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Handle local proxies in J&K

With reference to the editorial ‘Kathua ambush’; India’s military efforts and diplomatic manoeuvres will only partially suffice as local support to ultras is the major concern. Local proxies of handlers across the border must be apprehended. With Assembly elections now only a couple of months away, foolproof action needs to be taken to thwart terrorist activities. Electing a candidate behind bars under UAPA to the Lok Sabha recently is a case in point. Before the Assembly elections in J&K are announced, it is imperative that any chance of anti-national elements entering the fray is aborted.

Lalit Bharadwaj, Panchkula

Alternatives to rote learning

Apropos of the article ‘It’s time to rethink education’; standardised tests often prioritise rote memorisation and factual recall over deeper understanding, critical thinking and genuine appreciation of the subject matter. On the contrary, in the humanities stream, the exploration of ideas, emotions and human experiences is central. Alternative methods of assessment, such as essays, oral presentations and portfolio reviews, may help shift the focus towards a more holistic and meaningful evaluation of a student’s literary understanding. The goal of education should be to cultivate thoughtful, well-rounded individuals who can appreciate and contribute to the richness of human culture and experience.

Suraj Kathuria, Jind

Man-made disasters

Referring to the editorial ‘Airport roof collapse’; as long as inferior construction material and poor maintenance are overlooked, tragedies like the Delhi airport roof collapse are bound to happen. India’s rapid infra boom has been handicapped by scant regard for the credibility of contractors and companies, lack of regular inspections, and even shortage of qualified inspectors. Inconsistent standards and poor quality of construction material, along with outdated inspection techniques, limited budgets, not to forget corruption and conflict of interest are the main culprits. Heavy rains are the new normal and cannot be turned into an excuse.

LAL SINGH, Amritsar

Expectations from Budget

Refer to news report ‘India Inc demands relief for taxpayers in Budget’; we introduced several saral reforms to simplify the tax system but tied ourselves in knots. Having two tax regimes is confusing. The old one must be scrapped. Deposit limit in PPF accounts can be increased to Rs 2.5 lakh. Senior citizens, especially pensioners above 80 years of age, should be totally exempted from paying income tax. The facility of life insurance is not available to senior citizens when they need it the most, which should be restored. The agriculture sector enjoys tax-free income and farm loans are waived. This drains the national exchequer and taxpayers are further burdened.


Conservatives routed in UK

This refers to the editorial ‘Labour all the way’; as a result of the Conservatives’ crash, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is out of 10 Downing Street. When Sunak’s party elected him as the UK’s first Asian-origin PM in 2022, the buzz was whether Britain had entered a post-race era. Voters rejected the Conservatives this time — was it on account of Sunak not being a white? In America, Democrats’ reluctance to give the presidential ticket to Vice President Kamala Harris, also of Indian origin, seems to be racially rooted. The new UK PM, Keir Starmer, is a white, but was the first from his working-class family to go to university by availing of the National Health Service. It shows that class is as important a political identity marker as race or religion.


VIP hit-and-run cases

Apropos of the news report ‘Mumbai: Woman killed as BMW driven by ‘Shiv Sena leader’s son’ hits bike’; unlike the Pune Porsche accident, the Mumbai police acted swiftly and made arrests. Despite witnessing several such crashes involving ‘influential’ drivers, convictions are very rare. There is an entire system that connives to protect the powerful and wealthy. Young men from affluent families, driving high-powered cars under the influence of liquor, often are a part of such accidents.

PL SINGH, by mail

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