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Lack of quality education

Apropos of ‘College sans infra’; a majority of medical colleges don’t have the basic infrastructure and competent teaching staff. The standard of teaching can well be imagined in such colleges. The quality of young medical graduates and even postgraduates has deteriorated over the years. The role of doctors in society is vital as they deal with the lives and well-being of patients. Unless some urgent remedial measures are taken to address the problem, the healthcare system in India in the next few years will be bogged down by a vast pool of mediocre and unemployable doctors on the one hand and a severely depleted pool of competent medical professionals on the other.

RC Garg, Kotkapura

Attack on churches

Refer to ‘India-Australia ties’; PM Modi was quick to raise the issue of temple attacks in Australia. But sadly, he does nothing to stop the attacks on churches in India. What if Australia raised the issue of attacks on churches in India? Probably, the PM would have then said that it was an internal matter and there was no need for external interference. This has been India’s response whenever the issue of minority rights has been raised in the US and other western democracies.

Anthony Henriques, Mumbai

PM should ignore Oppn

Everyone knows that the Congress’s new-found love and respect for President Droupadi Murmu is purely political. The party has insulted her several times, and even called her ‘Rashtrapatni’. Recently, it also boycotted the President’s address to the joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament. Now, the Congress wants to insult PM Modi. Earlier too, the party had raised several questions on the construction of the new Parliament building. The Congress and several other Opposition parties had skipped the stone-laying ceremony of the new Parliament building in December 2020. Hence, the PM should ignore these parties’ objections and inaugurate the new building.

DP Monga, Ambala City

Rise above petty politics

The political slugfest surrounding the inaugural function of the new Parliament building is unfortunate and can overshadow India’s architectural prowess. The new building is the result of the dedication and hard work of engineers, architects, technicians and countless other professionals involved in its construction. All parties should rise above petty politics. If PM Modi can lead the nation at the global level, what is wrong in leading at the home front? Parliament is the temple of the country’s democracy; the Opposition parties should play a constructive role instead of playing a spoilsport.

Anil Vinayak, Amritsar

Ordinance unjustified

Refer to ‘Ordinance negates good conscience’; issuing an ordinance overnight to negate the SC verdict shows the autocracy of the government in power. Instead of helping states govern themselves smoothly, the Central government seems to suppress their rights and powers. Every state should have all the rights that the Constitution has provided in the federal structure. Making amendments to the Constitution or bringing ordinances to curtail powers of some states is not justified at all. How can an elected government perform without having control over bureaucracy? If it can, the same ordinance should be implemented in all states of India. This trend, if continued in future, may prove disastrous for democracy and the federal structure.

Wg Cdr JS Minhas (retd), Mohali

Jallianwala Bagh lost sanctity

Refer to ‘Self-defeating renovation at Jallianwala Bagh memorial’; Jallianwala Bagh is a site of immense historical importance in India’s freedom struggle. The massacre that took place on April 13, 1919, marked a turning point and had a profound impact on the freedom movement. I recently visited the memorial and within minutes left the place. The makeover has effectively erased traces of the massacre and left only a Bagh for tourists to enjoy. The memorial’s sanctity has been lost. The renovation has hurt the sentiments of millions of people.

Jasvinder Singh Humsafar, Malaudh

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