Cases near 38,000 with highest single-day rise

Cases near 38,000 with highest single-day rise

A robot placed at an entrance of a hospital checks the temperature of the visitors, during a nationwide lockdown imposed in the wake of coronavirus pandemic, in Bengaluru, on Saturday, May 2, 2020. PTI

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New Delhi, May 2

Just ahead of the conclusion of second spell of national lockdown tomorrow, the country witnessed its highest single-day surge in Covid-19 cases that soared to 37,776 with 1,223 deaths.

The Health Ministry reported 2,411 additional cases in 24 hours, which has been the largest increase in single-day new infections since the country reported its first Covid-19 case on January 30.

There was an addition of 71 deaths with the rate of cure and discharge also continuing to improve with days.

As of today, the national Covid-19 fatality rate was 3.23 per cent, while the national cure rate was 26.5 per cent, as 10,018 persons out of 37,776 were treated and sent home.

Today’s single-day case growth rate surged to 6.8 per cent. The corresponding case growth rates for the previous two days had shown a decreasing trend – from 5.73 per cent on April 30 to 5.22 per cent on May 1.

The government today issued fresh guidelines for rational use of personal protective equipment (PPE) to be worn by personnel of non-Covid hospitals with a Covid block.

Guidelines place healthcare professionals in direct care of Covid and severe pneumonia patients at the highest risk. These professionals would need to wear a full complement of PPE (N-95 mask, coverall, goggle, latex examination gloves and shoe cover).

Dead body packing has been segmented as a low-risk activity and anyone involved in it would need to wear triple layer medical mask and latex examination gloves.

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