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Saffron party’s challenge

Apropos of ‘Shadow of economic distress on polls’ (Nous Indica); unemployment and price rise can influence the outcome of the Lok Sabha elections. The amelioration of the suffering of poor and marginalised people is the real parameter of a country’s progress. It is generally the poor who bear the brunt of price rise. Employment provides financial independence to people, enabling them to lead a prosperous and meaningful life. The ruling party, however, has been micromanaging its election campaign, making course correction in its electoral strategy, stitching up alliances with regional parties and banking on pro-poor welfare initiatives. It remains to be seen if the saffron party will be able to overcome the challenge and win the elections.

Ravi Sharma, Dhariwal

Fate of BJP sealed

With reference to ‘Shadow of economic distress on polls’ (Nous Indica); the fast-changing political scenario in our country indicates that a landslide victory for the BJP in the General Election is not a foregone conclusion, contrary to what some sections of the media are suggesting. The BJP relies on identity politics, pivoting around matters like the Ram Temple, and welfare schemes for the poor. But it may not be enough to offset the damage caused by the economic distress. The huge scale of unemployment and soaring prices of essential items are a matter of concern. Economic distress may override any other consideration in sealing the fate of the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections.

Roshan Lal Goel, by mail

Create jobs to tackle distress

Refer to ‘Shadow of economic distress on polls’; the author has rightly highlighted issues of unemployment and price rise. The numerous welfare schemes launched by the ruling dispensation may have impacted the poor positively, but they are not enough to uplift those who don’t have jobs. Employment generation is the best way to tackle economic distress. No matter how good a political party’s poll strategy is, it cannot bring on board unemployed voters unless they are given hope for a job.

Hari Krishan Chaudhary, Mohali

Ensure safety of students

Apropos of the editorial ‘School bus mishap’; the accident that claimed the lives of six schoolkids and injured many others is a result of gross negligence and dereliction of duty on the part of the bus driver, the school management, district education officials and traffic police personnel. The episode is a reminder of the importance of ensuring adherence to safety norms. It is unfortunate that the government only wakes up when an untoward incident occurs. District officials must conduct safety audits at schools from time to time. All school bus drivers must be made to take breathalyser tests regularly. More needs to be done to ensure the safety of students.

NK Gosain, Bathinda

Negligence claims precious lives

With reference to the editorial ‘School bus mishap’; the death of six students in the Mahendragarh bus accident has left the parents in a state of shock. Precious lives were lost, all because of the recklessness of a drunk driver. Most private schools charge parents thousands of rupees as transportation fee. It is incumbent on the school authorities to engage only well-trained drivers and ensure that no unfit buses are used. The safety of the pupils must remain the top priority of the authorities. The officials concerned must take steps to prevent a repeat of the incident.

Raj Bahadur Yadav, Fatehabad

Hold school mgmt accountable

Refer to ‘School bus mishap’; it was not the first such incident, and unfortunately, it would not be the last. Whenever such a tragedy happens, there is a hue and cry for some days, and then it all blows over. But hopefully, this horrific crash will wake the authorities concerned from slumber. No monetary compensation can mitigate the agony of the parents who have lost their children. Exemplary punishment should be given to the school management and all local or state-level authorities responsible for the mishap. They must change their attitude and start ensuring compliance with the safety guidelines.

Bhupinder Kochhar, Panchkula

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