Rajasthan reshuffle

Reference to ‘New faces in Rajasthan’; reshuffle in the Cabinet has been carried out to reconcile the Pilot-Gehlot factions and to attempt a more effective social engineering model. The Cabinet includes Pilot loyalists, Dalit and tribals, similar to the redesigning of the Punjab Cabinet where a Dalit Sikh is the CM. The Congress seems to have been making a strong play for an intense battle underway to win over the Dalit vote in several parts of the country. In Rajasthan, the induction of a Cabinet minister from the SC community, combined with the elevation of junior Dalit ministers, indicates the Congress’ priorities for the 2023 elections. To form the Rajasthan government once again in 2023, the party needs both Gehlot and Pilot delivering strong.

PS HANSPAUL, by mail

Impact on education

Apropos of ‘Covid impact on education’, the pandemic has adversely affected the social health of society more than economic. The prolonged closure of educational institutions has left thousands of students in the lurch. Efforts should have been made to schedule the exams of those who were finishing their courses, and thereby not hampering their career prospects. Closure of professional institutions also disturbed the social balance, the effects of which will be seen in the coming times.


BFUHS decision

Refer to ‘Bona fide affidavit must for MBBS in Punjab’; indeed it is a much-awaited and big decision by the BFUHS for Punjab residents. Earlier, aspirants with dual domicile used to take away the seats. Consequently, Punjab domicile seat aspirants had to approach the court for justice, and because of delay in justice, they had to join some other courses or their whole academic year would go waste. The state government and BFUHS should be appreciated for this decision.

RAJESH SHARMA, Jalandhar Cantt

Punjab domicile

The statement of the Punjab Chief Minister on state domicile is praiseworthy, but it is a ticklish issue. Punjab has given several posts to those with domicile in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and HP. But Punjabis can’t get jobs in Rajasthan and HP. Even before scrapping Article 370, J&K never allowed such facilities. Even today, you can’t purchase land in HP as per an Act enacted since the state came into being. The Government of India should bring in uniformity throughout the country as to keep a congenial atmosphere and prevent discrimination.

Ghansham Dass, Talwara

Why waive challans?

The announcement by the Chief Minister of Punjab in Ludhiana that the challans issued by the traffic police to auto-drivers for committing traffic offences would be waived is an illegal action that would demoralise the police and further encourage lawlessness on roads. The high court must take suo motu notice and stop this waiver to protect laws in the country, otherwise the politicians can go to any extent to pardon criminals and release prisoners for votes.

O Prasada Rao, Hyderabad

Court to the rescue

Apropos of ‘Admit SC pupil who could not pay fee, IIT-B told’, the order of the apex court has come to the rescue of a Scheduled Caste student who was not able to deposit fees in time due to the non-functioning of his credit card. He was being penalised for circumstances beyond his control. He was being denied admission in spite of securing 864 all-India rank (SC category) in the IIT entrance exam. We should take a cue from this verdict and adopt a humanitarian approach.

Vijaya Sharma, by mail

Need better diet

Apropos of ‘Food for thought’, Punjab has failed to provide a nutritious diet to future sportspersons of the state and country. In the recent tests, the coaches discovered that the fitness level of the trainees has fallen drastically. Most trainees do not even have access to essentials such as hockey turf or athletics track. Adequate steps should be taken by the government to improve the situation. The trainees should be provided with a good diet and should get access to sports essentials. The authorities concerned need to look into it.

Anwita Dixit, Ludhiana

Prolonging stir

The farmers’ agitation is not ending despite the PM’s announcement to repeal the controversial farm laws (‘Won’t move, resume talks on MSP: Tikait to Centre’). Now, a letter has been sent to the Centre with a six-point agenda by farmers’ leaders. It seems that the agitation wasn’t against the laws, but for some other motive. They will keep raising one demand or another. The situation may take an alarming turn.

H/Capt Jagdish Verma (Retd), Narola

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