MP governor praises Speaker for accepting resignations of 6 ministers

Says it’s an ‘impartial and courageous’ decision

MP governor praises Speaker for accepting resignations of 6 ministers

Bhopal, March 18

Madhya Pradesh Governor Lalji Tandon sent a letter to Assembly Speaker NP Prajapati in the early hours of Wednesday, praising him for taking an “impartial and courageous” decision in accepting the resignations of six ministers.

After former Union minister Jyotiraditya Scindia quit the Congress, 22 MLAs of the ruling party also submitted their resignations, pushing the 15-month-old Kamal Nath government to the brink of collapse. Of these, the Speaker has accepted resignations of six MLAs.

“I can appreciate your concern for the security of the missing MLAs in view of their absence from the House as mentioned in your letter dated March 17, 2020. I can also guess the kind of pain you are undergoing for the past eight to 10 days in view of the above,” Tandon wrote, referring to a letter sent to him by the Speaker.

“Although there is no mention of the efforts made by you to know about these members, I believe that you must have taken adequate efforts for it,” he said.

“As far as accepting resignation of honourable members is concerned, I can praise your impartial and courageous decision to accept the resignation of six out of 22 members very soon. As the Speaker, you must be well aware of the legal procedure to accept the resignation of any member or what action needed to be taken when the members are absent without any information despite knowing about the session,” the Governor wrote.

“However, I can also feel your dilemma in disposing of these MLAs’ resignations,” he added.

Regarding the missing MLAs, Tandon said they had been constantly writing to him and the Speaker but in none of their letters had they mentioned where they were. “Their letters and videos are also constantly getting highlighted in newspapers, electronic and social media and now they have also reached the Supreme Court.”

“In the last paragraph of your letter, you have demanded security for the MLAs. It is the duty of the executive to ensure the security of each and every citizen of the state, and I am sure, you also wanted the same from it only, but, it appears that you have erroneously sent it to me,” the Governor wrote.

Tandon also requested the Speaker to send a copy of the rules of the House regarding some questions and their answers that the latter had sought on the issue. PTI


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