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Neutrality of office

Apropos of ‘Governor’s ambit’; given the partisan political culture in vogue, neutrality of the office of the Governor assumes greater relevance. In order to meet the challenge of alleged partisanship, the party and its government need to be more democratic, just and efficient to nip the evil in the bud in the larger interest of the state. In an era where political expediency, electoral politics and personal ambitions take precedence over constitutional imperatives, expecting apolitical conduct by political appointees sounds naive. Given the transition the Indian democracy is passing through, confusions regarding expected roles, duties and functions need to be understood.

Jagvinder Singh Brar, Patiala

Governor’s powers

Refer to ‘Governor’s gambit’; Governors were meant to be a bridge between the Centre and the states. Unfortunately, they have been acting more as an agent of the Centre to destabilise the states where a party other than the one ruling at the Centre is in power. All governments have misused the office. The former Governor of Maharashtra, BS Koshyari, is now under the judicial scanner for his role in bringing down the MVA government. Hopefully, the judgment in the case will be clear on the powers of the Governor — what they can or cannot do.


House disruptions

Disrupting the proceedings of Parliament is an unacceptable act in any democracy. In India, where the legislative body holds great importance, it is crucial that parties do not engage in behaviour that jeopardises the functioning of Parliament. The Constitution empowers the Speaker of the Lok Sabha and the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha to maintain order during the proceedings. Disruptions hinder the ability of MPs to debate and discuss issues of national importance, which can impact the welfare and development of the country. All parties must respect the rules and engage in constructive discussions. Furthermore, disruptions create a hostile atmosphere and send out a message to the public that politicians are incapable of working together for the betterment of the country.

Arvind Sharma, Dharamsala

No work, no pay

With reference to ‘Cong-BJP slugfest intensifies’; it is disappointing to note that the proceedings in Parliament are being stalled. The cost of running Parliament is a whopping 2.5 lakh per minute! Do we expect such abominable conduct from our parliamentarians? Generally such a ruckus is caused by the opposition parties, but strangely this time, it is the ruling party which is obstructing the smooth functioning of the House. The BJP is demanding an apology from Rahul Gandhi for his critical remarks made in the UK. He is not the first politician to criticise his own country on foreign soil, nor will he be the last. The PM himself had been critical of Indian democracy during his visit to Seoul in 2015. He went to the extent of saying that prior to his rule, Indians were ashamed of being born in India! The BJP has a brute majority and it is using it to stifle the voice of the Opposition. It is obvious that the ruling party doesn’t want any discussion on the Adani issue and the demand for an apology from Rahul is just a ruse to avoid this. It is time that a law was framed for our representatives on the lines of ‘no work, no pay’.

Arun Hastir, Gurdaspur

Zoji La reopens

Refer to ‘Strategic Zoji La reopens for traffic in record 68 days’; the pass can be kept open to traffic throughout winter, if tried, by floating global tenders. Canada, China, Russia, Mongolia and the US, etc. experience more snow, but roads are kept open throughout the year by way of regular clearing. The authorities should take up the challenge for the sake of national security.

Ashok Kumar Goel, Panchkula

Fix Aadhaar glitches

Refer to ‘UIDAI makes Aadhaar...’; the update system is turning out to be a nuisance. When holders submit card updation request, they receive a message that the request has been rejected due to ‘technical reason’ or ‘data quality error’. The updation system should inform the applicant about the nature of the mistake or error in the request, so that it can be rectified.

RK Arora, Mohali

Back-door recruitment

In Himachal Pradesh, teachers are recruited in a way which shows that the authorities have no concern about our education system. Ad hoc teachers are drawn from PARA, PTA, GVU, PAT, SMC etc., in violation of recruitment and promotion rules as well as the roster system. There should be a proper agency to recruit the nation-builders. The right channel of recruitment will help improve the education system. It will also help us in the effective implementation of the New Education Policy.


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