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No faith in cops

Refer to ‘Why Punjab disbelieves its cops’ (Nous Indica); people have lost trust in police officials due to their involvement in corruption cases and their connections with drug and sand mafias. How were Amritpal Singh’s supporters able to attack a police station? The police can easily link any case with Khalistan to avoid taking stringent action. In Punjab, the Khalistan issue has become a quagmire. Meanwhile, in Canada, it has been transformed into a business enterprise. Radical elements lure youths from Punjab with the promise of high-paying jobs in an effort to build a robust force of NRIs to support their cause.

Capt Amar Jeet (Retd), Kharar

No Khalistan movement in Punjab

Apropos of ‘Why Punjab disbelieves its cops’ (Nous Indica); the article rightly says that there is no Khalistan movement in Punjab. In fact, it never was until some politicians, aided by unscrupulous police officers, promoted it for their interests. Has anyone, including all those who have extensively written on the subject, ever come across Khalistan’s blueprint detailing its physical territory or administrative structure? Its current resurgence once again appears to be an electoral tactic.

Balvinder, Chandigarh

Bharat Ratna for Swaminathan

Refer to ‘Swaminathan & Kurien’; the write-up reflects the profound reverence felt by countless Indians for MS Swaminathan and Verghese Kurien. Swaminathan’s research on wheat and rice played a crucial role in alleviating hunger in our nation through the Green Revolution in the 1960s. He successfully led the agricultural revolution in rural India by inspiring farmers, policymakers and the masses to work hard for self-reliance and come out of the trap of the PL-480 agreement with the US. Swaminathan dedicated his life to lessening the woes of farmers. Therefore, he deserves the highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna. Likewise, Kurien, the architect of the White Revolution, should also be bestowed with the prestigious award.

Raj Bahadur Yadav, Fatehabad

Deserve highest honour

MS Swaminathan and Verghese Kurien were champions of the Green and White Revolutions, thereby ensuring self-sufficiency in food and milk, both of which are the biggest components of farmers’ economic well-being. Without a doubt, both stalwarts deserve the highest honour of the Bharat Ratna for their contribution to our agricultural economy. They should have been rightfully honoured with this award during their lifetime, but even posthumously, it will be better late than never. The most deserving tribute to them would be to restore faith in science and scientists and reaffirm the wisdom of the Indian farmer in adopting new technologies.

LJ Singh, by mail

Take proactive measures

Refer to ‘Not a country for girls’; the fear instilled in young girls by these incidents would be unimaginable. Families may impose more restrictions on them due to heightened concerns for their safety. Additionally, several societal taboos, such as the lack of sex education and inadequate menstrual health awareness, contribute to this problem. Law enforcement agencies must take decisive and proactive measures to create an environment where girls can lead their lives peacefully and enjoy the highest degree of freedom.

Yamini Verma, Chandigarh

Harsh reality of society

Refer to ‘Dos and don’ts for senior citizens’; it was an interesting read. Sadly, it reflects the harsh reality in middle and upper-middle-class families where children and grandchildren dictate how elders should conduct themselves. The elders are expected to adapt to the moods and tastes of their children and grandchildren, striving to be like the three wise monkeys. They are supposed to ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ so that their stay passes off peacefully.

NK Gosain, Bathinda

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