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Up, close and personal with Punjabi film director Ksshitij Chaudhary

Up, close and personal with Punjabi film director Ksshitij Chaudhary

Up, close and personal with Punjabi film director Ksshitij Chaudhary

With 11 films to his credit, the creator of blockbuster Punjabi films like Jatts In Golmaal, Mr & Mrs 420, Yaara O Dildaara, Mr & Mrs 420 Returns and Uda Aida, Ksshitij Chaudhary has impressed many with his craft. This Amritsar-born director shares his journey…

From Heer Ranjha to Uda Aida, how has been the journey so far?

My journey in the Punjabi film industry has been good. I would like to express my gratitude to my writers, producers, actors and music composers, who helped me shape my career through these 11 films.

Your first Punjabi film Heer Ranjha with Harbhajan Maan did well at the box office. Did you expect such a response?

Heer Ranjha was a beautiful period film. It was a challenging task to direct a film with Harbhajan Mann.

Any debut director has a lot riding on his shoulders. Did you feel the pressure to perform?

It was my confidence, positive attitude and dedication that helped me overcome the pressure.

Do you think Covid-19 has affected Pollywood?

Covid-19 has no doubt affected Pollywood but my heart beats for the poor migrants. They are the worst-hit.

Do you think Punjabi film industry will pick up once we are Covid-free?

Surely, Punjabi film industry will emerge in a new shape post Covid-19. The viewers during the lockdown have watched films on OTT and other digital channels. It would be a big challenge for us to deliver something different.

What are the three mantras you follow while making a film?

Set a goal and then do whatever it takes to achieve it. Try to look at every problem as an adventure. Never stop learning new things.

Where are you these days?

At present I am spending my time with my parents. It is really a beautiful experience I can’t describe in words.

How are you spending your time at home?

I am learning cooking, updating my knowledge on cinema, practising yoga and prayanam and also watching shows like Ramayan and Mahabharat with my family.

What are the qualities in a Punjabi that you like the most?

I am born and brought up in Punjab. I have spent one-and- half decade in Mumbai and have met people from different parts of India. I have concluded that Punjabis are warm people. It’s genetic.

Which is the best place for authentic Punjabi food?

Kesar da Dhaba in Amritsar.

Which place do you like to visit?

I like to visit the Golden Temple.

Who is your all-time favourite Punjabi singer?

Gurdas Maan is my all-time favourite singer. He is a living legend. In Sufi singing, I love to listen to Ustaad Puran Chand Wadali.

— Dharam Pal

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