have been enforced in case of all medicines.

Subhash Vaid, New Delhi

Adhere to guidelines

The Indian pharmaceutical industry has made significant strides over the years and gained recognition as a global pharma hub. However, as with any industry that experiences substantial growth and success, there may be attempts to tarnish its image. It’s important to address such concerns and ensure that the reputation of the industry remains intact. The industry should strictly adhere to regulatory standards and guidelines. The government must ensure that medicines should reach the market only after certification by quality government labs.

AG Rajmohan, Anantapur

Pursuit of Pacific outreach

Refer to ‘Pacific outreach’; earlier, due to their remote location, the Pacific Island Countries remained largely ignored. However, things began to change when then US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, attended a summit of the Pacific Islands Forum in 2012. China and the US are competing with each other to sign defence pacts with these island nations. India is keen to boost its diplomatic ties with them. PM Modi’s recent visit to Papua New Guinea to attend the Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation summit was part of New Delhi’s outreach programme. The Pacific region presents significant economic opportunities for India. Strengthening economic ties with countries in the Pacific can lead to increased trade, investment and economic growth.

CS Mann, Una

Women’s empowerment

Refer to ‘Women bag top 4 spots in civil services exams’; it is heartening to see women achieving remarkable success in the UPSC exam. The significant presence of 45 women in the top 100 candidates who cleared the exam highlights their outstanding performance. This achievement is testimony to the empowerment of women and the positive impact of gender equality. The success of these women in the UPSC exam also sends a powerful message to aspiring candidates, particularly young girls, that they can pursue their dreams and achieve great heights irrespective of their gender.

Bal Govind, Noida

Gold purchase rises

The RBI’s decision to withdraw the Rs 2,000 note has not caused the uproar that was witnessed during demonetisation in 2016, but the underlying unease cannot be overlooked. The authorities say that the public has got enough time to get the notes exchanged for smaller currency. However, the withdrawal has triggered panic buying of gold jewellery, a trusted investment option for middle-class people. Those who have hoarded the pink notes are rushing to jewellery shops to buy gold.

Vijaykumar HK, Raichur

Develop anti-drone jammers

Refer to ‘Modern technological innovations in border protection needed’; the adoption of a new hybrid border security model that takes into account the increasing usage of drones along the India-Pakistan border is worth considering. Drones pose unique challenges to border security due to their ability to cross borders undetected, carry out surveillance and potentially engage in illegal activities. In recent years, drones have been used by Pakistan-based outfits to smuggle ammunition as well as drugs into Indian territory. To combat the menace, our security agencies must develop counter-drone capabilities and anti-drone jammers must be installed in sensitive areas.

Akash Kumar, Jagraon

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