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PM should step back

Refer to ‘Inauguration row’; it has been logically explained why the President should inaugurate the new building of Parliament. Various news channels are trying to justify the government’s stand, citing the examples of former PMs Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. But no one has highlighted the fact that one of the two ceremonies, i.e. bhoomi poojan or the inauguration of Parliament annexe and the library, was performed by the then Presidents. As bhoomi poojan has been done by our worthy PM, the Opposition’s demand to get the inauguration done by the President is justified. Therefore, the PM to should step back and give this honour to the President.

Sadhna Saini, by mail

Parl building inauguration

The inauguration of the new Parliament building is, indeed, a historic moment, unlike demonetisation and the GST rollout, which the BJP projected as crucial milestones in India’s economic and governance history. Without quoting precedents, the PM, in his own interest, should agree to the Opposition’s demand and get the building inaugurated by the President. With this one stroke, he can silence the Opposition and counter the perception of being arrogant and disrespectful towards democratic ethics and the Opposition’s opinion.

HL Sharma, Amritsar

Row unnecessary

The controversy over the inauguration of the new Parliament building has led to a war of words between the government and the Opposition. The whole country knows that it was due to PM Modi’s efforts that this grand monument got constructed. People also remember that when PM Modi entered Parliament House for the first time in 2014, he bowed, with his forehead touching the stairs, to register his respect for the ‘temple of democracy’. He is a big-hearted person who is working tirelessly day and night for the progress and development of the country. He will not let any controversy spoil this important event, and will set an example in front of the world by inviting the President to inaugurate the new building.

Shakti Singh, Karnal

Hold awareness campaigns

Refer to ‘Rescued from Gulf’; thankfully, the authorities rescued 13 out of 35 women from Punjab who were trapped in Oman. Many Indian women choose to work in the Gulf countries to support their families back home as these countries often provide better-paying jobs compared to what may be available in India, particularly in low-skilled sectors. The women not only lost money, but also suffered exploitation. It’s crucial for governments and organisations to ensure the well-being and rights of such workers through proper regulations, support systems and awareness campaigns.

Subhash C Taneja, Gurugram

Build bridges, don’t divide

Like The Kashmir Files, The Kerala Story has only reinforced some perceptions. As we all know, it suits a particular ideology. Such movies have the potential to influence people’s perceptions and emotions, including their attitudes towards different religions. If the story is real, then find the culprits and punish them. Why is the government not taking action against them? It is essential to approach movies with a critical and discerning mindset, understanding that they often reflect the perspectives and biases of their creators. Engaging in open discussions, promoting interfaith dialogue and fostering respect for diversity are key to addressing misunderstandings and building bridges between religions.

Shaikh Ibne Ali, Mumbai

Imran at receiving end

Apropos of ‘At core of Pak saga is army chief & Imran’s ego’; Pakistan has built an anti-India narrative where it wants to project India as a threat to not only Pakistan, but to the entire Muslim population of the world. Till now, nobody has dared to change this narrative. Cricket matches between India and Pakistan have historically been highly anticipated and emotionally charged events. Imran’s leadership and success as the captain of the Pakistani cricket team, including victories against India, played a part in his rise to prominence and contributed to his popularity. The army and the present government have suppressed Imran and his supporters. As of now, Imran is at the receiving end.

Ashok Bahl, Kangra

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