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Justice elusive

Refer to ‘Sharan aide wins poll, Sakshi quits wrestling’; it is unfortunate that wrestler Sakshi Malik has retired unceremoniously, especially over the sexual harassment allegations against former Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh. The delay in delivering justice, coupled with the election of his aide to the WFI top post, exacerbates the disappointment of Sakshi and other wrestlers. This situation highlights a disheartening aspect of the Indian democracy, where it seems that might is right, and the honour and respect due to our sportspersons who bring laurels to the country may not always be upheld.

IPS Anand, Chandigarh

Change was overdue

Apropos of ‘Criminal law revamp’; the hallmark of any civilised society should be justice rather than mere punishment. The recent revisions of the country’s criminal laws seem to be in line with this principle. The overhaul of the criminal law system was overdue, especially concerning the sedition clause of the IPC, originally established by the British to safeguard its rule. Substituting sedition (rajdroh) with national crime (deshdroh) makes sense, but clear differentiation is crucial to prevent any ambiguity and potential misuse. The new Act’s effort to define terrorism is a welcome step. Additionally, capital punishment for mob lynching cases is seen as a deterrent. However, there is an urgent need to create awareness about these changed laws.

KR Bharti, Shimla

Shah’s dig at Sonia

After the passage of three criminal justice Bills in Parliament, Home Minister Amit Shah took a dig at Congress MP Sonia Gandhi, implying that people of Italian origin are not proud of India-made laws. Why was such a taunt directed at Sonia? She has suffered the tragic loss of her husband, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. She let go of the opportunity to become Prime Minister due to the controversy surrounding her Italian origin. She was instrumental in pushing the Women’s Reservation Bill in 2007, now credited to the BJP. One would like to ask the BJP leadership: what more must she do to be recognised as an Indian citizen?

Bhartendu Sood, Chandigarh

Parliament security breach

Refer to ‘Questions aplenty over security breach’; the importance lies in understanding the purpose, motive and message concealed behind the Parliament security breach, rather than solely focusing on the mechanics of how it occurred. With widespread distribution of free ration, escalating unemployment, soaring commodity prices and a growing trend of youth migration, there is a pressing need for introspection. Instead of merely punishing the perpetrators to suppress the incident, it is crucial to delve into their intentions and address the actual issues at hand.

Wg Cdr JS Minhas (retd), Mohali

Criminal law Bills

The 146 suspended MPs probably did not foresee that their protest would lead to their ouster for the rest of the session. Their demand for a statement from Home Minister Amit Shah or PM Modi was justified, given the grave security breach. However, their absence allowed the government to pass controversial criminal law Bills and others without a debate. If a proper debate had occurred before the session’s end, the Bills might not have passed so easily. Now, with legislative approval, the role of the courts has diminished. Despite unjustified suspensions, has the Opposition inadvertently played into the hands of the government?

MT Farooqi, Chennai

Work smarter, not longer

Refer to ‘The value of productivity’; the middle emphasises the significance of what one accomplishes during working hours. Countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark have showcased success with alternative work models, including three- or four-day workweeks. Despite shorter working hours, these nations consistently rank high in productivity and happiness indices. Danish workers, for instance, report higher satisfaction and wellbeing, challenging the idea that extended hours lead to greater productivity. The evolving concept of working smarter, not longer, is gaining global momentum.

Paramjeet Singh Kattu, Amritsar

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