Celebs, who have been to the Covid hell and back, tell us how to beat the virus : The Tribune India

Celebs, who have been to the Covid hell and back, tell us how to beat the virus

Celebs, who have been to the Covid hell and back, tell us how to beat the virus

Akshita Gandhi


Ab himmat haar chuka hu... the last words by Youtuber Rahul Vohra continue to haunt the country dealing with the second wave of the pandemic. “Mujhe bhi treatment acha mil jata, to main bhi bach jata tumhaara ... Jald janam lunga or acha kaam karunga,” was Vohra’s last social media post and he was gone the morning after. While no denying things are grim, medical facilities exhausted, help not always timely, losing the battle of mind before body gives up is a fatal step. Over the last year, celebs who contracted Covid and beat the virus, share with us how to stay mentally strong to win against the odds.

Eat, sleep, watch, repeat

Because of the medications, I slept most of the time, which helped in relieving stress. Further, I stayed away from Covid-related news. My entire family was infected. Our friends supported us. Also, calls from BMC doctors on a regular basis while we were in home isolation kept us going strong. Anyone going through it, eat healthy food, stretch your body if possible and do all that makes you happy. Movies and music got me through! — Rashmi Agdekar, actor 

Beat the negative thoughts

When the results came in, I was taken aback even though I was prepared for the worst. I knew I had to be strong because all problems can be dealt with once you have defeated the negative thoughts. I kept thinking about how our show Prem Bandhan was in an interesting phase and how I needed to go back to shoot. When I was isolated, I kept busy with the things I loved - watching content, painting, reading; talking to close family members and friends also helped me stay optimistic. — Ariah Agarwal, actor 

Shivangi Verma, actor

Healthy diet leads to happy mind

I am an optimistic person and that helped me keeping my sanity during my Covid days. I indulged myself in dancing, reading and meditating. I used to speak to my partner MasterChef Ripu Daman Handa, who not only motivated me but also taught me how to cook nutritious food. As they say it’s all in the mind, you can actually control a lot by just controlling your mind. — Shivangi Verma, actor

They radiate positivity

Post recovery Malaika Arora is committed to her yoga teachings. Through her quarantine days, she posted a picture of her son and dog, writing, “Love knows no boundaries. While my heart breaks to be not be able to hug my two babies for another few days, just looking at their sweet faces gives me so much courage and energy to power through.”

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt who has been actively sharing and amplifying the contacts for beds, medicine to reach out to Covid-affected families, was herself the victim of the deadly virus.

With a video on Instagram of him coming out of his room, actor Govinda does everything in style as he captioned it, “Apun aa gayela hain!#testednegative.” His social media feed is filled with motivational messages for his followers. “When life gives you Monday, dip it into glitter and sparkle all day. I am back in a beast mode, are you?” posted the actor after recovery.

Pavleen Gujral, actor

Covid is a battle more of mind than body

I was detected with Covid in the first phase. It was a physical and mental trauma. Throughout the period of isolation, I kept myself hopeful. I read books and did yoga. I reconnected with the Bollywood circuit and also had live sessions on Instagram and Facebook. What I have understood in these 14 days is that it’s a battle more of mind than body and someone with less willpower gets demotivated. One with no zeal to live is more likely to lose. — Pavleen Gujral, actor

I needed to be back on Kundali Bhagya

It is really important to understand, accept and start working towards getting better. I kept telling myself that this is just a phase. Looking at the current state of the country, anyone would get worried and stressed, but I would like to reiterate that you shouldn’t let Covid get to your head. Isolation was a tough time. I was missing my Kundali Bhagya team and the eagerness to get back to shoot helped me. — Sanjay Gagnani, actor

What we make of our confinement is in our hands

When I was detected with it, I knew that my breathlessness would be aggravated if I did not control my “Covid anxiety”. I kept my head clear, got ample rest and listened to my body. My time in isolation made me introspect which has helped me gain clarity and function better. What we make of our confinement is in our hands! — Akshita Gandhi, artist

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