Trust of 140 crore Indians my safety shield which your lies and accusations can't destroy: PM Modi to Cong in Lok Sabha : The Tribune India

Trust of 140 crore Indians my safety shield which your lies and accusations can't destroy: PM Modi to Cong in Lok Sabha

Says 2004-2014 was a lost decade but 2030 will be India’s decade

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Aditi Tandon

New Delhi, February 8

Narendra Modi is a member of every Indian family and the trust of 140 crore Indians is his safety shield which your lies and accusations cannot destroy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said to the Congress in Lok Sabha a day after Rahul Gandhi accused the government of aiding industralist Gautam Adani’s rise, charges the BJP trashed as baseless.

Speaking amid chants of ‘Modi, Modi’ and a frequent cheering by the Treasury benches, the prime minister said crores of poor and deprived beneficiaries of government schemes will never trust allegations and lies of the Opposition.

Attacking the Congress for “compulsive rather than constructive criticism”, the PM referred to UPA’s 2004 to 2014 as a “lost decade” and contrasted it with 2030 which, he said, will be India’s decade as the “world looks at India with hope and trust and sees its own prosperity in that of India’s.”

Describing the Congress and its leaders (without naming anyone directly) as “people steeped in negativity”, the PM said India was a happy society brimming with hope, a land that “tolerates but does not accept negativity.”

In a veiled jibe at Rahul Gandhi who yesterday said Harvard Business School should study the India model of government and business tango, the PM said, “Harvard has done one study which has been completed. It is titled - The rise and decline of India’s Congress Party. Harvard and many other universities are sure to study the continuing decline of Congress and those who caused it.”

Noting that people ridden with despondency can’t tolerate resurgent India, the PM said “For 22 years you have remained victims of the misunderstanding that you can destroy Modi with lies. Trust in Modi is not a creation of the media. It’s a result of daily slog in the service of the people. Your lies and accusations will have to cross the wall of 140 crore Indians to get to Modi. The trust of my people if my safety shield your accusations and falsehoods cannot break.”

The PM said the world today was looking at India with trust because of our “political stability, expanding opportunities and rising credibility.”

“A stable government and a decisive government commands its own trust. We will continue on the part of reforms out of conviction nor reforms out of compulsion,” the PM said attacking the UPA for converting every opportunity into adversity be it the 2010 Commonwealth Games, the 2G scam when technological revolution presented an opportunity and coal scam.

“The period from 2004 to 2014 was the period of maximum scams in independent India,” said the PM.

Listing the range of benefits the government schemes had accrued to people, Modi said the BJP government had for the first time fulfilled the aspirations of Dalits, tribals and backwards and also acknowledged the hard working middle class and its role in India’s rise.

The PM counted expansion of professional colleges, reduction in mobile data prices, subsidised medicines among major benefits to the middle class under his government.

Steering clear of the repeated interruptions by the opposition on the Adani issue, the PM asked the Congress, “Why will 80 crore poor who received free ration in Covid trust your lies? Why will 11 crore farmers who receive three annual instalments of PM Kisan Samaan trust your accusations?”

Accusing the Congress of failing when in government and now also as an opposition, the PM said “There’s a reason behind their despondency and negativity, the reason is people’s repeated mandate against them…those who ruled once have failed even as opposition while the country continues to pass with distinction.”

The PM speech saw a Congress walkout with BRS walking out ahead of his remarks.

Later the Lok Sabha passed the motion of thanks to President address with a voice vote.

17:26 08 Feb
There can be difference of opinion in politics but we are focused on building developed India by 2047: PM Modi in Lok Sabha.
17:11 08 Feb
Opposition wasted last 9 years in making allegations, compulsive criticism replaced constructive criticism in this period: PM Modi.
17:03 08 Feb
Vote bank politics harmed country, delayed India's development; middle class was ignored but NDA govt provided them protection: PM Modi.
16:58 08 Feb
Our priority is to work for welfare of deprived, poor, tribals; that is our mission: PM Modi in Lok Sabha.
16:58 08 Feb
Trust of crores of people is my protective shield, it can't be breached by your abuses, allegations: PM Modi to Opposition.
16:56 08 Feb
People know Modi has come to their help in times of crisis, how will they agree with your abuses and allegations: PM to Opposition.
16:52 08 Feb
People's trust in Modi not due to newspaper headlines or TV visuals but due to my years of dedication: PM in LS.
16:50 08 Feb
Oppn keeps contradicting itself, they say India is weakened and then allege India is pressuring other countries: PM Modi.
16:47 08 Feb
Not just Harvard, all big universities of world will conduct studies on Congress' downfall: PM Modi in Lok Sabha.
16:43 08 Feb
ED has brought all Opposition parties together on one platform, it has done what electorate could not do: PM Modi.
16:43 08 Feb
2004-14 was a lost decade, current one will be known as India's decade: PM Modi in reply to Motion of Thanks on President's address in LS.
16:41 08 Feb
If Army shows bravery, they criticise it; if probe agencies act against graft, they attack them: PM Modi's swipe at Opposition.
16:37 08 Feb
Some Oppn leaders protest as PM speaks in LS; Speaker Om Birla says, 'You make allegations without facts but don't want to listen'.
16:34 08 Feb
UPA's trademark was to let every opportunity turn into crisis from 2004-2014: PM Modi in Lok Sabha.
16:30 08 Feb
They showed just a law in name of removing unemployment, 2004-2014 was a decade of scams and violence: PM Modi's dig at Congress.
16:28 08 Feb
There is hope in every sector in country but some people steeped in frustration due to people's mandate against them: PM Modi
16:21 08 Feb
India emerging as manufacturing hub, world sees its prosperity in India's growth but some people don't want to accept it: PM Modi in LS
16:21 08 Feb
There were two-three decades of instability; now there is political stability in country, a decisive government is in place: PM Modi.
16:20 08 Feb
Country is moving ahead with full strength, massive transformation through technology taking place: PM Modi in Lok Sabha.
16:20 08 Feb
There is positivity, hope and confidence in world about India; hosting G20 matter of pride but some people irked by it: PM Modi.
16:19 08 Feb
Leaders spoke on President's address as per their interest, nature but their utterances also reflect their capability, capacity, intent: PM.
16:18 08 Feb
Arguments take place in House but we should not forget this is moment of pride for India: PM Modi in LS.
16:17 08 Feb
I am happy no one criticised President's address, they accepted what was said: PM Modi in Lok Sabha.
16:17 08 Feb
After some people's remarks yesterday in Lok Sabha, entire 'ecosystem' and their supporters were jubilant: PM Modi.

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