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Actor-musician Danish Sood talks about his love for music

Actor-musician Danish Sood talks about his love for music

Music or acting—which one do you relate to more?

I would say acting is my passion and singing is my love. I can never be separated from either.

How long have you been practising music?

Right from my school days. I used to sing Christmas carols. At home I used to sing with my sister but after my sister got busy with her college, I started learning music out of desperation.

When did you come to Mumbai?

I came to Mumbai to study film-making in 2019. Luckily before the lockdown, I auditioned and got Hostages 2 and Jugaadistan. I also did a Swiss film And Tomorrow You Will Be Dead. The Fame Game happened after that. I would say I was lucky.

Would you like to sing for yourself on screen?

Right now I am not allowed to speak about it but I am working on a project in which the character sings as well. So, I am very excited about it.

Your Netflix series CAT is out now. Tell us about your role.

I play Sunny aka Sarabjit Singh, a Punjabi boy. Like every Punjabi kid of his time, he dreams of going to Canada to lead a good life with his girlfriend.

How was your on and off-screen camaraderie with CAT co-star Randeep Hooda?

He is my elder brother in the series. He showered his love on me like a real brother. He goes to a different level to get into his character. Off screen, we gelled so well. We chilled together and even watched a film.

You come from a family of doctors. How did they react to your career decision?

Initially, they had apprehensions. After completing my college, I got a job and then I announced my decision to get into acting. Their approach was completely academic. My family insisted that I did a film-making course so that I had sound knowledge what I was doing.

Who is your greatest critic?

I would say I am my greatest critic. I can’t even watch my work on screen. When people praise me, I still reside in a self-critical zone.

Who do you look up to when it comes to work?

I have grown up watching a lot of international films under my parents’ guidance. We had a video player at home and used to watch a lot of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino movies.

You have a striking resemblance with Al Pacino. What do you have to say?

A lot of people have commented on the similarities. I take this with lots of humility.

As an actor how have you dealt with rejections?

Earlier, I used to sulk. Now, I have seen how other actors handle such a situation. So, with time I have also started behaving differently.

What’s your plan for 2023?

I want to lead a film or a series, cut my own music album and want to spend some quality time with my family.

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