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Flirting with florals

Spring fashion brings along puffy sleeves and dressy fabrics, but flowers remain the highlight

Flirting with florals

Manpriya Singh

Spring to some means a season, while to others a new collection; pretty much like florals to some means flowers while to others, summer prints. In the cult classic Devil Wears Prada, to Miranda Priestly “florals for spring” may have been nothing more than sarcasm, but in reality, these florals pretty much sum up spring fashion. Apart from a few new additions in the Indian context!

Although, “power suits, bold colours and fanny packs are some of the things that we carry well from the previous year,” says Chandrima Agnihotri from the label Chandrima, who showcased at the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week summer resort. And, can any sort of seasonal transition onto the summer months in India be pictured without the comfort of hand-woven, hand-made and hand-crafted? She adds, “It’s the season of lot of handcrafted designs with artisanal motifs, including fabric mixing, lace embroideries and intricate embroideries.”

Puff it up

All of the elements that can be easily spotted in the spring/summer collections of not just ethnic wear but retails giants as well. She adds, “Puffy sleeves are here to stay, which aligns with the paradigm shift towards relaxed clothing. A blend of classics and sportswear also seems to develop a new category of clothing.” Especially considering the increased travel plans starting spring season.

Samartha Singla, from the label Essay, says florals are a staple of each spring season, every single year. “Lately, there has been a shift towards more definitive flowers rather than abstract floral prints. For instance, each flower has a certain character. In fact, a lot of ethnic brands are coming up with collections dedicated to lotus because it signifies a lot.” She adds, “In the smaller prints, more suited to heavy weight and petite women, wild flowers are more prominent.”

Classic rules

There is also no denying the English prints to do with roses, lilies and poppies. Instead of specifics, designer Akhil Nagpal from the label Akhil, gets into the general design trending the fashion world now, especially relevant for spring and summer months are, “Up-cycled materials, handloom traditions, and sharp garments with textiles that are skin friendly and detailing that are a classic.”

Talk of the resurgence of all things hand-woven, obsession with hand-block printed and the novelty of hand-embroidered, adds Samartha, “Because they are not just environment friendly but also skin friendly.”

Get vibrant

Ananya Modi Jain, from the label All2Defy, gives her thumbs-up to, “super comfy, functional clothes with a doss of sass, apart from garments with bold and vibrant graphics. I love putting together looks, which bring a twist to the classic and are detail oriented.”

Spring-summer is more of a collective term used to define fashion and collections, but in reality. Says Samartha, “Spring fashion ought to subtly graduate to summer clothes wherein one essentially has no choice but wear mulmuls and cottons. Spring is when you can pull out all the bold bright colours and dressy fabrics like organza, laces and georgette. It’s the time to imbibe the best of both seasons, winter and summer.”

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