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Revisit S+4 decision

Refer to the editorial ‘Put S+4 policy on hold’; the Haryana Government’s nod to the construction of stilt-plus-four floors in residential areas has come as a bolt from the blue for state residents. As feared, the mighty lobby of real estate holders and property dealers won. The government has failed to take into account the effects of the construction of stilt-plus-four floors in areas already beset by water- and sewage-related issues. The implementation of the controversial policy could compound parking woes. Besides, the weight-bearing capacity of houses also needs to be taken into consideration before additional floors are built on them. The government must revisit its decision.

Gian Kansal, Ambala City

The yellow bird failed to take off

The shutdown of Koo, India’s alternative to X (formerly Twitter), serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by startups. Despite its promising start and vision of a hyper-local, multilingual social media space, Koo’s journey was marred by political controversies, its heavy reliance on external funding and an inability to sustain its operations. The social media platform’s failure highlights the importance of sustainable funding, market adaptability and the difficulty of challenging established players. Its shutdown is a sobering reminder that even with a strong vision and user-centric approach, startups can falter without a viable business model. Koo’s story serves as a valuable lesson for entrepreneurs and investors alike. It underscores the need for sustainable growth and a willingness to adapt in an ever-changing landscape.

Dilpreet Kaur, Chandigarh

Support homegrown apps

Koo’s shutdown comes as a blow to the Indian startup industry. The site had emerged in India as an alternative to X, amassing over 20 million users by the end of 2021. This homegrown app also enabled Indians to post or communicate in their native languages. Western apps, on the other hand, have become a breeding ground for misinformation about India. It impinges on India’s global standing. It is against this backdrop that indigenous apps should be promoted. Koo had to shut down following a funding drought. It is time for the Indian government to step in and provide funds to revive the startup.

Jatinder Singh, by mail

Sad state of affairs in India

It is a sorry state of affairs in India. The news cycle has been very grim. From paper leaks calling into question the integrity of exams to the collapse of multiple bridges in Bihar within a span of a few days, and from cases of hit-and-run being reported every week to the drowning of five Army men in the Shyok River in eastern Ladakh, one can’t help but despair. There is a need to overhaul the education system, healthcare and the judiciary. The current state of infrastructure in India leaves much to be desired. Negligence on the part of construction firms and the authorities concerned must not cost more lives. Overall, the government must change its lackadaisical attitude towards its responsibilities.

Tejpal Singh Uppal, by mail

Don’t let criminals into the House

Sikh separatist and ‘Waris Punjab De’ chief Amritpal Singh and Awami Ittehad Party leader Engineer Rashid recently took oath as MPs while out on parole. Can they be expected to pledge their allegiance to the Constitution and make good on it? Someone booked under the National Security Act or the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act must not be allowed to contest elections in the first place. It does not matter if Amritpal and Rashid enjoy public support. Someone with scant regard for India’s sovereignty or the law of the land should not be a lawmaker.

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee, Faridabad

Agnipath a misunderstood scheme

Apropos of the article ‘Kargil lessons have relevance for the Agnipath ferment’; certain aspects of the scheme introduced by the Narendra Modi-led government have been misunderstood by several political parties, experts and much of the media. Amid rising unemployment, an opportunity to serve in the forces for a fixed term with a handsome pay and allowances is quite a promising career move. There is an urgent need to make the masses aware of the benefits of the Agnipath scheme. Besides, experts and some media professionals should be roped in to carry out an in-depth study on the impacts of the scheme.

Shiv Kumar, Jalandhar

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